Legends Awakened in Chicago 8-10-08

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    BANGINBOX New Member

    Legends Awakened Prerelease in Chicago

    Basic Information
    Location: Collect a Card N Comics
    6810 W. Archer, Chicago, IL. 60638
    Date - Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Time - 11:30 PM (registration begins) (please arrive no later than 12:00 to allow time for the registration process)
    Start time will be at 12:30PM!!!!
    The main tournament will last 5 to 6 hours

    Tournament Structure
    Three Age Divisions:
    >> Juniors (born in 1997 or later)
    >> Seniors (born in 1993, 1994, 1995, or 1996)
    >> Masters (born in 1992 or earlier)

    Format – Sealed (6 booster packs provided) Age Modified Swiss (all players play in every round)

    Cost - $25

    Additional Information - Call (773)229-0824 or e-mail [email protected]

    Prizes Prizes Prizes
    Exclusive Promo and Legends Awakened Card Sleeves (while supplies last)
    All Players get 2 additional Legends Awakened boosters when they complete the tournament!!!
    Random door prizes will be given out between rounds!!!

    SIDE EVENT TOURNAMENTS: Following the main tournament we will run a ROCHESTER DRAFT or Basic Draft or MUTANT DRAFT using the new Legends Awakened boosters. The type of tournaments we run depends on what players want. We can do booster drafts or theme deck sealed. Prizes will be Legends Awakened boosters (the amount of prizes depends on number of participants).
    Entry fee - $20.00

    Thanx, and SEE YOU THERE!!!
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  2. bullados

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    I'm going to be there. But, Majestic Dawn as the side prizes? Isn't the new set Legends Awakened?

    I'm always good for a Mutant Draft.
  3. Spadeace

    Spadeace New Member

    Good ol Mutant Draft.
  4. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Ours is Saturday, so I'm sure some of our TIY peeps will come down Jimmy! You know we luvs ya!

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