Just getting back into pokemon after a summer off

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ddrking, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    1. Make Offers
    2. Sorry, I don't trade out of United States
    3. Because I have ripped off about 5 times, You will be sending first no matter what
    4. I do not buy or sell, only trade
    5. No deal is final until we exchange addresses
    6. No trade-backs whatsoever
    7. If you don't ask the condition, I'll assume you don't care.
    8. Have FUN!!!
    9. Read rules 1-8 again



    1x Squirtle (cities stamped)
    1x Wartortle (States stamped)


    2x Latios (trainer kit)
    2x Latias (trainer kit)

    Box toppers:

    3x Pikachu lm
    1x Azumarill ds (foreign language)




    Charizard* d


    1x Torterra LV X
    1x Kabutops EX (sandstorm)
    1x Kyogre EX cg
    2x Mightyena EX (2x decked)
    1x Ho-oh EX
    1x Medicham EX (1x decked)
    1x Scizor EX
    1x Metagross EX pk
    1x Walrein EX pk
    2x Dragonite d EX (2x decked)
    2x Armaldo EX lm (2x decked)

    POP 1:

    5x Rayquaza
    1x Metagross

    POP 2:

    1x Pidgeot (beating wings)
    1x Suicune

    POP 3:

    1x Plusle
    1x Minun

    POP 4:

    1x Pikachu
    1x Grovyle

    Mysterious Treasures:

    alt holos:

    1x Garchomp
    1x Aggron
    1x Celebi


    1x Feraligatr
    1x Meganium
    1x Azelf

    Diamond and Pearl:

    alt. holos:

    2x Rhyperior


    1x Mismagius
    1x Staraptor
    1x Magnezone

    Dragon Frontiers:


    2x Meganium
    2x Snorlax
    1x Typhlosion
    1x Heracross

    alt. holos:

    1x Holon Energy FF
    1x Snorlax
    1x Pinsir
    1x Togetic
    1x Tropius
    1x Vibrava
    2x Seel
    2x Flaaffy
    1x Stength Charm
    2x Mr. Stone's Project
    1x Trapinch
    1x Pupitar
    1x Nidoran (male)
    1x Ledyba
    1x Ralts
    2x Old Rod
    1x Bagon
    1x Taillow
    2x Kirlia
    1x Shelgon


    1x Dewgong
    2x Ledian
    4x Cloyster
    1x Tropius
    2x Mantine
    2x Holon Energy FF
    1x Seadra
    2x Arbok
    3x Vibrava
    1x Jynx
    2x Xatu
    2x Gligar
    1x Holon Energy GL

    Crystal Guardians:


    1x Mawile
    2x Sableye
    2x Swalot
    3x Camerupt
    1x Ludicolo
    1x Dugtrio
    2x Luvdisc
    2x Banette

    alt. holos:

    1x Medicham
    1x Sableye
    1x Blastoise (water pressure)
    1x Manectric
    1x Dusclops
    1x Medicham
    1x Meditite
    1x Grovyle d
    1x Whismur
    2x Spoink
    1x Skitty
    2x Cacturne
    1x Cacnea
    2x Bulbasaur (vine whip)
    2x Bulbasaur (poisonpowder)
    1x Torchic
    1x Energy Search
    3x Whismer
    1x Spearow
    2x Diglett
    1x Mudkip (waterfall)
    1x Mudkip (body: Submerge)
    1x Blastoise (hydro pump)
    1x Pelipper
    1x Lairon
    1x Squirtle (body: solid shell)
    1x Charmeleon (flamethrower)
    3x Squrtle (skull bash)
    1x Krabby
    2x Poke Ball
    1x Grovyle (detect)
    1x Nuzleaf
    1x Charmander (flame tail)
    1x Gulpin
    1x Seedot
    1x Double Full Heal
    1x Marshtomp
    1x Treecko (scratch)
    1x Lotad


    1x Pelipper
    1x Blastoise (water pressure)
    3x DRE
    1x Medicham
    2x Combusken
    4x Igglybuff
    2x Kingler
    1x Loudred
    3x Marshtomp
    5x Cacturne
    3x Dusclops
    2x Grumpig
    3x Grovyle (agility)
    2x Venusaur
    1x Swampert (power: echo draw)


    Holon Phantoms:


    1x Gyarados d
    3x Latios (body: Dual Aura)
    1x Deoxys (lightning)
    1x Deoxys (colorless)
    1x Rayquaza (fire)
    1x Armaldo
    2x Kingdra
    1x Cradily
    1x Water Matrix
    1x Psychic Matrix
    1x Lightning Matrix

    rev. holos:

    1x Pidgeot d
    1x Torkoal
    1x Regice
    1x Deoxys (colorless)
    1x Vileplume
    1x Gloom
    1x Camerupt
    1x Phanpy
    1x Barboach
    1x Exeggutor
    1x Kabuto
    1x Mawile
    1x Mankey
    1x Aron
    1x Pidgey
    1x Baltoy
    1x Bellossom
    1x Blaziken
    1x Masquerain
    1x Multi Energy


    2x Blaziken
    2x Regice
    1x Regirock
    1x Registeel
    3x Relicanth
    2x Latias (super singe)
    1x Latios (aqua wave)
    2x Multi Energy
    2x Zangoose
    2x Sableye
    1x Absol
    1x Bellossom
    1x Delta RE
    1x Nosepass

    Legend Maker:


