League Startup Tip: Newspaper!

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by edwarpy, May 18, 2008.

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  1. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    We were off to a crawling start for Pokemon Of Wichita. After a couple of weeks we only had about
    10 players, most we had recruited ourself. We hung flyers wherever we could, but I don't think
    anyone came in from seeing a flyer. We contacted the newspaper and they were glad, even eager
    to write a story. After all they have pages to fill everyday!


    After the article last week we had eight new players and eight more this week. A few were
    probably too young, but most will be regulars I think. Just the boost we needed! :thumb:
  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    Nice job. even though i dont live close to there but im glad when there are more leagues. good article. nathan has the almost everything as same as me. 1 won 3 cities. a states. and more cities like 2nd places and 3 at states. but i won a regionals. we're pretty close in rating. im 7th juniors and hes in 9th. Nice job!
  3. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    Way to go charchar! I hope you are going to Nationals. When we see ya, we are gonna wave real hard at ya! :wink:
    More than you can handle, I bet!
  4. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    Publicity of this sort is great for growing your league. Congratulations on getting someone to come do the article, and the new players added to your league. Have fun! :thumb:
  5. charchar

    charchar New Member

    im going to nats and lets see how u wave. u also have to say hi like this HIIIII. i will be wearing 3-5 luxio hats. im also pretty tall. i'll try to fine you. :lol:

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