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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Lord Broly, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Sunday Nov 25th, 07 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    So Basicly my weekend started on Saturday working 830-5. I come home
    get something to eat and then I go out to a Club at about 7pm. I get home
    at about 1am Sunday Morning and realize that all have built is Banette Blissey,
    so I go online and check to the tournament reports to see how everyone else
    was doing and what they used. After about an hour I pretty much decide to play
    Banette Blissey with a few techs that Magnechu, MadHatter, and brendan2236
    gave me. I go to sleep.

    I wake up at about 9:30am and get ready to head down to the Mayfield Inn. At
    10am I leave.On the way there I decide to build Honchkrow/ Absol just incase I
    decideto play something else. I get there at around 10:45am and meet the rest of
    the usuals. Anyway we talk, and Register, Get Deck Checked, and then eventually
    start at 12:15pm.

    4 Rounds with T4 cut and playing Ban Bliss in Master's.

    Round 1
    Me vs Valerie with Empoleon/ Salamence ex DF, Seaking

    Ooh this game was a Close One. I draw and I notice my starting hand isn't that
    great but I play it out. Pretty quickly I get a Banette out with a few Chansey's
    and a Minun. Attack, back and forth, knocking out Banette, Empoleon, Empoleon,
    Blissey. She also was Sniping benched shuppets. Eventually it get's down to her
    having a Prinplup Active and Smeargle and a Manaphy benched. Having lost a Wager
    she needed 1 Energy to KO my Benched Banette with 70 on it for the win. She doesn't
    get it. So I draw, Castaway for Charm, Boost, play Charm and Knock out Prinplup for
    the win.


    Round 2
    Me vs Stuart with Empoleon/ Octillery

    Another Close Game. I still have a Bad Habit of Leaving Benched Shuppet's down
    and it almost costed me. So we get going, both having an Energy Drought. Soon he
    get's Empoleon LvX out with a few Prinplups and Octillery + Skarmory ex on the
    Bench. Eventually he takes the Prize lead 3-1. So after a few lucky draws and the
    Bonus with Minun's Power, I eventually get a Blissey out and turn the game around
    so it's 3-3. He send's up a Prinplup and he's got an Energy Drought again! He fails
    to Attack. So I draw, Evolve to Banette, Retreat Blissey with HEWP attached, and
    suicide Banette into Prinplup making it 4-4. He get's an Octillery going and snipes
    my Benched Shuppet bring it to 5-4. I retreat active Banette for Blissey and proceed
    to take 2 KO's against him for the win.


    Round 3
    Me vs Aaron U. with T2 Blissey.

    So I go in to this knowing I should have the advantage with Resistance. But he plays
    FF and Fighting. So that really cut's it down to even. Basicly I make a few misplays
    like forgetting to attach to the right pokemon and forgetting to use Minun's Power after
    trading KO's. Eventually it's 5-4 in his favor. Time is called on My turn and I finish my
    turn with no KO. Prize lead 5-4 for him. I was pretty confident had I played this out I
    still would of lost due to Bad Coinflips, his Lucky Coinflips with Poor dice rolls(I'll explain
    later), and Overall my lack of thought into any of my moves.


    Alright so in order to have a Chance to make T4 I have to Win my next match.

    Round 4
    Me vs James with Infercatty.

    As soon as I find out what he was playing, I was like Yes! So Basicly, I start out with
    Shuppet Again. Ascension to Banette. He's with Skitty and Rolls Head's using PK
    Skitty's 1st Attack. So After this I knew he'd probably get an Infernape next turn so
    I Mentor and get Chansey, Shuppet, and Minun. He knocks out my Active Banette. So
    Basicly I evolve Shuppet and Chansey and Suicide into Infernape for 70. He Lv's Up
    and with his Ridiculous heads rolls with Meteor Punch he knock's out Banette, 2-0. So
    I send up Blissey, Draw, and Use's Minun's Power. I draw Wager and have the Ces. in
    hand but I still can't KO. So I lay Ces, and win the Wager. I proceed to take 3 KO's in
    the next couple of turns while he is still Crippled by Ces. Eventually he Draw's Windstorm,
    and get's Delcatty ex out. 3-3 Prizes tied. After getting 2 more Blissey up with no
    Damage and powered, I Wager with Ces attached, Winning it, and Proceed to take 3
    KO's for a 6-3 win.


    So I wait for a Half Hour and the Standings are listed.