    1x Victreebel
    1x Delcatty
    2x Mew
    1x Gengar
    2x Aerodactyl
    1x Shiftry
    1x Lapras
    2x Golem
    3x Pikachu (box topper)(1x foreign)
    2x Kabutops
    2x Machamp

    rev. holos:

    1x Clampearl

    1x Girafarig
    2x Delcatty
    1x Aggron
    1x Aerodactyl
    1x Kabutops
    2x Seedot
    1x Vibrava
    2x Grimer
    2x Graveler
    1x Geodude
    2x Chinchou
    1x Magnemite
    2x Magby
    1x Spheal
    1x Machop
    2x Wurmple
    1x Electrode
    1x Gastly
    1x Furret
    1x Sentret
    1x RE
    2x Root Fossil
    1x Wailmer
    2x Aron
    1x Larion
    1x Bellsprout


    3x Girafarig
    1x Lanturn
    2x Spinda
    1x Omastar
    1x Huntail
    2x Gorebyss
    1x Absol
    1x Torkoal
    1x Solrock

    Delta Species:


    2x Umbreon
    1x Vaporeon
    1x Flareon
    1x Mewtwo
    1x Rayquaza
    1x Azumarill (box topper)(foreign)

    rev. holos:

    1x Mightyena
    2x Weezing
    1x Azumarill (metal)
    2x Hariyama
    1x Makuhita
    1x Ponyta
    2x Illumise
    2x Taillow
    1x Magnemite
    1x Ditto (charmander)
    1x Holon Research Tower


    1x Holon's Electrode
    2x Swellow
    2x Starmie (swift)
    1x Hypno

    Unseen Forces:


    1x Forretress
    1x Octillery
    3x Sunflora
    2x Unown Z (I think it's Z)
    1x Slowbro

    rev. holo:

    1x Hitmonlee
    1x Hitmontop
    1x Smoochum
    2x Murkrow
    2x Sunkern
    1x Remoraid
    1x Cyndaquil
    1x Flaaffy
    1x Energy Recycle System
    1x Solid Rage
    1x Potion
    1x Sitrus Berry


    3x Elekid
    1x Lugia
    1x Cleffa (1x with dragonlordbuu)
    1x Jynx
    1x Smoochum
    1x Metal Energy

    Team Rocket Returns:


    1x Dark Steelix
    2x Togetic
    3x Dark Ampharos

    rev. holos:

    1x Piloswine
    1x Dark Marowak
    1x Koffing
    1x Cubone
    1x Dark Magcargo
    1x Togepi
    1x R Energy


    1x Dark Tyranitar (spintail)
    3x Dark Tyranitar (sand damage)
    1x Delibird



    1x Heracross
    1x Chinchou



    2x Shedinja

    rev. holos:

    1x nincada
    1x Meteor Falls (really beat up)


    1x Rayquaza

    Fire Red/Leaf Green:


    1x Slowbro
    2x Pidgeot

    rev. holos:

    1x Clefairy
    1x Primeape
    1x Dewgong
    1x Exeggutor
    1x Marowak
    1x Butterfree
    1x Poliwrath


    1x Fearow
    1x Hypno
    1x Cloyster
    1x Farfetch'd
    1x Scyther

    These cards aren't even close to the amount of cards I have. I just didn't feel like counting all of the ones that I have. So just ask me what else I have.


    3x Flygon d EX


    any EXs that are holo

    Good Traders (so far):

    Bangiras (x2)
    Skull Bash (x3)
    xXxAnthonyGxXx (x2)
    Charizard Master
    Dragonite Master
    League Leader Terry
    Evil Psyduck

    Cautionary Traders (so far):

    Bad Traders (so far):

    Thunderbolt - never sent
    ipodman - aka Alex de Jesus said he would send after months of trying to contact him. trade was my 2x Typhlosion EX for about 8x cards including Umbroen EX. He keeps reactivating his account and doesn't answer PMs
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2007
  2. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    All I have is 2 Nidoqueen D. cml for the torterra LV X. Thanks

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    actually not to sure. Maybe 20-25. Ask on the price guide thread
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2007
  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Iam interested in your Chex and have these off your wants:

    2x Holon Transceivers ah version
    2x Nidoqueen d


    any EXs that are holo Check my list please.:thumb:

    Post on my thread as I may forget ot check back ok.

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2007
  4. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

  5. TotodileX

    TotodileX New Member

    cml for charizard * and i have uxie, mesprit, and tyranitar from mt not on my list yet. so i have those also
  6. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have 2x transceiver and 2x nidoqueen d. I'm interested in Kyogre EX CG. Let me know if we can work out something!


    2x Holon Transceivers (1 holo)
    2x Nidoqueen d

    1x Garchomp
    1x Aggron
    1x Celebi


    1x Feraligatr
    1x Meganium
    1x Azelf
  8. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    yea again, cml for the torterra LVX and Feraligtr MT Thanks!
  9. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    OLD_SCHOOL_PLAYER - please make an offer
  10. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    I have
    2x Holon Transceivers

    I need
    1x Feraligatr

    Lmk if this works
  11. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    Epyon - PM me I think it will work
  12. fchangus2

    fchangus2 New Member

    My Queen d for your Garchomp?
  13. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    MrMeches - PM me with your address

    fchangus - maybe another card that you have
  14. fchangus2

    fchangus2 New Member

    I can throw in some transceivers if you need more? If not, let me know what other cards you need.
  15. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    That sounds fine. PM me
  16. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

  17. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Are your wants still accurate?
  18. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    Now they are
  19. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    CML for all you MT
  20. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    I like the Flygon d EX x2
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