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  1. finalstain

    finalstain New Member


    Ex's, LvX's, etc
    Victory Medal Autumn
    Electivire lv X
    Lucario lv X
    Salamence ex PK
    Flygon ex d DF
    Skarmory ex PK x2
    Dragonite ex d DF x2 (nonmint.. each has a small bit of scuffing, and a very very small 1/8inch hairline crease on the border)
    Latios d EX DF (played/scuffing)
    Salamence ex d DF
    Altaria ex d DF
    Altaria ex d DF (creased, though still playable)
    Mew d POP5

    Weavile Sleeves sealed pack x1
    UltraPRO "High Quality Type" sleeves Pack of 100
    UltraPRO "High Quality Type" sleeves Pack of 50
    UltraPRO "High Quality Type" sleeves Pack of 100 x2

    SW Holos and Rares
    Gardevoir RH
    Gastrodon East Sea RH
    Roserade x2 RH
    Jumpluff x4 (2 RH)
    Ho-Oh RH
    Entei x2
    Raikou x2
    Lugia x2 (1 RH)
    Flygon RH
    Furret x2
    Furret RH
    Weavile x5
    Bannette RH x2
    Bannette x3
    Womadam Plant Cloak x5
    Wormadam Sandy Cloak
    Pidgeot x2
    Pidgeot RH
    Arcanine x3
    Dugtrio x3
    Nidoking RH
    Mothim RH
    Electivire RH
    Ampharos RH
    Ampharos starterdeck
    Electrode x4
    Sunflora x7 (2 RH)
    Unown S x2
    Golduck x3
    Jynx x2
    Xatu $
    Plusle x2
    Golem RH x2

    SW Common/Uncommon RHs
    Brumy trash
    Brumy sand
    Farfetch'd x2
    Diglett x2
    Roselia x2
    Grimer x2
    Unown N x2
    Unown X
    Trapinch x2

    Mysterious Treasures Holos and Rares
    Blissey x1
    Garchomp x2
    Honchkrow x2
    Raichu x4 (1 RH)
    Celebi x4
    Aggron x3
    Ambipom x2
    Kricketune x4
    Mesprit RH
    Uxie RH
    Unown I
    Crobat RH
    Crobat x4
    Mr. Mime x4
    Alakazam x3 (2 RH)
    Nidoqueen RH x4
    Nidoqueen x2
    Walrien RH
    Walrien x3
    Mantine RH
    Mantine x3
    Gyarados RH x3 $
    Bastiodon x2
    Exeggutor x4
    Ramparados x3 (2 RH, 1 starter)

    DP Holos and Rares
    Lucario (2 scratches)
    Mismagius DP x2
    Dusknoir x4 DP
    Gengar DP x2
    Empoleon x3
    Dialga RH x2 DP
    Palkia x3 (1 RH)

    Other Good Holos and Rares
    Flygon HP x3
    Feraligatr d DF x4
    Meganium d DF x3
    Pinsir d DF x3 (1 RH)
    Nidoqueen d DF x3 (2 RH)
    Mangeton RH PK
    Mangeton PK
    Fearow d CG x2
    Sableye x3 PK (1 RH)
    Lickitung d DF x4 RH
    Ninetailes d DF x4
    Dugtrio x3 CG (1 RH)
    Seadra d DF x3
    Cacturne d CG x3
    Cloyster d DF x2
    Holon Energy WP x3

    Other RH Commons/Uncommons
    Croconaw MT
    Totodile MT
    Prinplup DP
    Nidoran d DF
    Pichu MT x2
    Pikachu MT
    Electabuzz d DF x3
    Elekid d DF x3
    Riolu DP
    Chingling MT x3
    Smoochum d DF x4
    Murkrow MT x4
    Stantler SW
    Doduo x2
    Dodrio x3

    Reverse Holos continued...
    Speed Stadium x2
    Fossil Excavator x2
    Master Ball PK
    Energy Removal 2 x2 UF
    Holon Mentor DS (hairline crease)
    Holon Mentor DF (hairline creases)
    Holon Mentor DF x2
    Plus Power x4
    Roseanne's Research x2
    Professor Oak's Visit x2
    Team Galactics Wager x4
    Night Maitenence x2
    Copycat DF
    Professor Rowan x3
    Bebe's Search x3
    Switch x2 SW
    Switch DF
    Buffer Piece x2
    Lake Boundary RH
    ^all are Reverse Holo!!^


    Yugioh (link me or list what you have)

    The following cards MUST be 100% Mint, as if JUST PULLED FROM A PACK. The smallest flaw will mean I am not trading for it
    Kyogre * (DeltaSpecies)
    Metagross * (DeltaSpecies)
    Latios * (Deoxys)
    Charizard * d (DF)
    Mewtwo * (HP)
    Jolteon * (PK)
    Vaporeon * (PK)
    Lugia ex (UF)

    Im interested in other Pokemon cards, link me to your list.

