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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Lord Broly, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Alright this is my Tournament Report for Saturday March 1st, 2008
    in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    So I get up at 745am and do the ussual morning things(ie. Take a Shower, etc)
    and leave at 815am. I get there at about 9am and see alot of people filling out
    there decklists and am looking for Gordon C. He's got to borrow from me like half
    the cards need for his deck. I lone him the cards and at the last minute I decide
    to change the Blaziken in my deck to Typhlosion cause well it had a better chance
    vs Water and it could last longer than Blaze PK. So I go through 3 Deck Checks and
    register and am now in.

    I'm using Magmortar/Typhlosion/Claydol.

    Round 1 vs Brendan N. with Gardilade Tech
    This was an incredibly close game. I get a better start with Pachi to his
    Ralts. He goes first attach's HEWP and use's Smack. I draw, play a Supporter
    and then CFF. We both Manage to setup after taking like a Bajillion turns.
    While he was setting up and I was Damaging everything with Bazooka. We
    trade Back and Forth. He play's a Suprise Gatr MT and get's a Suprise KO
    on Magmortar by the way. Anyway he won because he played Cresselia LvX
    and use it's Power to Move a Damage counter to my Pachirisu and use's Bring
    Down for Game.


    Round 2 vs Random with Fire Deck
    This Lady is running like every fire pokemon in the format. Anyway I setup really
    easily and just roast her with Flame Blast.


    Round 3 vs Corrine with Breloom/Raichu d
    Pretty easy game again. I took out the Raichu's because they could do the most
    Damage and they could spread to like my whole Bench. So I KO two in one shot(TW,
    Flame Bluster), and then proceed to Sweep.


    Round 4 vs Dexter P with Empoleon/Claydol
    Lol, this was fun. We make alot of Jokes the whole game. Anyway's I start off with
    Pachirisu and setup. He get's and Empoleon out and start's use Ice Blade on my
    Magmortar's. Wrong move buddy. I keep attaching to Magmortar to keep reducing
    the Damage by 20 while attacking with Pachirisu and doing 40 to Empoleon. Anyway
    I let him KO Pachirisu and a Magmortar and the proceed to Sweep from there.


    Round 5 vs Andrew V. Magmortar/Typhlosion/Catty
    So i'm playing the mirror....well sort of. Anyways I start off with Mag to his Skitty. I
    get some early Damage on it for late game when I could use Bazooka and win. Anyway
    we both setup, me with Clay, Typh, Typh, Mag, Mag, Pachi vs him with Typh, Mag, Mag,
    Catty, Pachi. So i get an early Magmortar LvX and use Flame Bluster to do 100 to his
    Typhlo. We trade back and 4th with Mag's and eventually it comes down to me with a
    Mag that's burned and 3 prizes left vs him with 1 Prize and his Catty, Typh, and Pachi
    all are in range of a KO. He needs 1 energy to attach and attack but doesn't have any
    left in his deck and so he passes. I need to roll a heads to Win the Game, I roll heads and
    use Bazooka for Game.


    Top 4:
    1st Alex D with Gatr
    2nd Gordon C. with Blaze/Mag/Claydol
    3rd Brendan N. with Gardilade Tech
    4th Me with Mag/Typh/Claydol

    Round 6 vs Alex D.
    Game 1
    This game was intense. We both setup and well it's takes use forever to make
    the first move. Anyway we both trade Back and Forth until I notice that he has
    no more Gatr Benched and a Gatr active with a DRE. His other DRE's are discarded
    and well I Scramble a Typhlosion after he KO'd my Mag and Discard DRE. He
    needs to attach twice. He can't keep up with it. 6-5 win.

    Game 2
    This game was harder cause instead of attaching DRE's he's Manually attaching
    Water's instead of DRE's. Once he got enough in play after we both set up he
    start's attacking. I can't keep up and eventually need to buy some time so I can
    get another Magmortar up. I could attack with Typhlo but discarding won't do
    anything since he can re-attach. Anyway it's get's down to 2-3 prizes left in his favor,
    and time get's called. He so would of won the game had it been played out but
    since I won the game Prior I proceed to the finals. Sorry bud.


    Round 7 vs Gordon C.
    Game 1
    Once again the mirro match. Anyway I start with Pachi and him with Magmar.
    He immediately go's aggro attack Pachi for 20, and then evolves the following turn
    to hit for 40. I get setup with a Few Magmortar's up. So far it's a 2-2 Prize lead and it's
    my turn. He's got a Magmortar on the bench with 4 Fires and a Scramble. Well
    being the smart guy i'am I use Torrid Wave on his active Torchic and Flame Bluster
    his benched PK Blaze. 4-2 for me. His scramble activated and he used Flame Blast and
    killed Mag LvX, Next turn use's Flame Bluster and then the following turn thanks to Warp
    Point, he played 4 BTW from what he said. He ko'd all my Magmar's and swept from there.

    Game 2
    He pretty much got the same start as before as well as I. However we only had 12 minutes
    for Game 2 and well new I was gonna lose. I proceed to draw into nothing and well time is
    called. GG Gordon.


    So I get 2nd, half a box and a cool trophy.

    - Getting 2nd at Provincials(Best place i've gotten at prov's)
    - Subway + A&W
    - My Luck

    - Gordon winning his 4th Prov's in a row
    - Nothing good in the boosters.

    See ya at Regs!
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  2. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    How is that a slop? :mad:

    No shame in losing to Gordon. ;) Nice work on the day, bud.
  3. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Great Job!

    Do you Like Claydol more than Catty?

    Im on the fence myself, and was curious. :)
  4. brendan2236

    brendan2236 New Member

    good job man, props on the second place, see u at regionals...
  5. SlimeyGrimey

    SlimeyGrimey New Member

    Thanks for lending me cards.
  6. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Lol, I just thought someone else would of won Prov's this year. But he was
    the better player at Prov's for all 4 years though, so he deserves it.
  7. Blue Zangoose

    Blue Zangoose New Member

    Nice report Willy. And great showing too... Now if I knew how to play the match just a bit better the first time around... Ah, w/e. Live and learn. Hopefully we meet up in top cut again? :wink:

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