Leafeon with double up damage!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by senior pokeboy, May 29, 2008.

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  1. senior pokeboy

    senior pokeboy New Member

    2x Leafeon lv.X
    2x Leafeon
    1x Espeon
    1x Umbreon
    4x Eevee (MD call for family)
    3x Claydol
    3x Baltoy
    2x Sceptile (GE)
    2x Treecko
    1x Celebi(MT)

    4x Celio's Network
    3x Mom's Kindness
    3x Mr. Stone's Project
    2x Steven's Advice
    4x Rare Candy
    4x Buffer Piece
    3x Night Maintenance
    2x Switch
    2x Speed Stadium
    1x Warp Point


    Strategi: Start with eevee or celebi. eevee: find the other eevee's. celebi: to get energy fast and give it to leafeon on the bench. Sceptile: to hit double with leafeon lv.X. Claydol: draw cards
  2. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    Weakness: Aerodactyl MD, Shiftry CG, PLOX, Cess, Bronzong MD.
    But other then the P-Power heavy strategy, it looks okay.
  3. slayer_chaos

    slayer_chaos New Member

    -1-1 Claydol
    +1 Celebi
    +1 Grovyle
    -3 Mom's Kindness
    +3 Prof Oak's Visit
    -3 Mr Stone's Project
    +3 Roseanne's
    -2 Switch
    +2 Warp Point
    -2 Speed Stadium
    +2 Crystal Beach

    I'd also think about taking out some buffer pieces for more energies.
  4. Zezeta

    Zezeta New Member

    I ran a deck similar to this at Battle Roads and found a few problems with it. You need another attacker. If you get stuck with Sceptile as your active you're in trouble. Try to bring down the Claydol line to a 2-2 and work in a 2-2 Exeggutor or a 2-2 Tangrowth. I recommend the Tangrowth for its ability to snipe the bench.
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