    Im intersted in certian PS2 and PS1 games... list what you have and Ill let you know if you have anything I want. The disk must obviously be not scratched up, preferably with the instruction manual and such intact (though not required).
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2008
  2. ygotrader

    ygotrader New Member

    interested in:
    1x furret
    4x team galactics wager
    gardy sw
    lucario lv x
    empoleon dp x3(and its basic, stage 1)

    3x cyber dragon
    2x don zaloog pgd
    1 ddwl dcr
    2 shield crush
    1 poa een

    interested in trading my yu-gi-oh for pokemon but have some pokemopn as well.
  3. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    hi there

    as per the rules you are only allowed 2 active threads in this forum-you have
    more than 2.
    Please clean this up within the next 24 hours,I have sent you a pm on
    how to do this.

  4. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    I like the..

    Cyber Dragon x3 (what version? crv, tin?)
    Don Zaloog x2
    Shield Crush x1

    Is that all you have, or are there others? If thats all you have then make me an offer for what I listed.
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    vaporeon star for weavile sleeves? lmk
  6. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    Mewtwo* JPN
    Kyogre* ENG

    for a Victory Medal? lmk
  7. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    Is it 100% mint, as if literally just pulled from the pack? If so, then deal. But if theres anything (even something very very small like a scuff or ding or warping), then let me know about it.

    Only ENG plz.
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    it is mint and sleeved.
    so you will send first cause of refs. ^^
  9. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    Link to yours
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    mine is in the monster ref thread, you can find me in the 170s
  11. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    You should have a link on hand, if not in your sig.
  12. ygotrader

    ygotrader New Member

    i offer
    3x piplup
    2x prinplup
    3x empoleon
    1x furret
    2x team galactic's wager
    1x absol
    1x lucario lv X
    1x Gardy RH
    3x cyber (2 tin, 1 crv)
    2x Don zaloog
    1x shild crush

    LMK or counter?
  13. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    That looks good to me, so long as your cards are Mint (let me know of any small flaws that they have, even if they are almost unnoticeable, or anything such as tendency to curve one direction).
  14. ygotrader

    ygotrader New Member

    none of them are 100% mint
    there for the most part in great played shape
    both zaloogs have minor edgeware, one has some minor white spots.
    both tin cyDras have minor edgeware and minor scratches on card surface
    the crv cyber has minor edgeware
    the shield crush has one flaw on the edge.

    I look my best on all cards to find every flaw possible.
    Lmk, thanks ygotrader
  15. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    What do you consider edge-wear... dings, creases, or something? Whats the shield crush's flaw? Also, just want to make sure that none of them are too extremely curved in one direction or another, as a lot of ygo foils tend to do over time if not kept in the right conditions.

    Im willing to trade for them even if they are non-mint, but I just wanna see how damaged they are so that I can adjust (if necessary) the deal a bit.
  16. ygotrader

    ygotrader New Member

    o.k. I'll try to elaborate better on the conditions of the cards,

    I'll do one card at a time.
    #1 Don Zaloog:
    this card has damaged corners(meaning in this case that they are not 90 degrees, instead are rounded off), a ferw white spots on the cards, the back has a little dagage in the bottom righthand corner, and the card has slight upward curvature.

    #2 Don Zaloog:
    the corners on this don zaloog are slightly bent up and rounded, the edges appear white in color in some places, the surfaces has a few small white spots, and there is small curvature upwards at the corner of the card that is less signifigant than the first don, on the back: the edges are really worn, are the back has a few small scatches.

    #3 Cyber Dragon (Tin)
    the edges are slightly worn, the card has a few scatches and worn coners, and a minor upward cuvature

    #4 Cyber Dragon (Tin)
    the corners are rounded, there are a few minor scatches, and slight upward curvature.

    #5 Cyber Dragon CRV
    a white white spots on the edge, and slight upward curvature, and a minor bend in the bottom left corner

    #6 Shield Crush PP01
    one minor ding on the upper left edge, and slight upward curvature.

    I am willing to negotiate our deal.
  17. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    Im not sure what direction upward is. If the card is laying on the table (picture side up), would it curve like a U or like an n?

    sorry im being so picky, but ive gotta factor in re-trade value as well.
  18. ygotrader

    ygotrader New Member

    like a U
  19. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Please cml for these

    Victory Medal Autumn
    As many base set Charizards as you have.

    also what games are you looking for?
  20. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    jolt* 4 ure gardy sw, absol sw, 2 banny sw
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