    Top 4
    1st Dexter P with DWD
    2nd Aaron U. with T2 Blissey
    3rd Vicki with SW Electivire shizz
    4th Me with Ban Blissey

    so we get a half hour Break before T4 and I decide to go to the Judge. I was talking
    about how in my Game 3 match, my opponent was using Illegitimate Rolls. Alot of
    other players seemed to notice that as well and went up to him So he's gonna keep a
    Close eye on him. After getting a Drink and Food, Round 5 Begins.

    Round 5
    Me vs Dexter P. with DWD

    Game 1: This game I pretty much get owned. With a Starting of Absol, Umbreon*,
    and Mars I pretty much lose even getting a Blissey up. Dam shuppet's for being weak.

    Game 2: Alright this game was a Good one. Basicly same Start as before for him,
    as for me Chansey! So we get going him knocking off stuff in my hand, while I was
    doing a little bit of Damage. Eventually I Double Edge bringing it to 1-1. KO's back
    and forth. After a few Draw's from Minun I get a Wager and a Cessation with a Fully
    Powered Blissey. It ends up getting to me with Blissey active and a Banette on the
    bench with 5 Prizes each. Although he's retreating to try and keep the match going.
    Pretty soon his Pokemon all have Damage on it. I can suicide Banette for 70 for the
    win. I do.

    Game 3: This get's going and I get a god start. I get a fast Blissey with a Ces T2
    having won a Wager. Eventually it get's going and he ties it to make it 3-3. With a few
    good draws from CopyCat, I get a fully powered fresh Blissey with a Ces, and then
    continue to take 3 Straight Prizes. Sorry Dex.


    Top 2
    Me vs Aaron U. with T2 Blissey

    Since he's beaten me twice in the 2 BR's we went to. I had to beat him.

    Game 1: This game was a Close Game. Basicly it was a Blissey war. It all depended
    on who got the 1st Attack Off with Blissey. That way all you'd have to Worry about is
    making sure you got another Blissey up. Game Finishes with me taking it 6-5 with a few
    good well timed ER2 and Boost Plays.

    Game 2: Since I didn't start off with Chansey this time. It was pretty bad. After suiciding
    a few times it was a loss for me. He had total control with PlusPower, Charm, and Boost
    being Well timed and a few good flips, draws, and Wager Wins.

    Game 3: For the tournament. Basicly I start first with Chansey. I attach and pass. He
    draws attaches to bench and does the same. This is where it get's fun. I knock out his
    1st Chansey 1-0. He sends up Blissey and attacks for 50/60. I retreat with my WP
    attached and send up Banette and do Suicide 70. He knock's out Banette 1-1. So I bring
    up Blissey, uses Minuns Power. Castaway for an Energy, Charm and TVR. I knock out
    Blissey. We exchange. Eventually time is called 4-4 Prizes tied. Next KO win's. Now with
    me having the Clinching Boost and a Full HP Blissey with 6 Energy Attached, and him
    retreating, I win knocking out his active Blissey for the Win.


    So I win.

    - Me Winning
    - Magnechu, MadHatter, and Brendan2236 for the help
    - Good Calls
    - Little Bit of Luck
    - Mom for Driving me
    - Revenge
    - Legit Flips
    - Well Run Tournament

    - No LvX in 18 Packs
    - Prize Package not arriving
    - Lack of Sleep
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  2. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    "Illegitimate Rolls"? Not sure about that one. Care to elaborate? What was wrong with his rolls? But anyways, good job on your win!
  3. freakysmiley

    freakysmiley New Member

    yeah good job Willy you did beat me and i came in knowing banette was going to be a problem
    (blissey will always be a problem)

    and its kinda weird we both had help from the same person and made top cut :/

    jw who told you what i was playing for cities? (wont hold any grudges)
  4. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    No one told me. I kinda figured you'd play it when I seen you play it at

    PA: What I mean is it didn't go for 1 Full Rotation. He just tipped his hand and
    it " fell" out on Heads.
  5. brendan2236

    brendan2236 New Member

    nice job willy, congrats on the win. (so it appears we weren't the only ones that didn't get the medals shipped).
  6. Docfrost

    Docfrost New Member

    The dice seemed to be rolling flat for me as well. Like there just was not enough air in them. I think part of it was from the tables and playing mats. Next time I am bringing my dice tower just to make sure.

    Congrats on the win.
  7. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    Great Job!

    Its looks like the format is reviving the dead person from the grave and its back to haunt everyone again!
  8. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Congrats on the win.

    Blissey seems like it can win with anything.

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