Jorge Ramirez Orlando T8 Report + Bonus (Inferncatty)

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by MmmmFarfetchd, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. MmmmFarfetchd

    MmmmFarfetchd New Member

    ok, so I decide to go with my friends richard, miami mike, anthoy, and pablo to fl regionals. idk what to play for a while, then miami mike gives me his infernape list, and i guess ill run it. the night before we added some techs and made it better, which reassured me. were the first ones in deck check so no one sees our little birdy tech. so anyways, after deck check, i get paired up.
    i play some ladies gardy gallade, i forget whos it is. im nervous, because i really want to do well here, and give myself a name again. i end up getting a quick ape and catty and just sweep through, while getting a farfetch'd ko on a gardy.

    dont remember much, but it was an empoleon deck. i won either way, they couldnt get much set up.

    same as r2, except it was sceptile/tangrowth.

    i play miami mike, card-for-card mirror. i start to draw my cards. i first see a pachi and know itll be good, then fire, then dre, then ape, then dre, and candy. i need one more card...AND I RIP THE CHIMCHAR! i show mike the t1 donk, and after we roll and check his next card, he signs the slips and waves it in the air before they even say "go".

    i play another gardy gallade, a little rougher then round 1, but i still came out pretty easy.

    i play a ho oh deck and pretty much get owned. he flipped quite a few heads and i just couldnt keep up since my dre's were ten short. i lose pretty bad.

    i play a plox deck, and end up losing, but its really close, even though he had t2 plox and wager. i had a good game there, alot of fun, especially since it came down to the line. i knew i still had cut anyways.

    so i make t16, and see im getting paired against zack fischer. i know hes running garchomp, and hopefully my farfecth'd will help out. we sit down and here it goes.

    t16 game 1
    he gets t2 like, everything. he sets up 3 garchomps and just blew me away. we both set up and his deck just outdid me.

    game 2
    this was a really good game too, he had one turn he didnt have a garchomp to attack with, which may have cost him the game. i got a farfetch'd ko or two on him, and i ended up beating him when he had 2 prizes left.

    game 3
    he didnt really draw much, especially supporters/energy. he had some bad beats, so i came out on top easy.

    i win and people are like "WOAH! INFERNAPE WINS!" im playing greg next with empoleon/plox. this will be hard, but mike says i can win it. greg agrees but he knows he can too.

    he just gets set up really quick, and i dont set up at all. i cant win, but i still take 4 prizes.

    again i cant set up, but still take 4 prizes. not much to say, i just drew bad both games, which makes me sad.

    well anyways, i had alot of fun and was proud of myself that i t8'd. i was so happy mike gave me this deck, and im glad i did so well.
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  2. mpapa88

    mpapa88 New Member

    what shenanigans is this!
    i thought jorge was the worst of the ape players!?
    yet he did beter then all of the ape playing masters!?
  3. MmmmFarfetchd

    MmmmFarfetchd New Member

    yeah, even if i was, i did do better. miranda misplayed and mike got godhanded and the worst possible out of all 16 matchups. who were you?
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Dude, your screen name was one of my Senior Trivia questions in the playoff at the STL Regionals!!

    Cool Screenname!

    Great job!


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