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    BANGINBOX New Member

    Hey all,

    This is my first and probably last tounament report. I really dont like to type. Anyhow, My son and I arrived at the Doubletree around 8:40. To my surprise there were nearly 15 people there already. So I tried to make my presence felt. I met a few people, traded some cards, played a couple of unlimited games, (man I miss that!) You know the basics of pokemon. Evilcacturn666 wanted to play the Infamous Thunder Catz deck. He had a sceptile/ sceptile EX/ Wailord deck. I have yet to update to the TM/TA set. Who cares though, only the EX's are any good. Well after a 20-30 min. chess match I pulled it out. Hell of a game though. So on to the report....My deck list .

    4 nincada
    4 ninjask
    2 rayquaza EX
    1 Aerodactyl EX (won me 2 games)

    4 bills maint
    4 tv reporter
    2 birch
    2 copycat
    4 warp point
    2 dual ball
    2 fast ball
    2 mirage stadium
    1 fisherman
    1 town volunteers
    4 claw
    3 root
    4 mysterious

    3 multi
    6 fire
    6 elec

    While the deck checks were going on, I was approached several times hearing this EVERY time... "So your the chicago boy with that Fossil deck, huh!" It was like, I was their PREY!? Which was fine with me. Its nice to recieve so much attention at my first CC in Texas. 11:20 or so the pairings go up. Uh Oh, someone wasn't included. Lets repost. Kind of good though. my day might have been long if I played the first person. He came in like 6th.

    Round 1 VS. Tom (newbie?) I think?
    He was playing some sort of Sceptile deck. He played a Treeko I played a 2 fossils and a ray. Since he had no other bench I just started pumping up Ray. He unfortunatly did not draw anther basic before Rayquaza ate up his Sceptile. 1-0

    Round 2 VS. Clay A.K.A. ~~Blazi-king~~
    I had played him before at league going 1-1 against his Awesome blaze/magneton. I had a terrible opening hand. 1 rayquaza, 3 energy, 2 fossils, 1 town volunteers. Oh well. He got off Extremely quickly, like turn 5, he had that thing fully powered. Even with the bad start, I managed to take 4 of my prizes. to his 2. That is when things came to an abrupt end. HE SHAMANED ME! I was thinking good cause I needed a new hand anyways. I look at my hand and, Nothing but ENERGIES! CRAP! I managed to stay in for a few more turns but, my fossil engine had stalled. Good game Clay! I know you were worried! lol! 1-1

    Round 3 VS. Robert
    He was running a basic BAR deck. He starts out with 2 torchics. After mulliganing twice, I get an awesome hand. I laid a nincada, a Ray, and 3 fossils. Then I copcat his 7. SWEET! After the merry-go round was over, I had taken 3 Prizes. He had a fully powered rayquaza on the bench. I had a mysterious fossil with 2 energy on it sitting on the bench. I bring out my Rayquaza to kill his Ampharos knowing that he would bring out his ray to kill mine. This all went down just as I had planned, I took my fouth prize killing his Ampharos, He kills my Ray, I bring out the fossil lay down Aerodactyl and an energy for the win. 2-1

    Round 4 VS. Austin 10-
    This match was the most controvercial in the whole tourney! Austin had just beaten my son. Unfortunatly for him, Dad was next. He was playing a flygon, latios, latias deck. I get a basic start. He starts off with a trapinch and something else. After a few turns He brings up a fully powered Latios. Oh crap... Resistant to grass. I figured the only chance I have to win is knock this one out with Rayquaza. Thus leaving him out there for the Latias to eat. After I get the energy count where I need it I decide to start the BATTLE PHASE? lol! I bring out my Rayquaze with 1 electric energy attached. I attached a Multi energy to Ray EX and do Dragon Burst for 80. Giving me the KO against his Latios. Thats when it all came down. Austin called over a Judge stating that the attack only does 40. O.K now I knew that this was going to happen. So 3 days before the tourney I posted this very question in the Pokegym forums, Rayquaza Clarification needed. The judges ruled against me. They would only allow the attack to do 40. So, after making a fool of myself by losing my composure, I asked the judge If I would be allowed to restart my turn as it began. Since they really didn't know the ruling and it wasn't in the book (where they initially looked) they agreed. I was Really DISAPPOINTED that all the other players there would not come to the defense of the "Chicago boy" even though they knew the right answer!
    Serious slops!
    Anyhow, Ray came out ONE TURN LATER than originally planned and killed his latios. Ray went down himself, but Aerodactyl came in and cleaned up Latias and flygon for the win. I felt bad for the kid, he did have a very good deck. He took first though, so I dont feel too bad now. 3-1

    Round 5 VS. Dana A.K.A MOB(something?)
    What a fitting end to my day. I haven't played Dana since Gen-con. (Sorry again for that!) lol! I knew that if I won I would be in the top 8 for sure. so here we go. I get a descent start. He gets off fairly quickly wit h a deck Very similar to Clay's. After the merry-go round I take 3 of his prizes he kills my Ray quaza with a shard. (aerodactyl is in my prizes) . So this game is very close. He did play some Brineys and had a lot of damage on a few of his pokemon but he kept attacking with someone FRESH everytime. Good strategy! Then It Happened! AGAIN!!! HE SHAMANED ME! I look at my hand and, Nothing but ENERGIES! CRAP! I managed to stay in for a few more turns but, my fossil engine had stalled. Damn, how could this happen twice in the same day? Oh well, great game, Dana. Nice to get some redemtion I bet! lol (between us)

    What a day. I was awaiting the standings. I took 10th overall. 1 person did get in with a 3-2 record but not me. my son went 2-3. He was too preoccupied with the game-boy. anyhow, Great tourney.

    Charles for holding these things....
    Karen for knowing the ruling and explaining it!
    All the newbies giving a CC a shot!
    A very well run and organized tournament.
    Jack-in-the-Box for giving me an extra burger!

    All the players who knew the Ruling and just left me hanging. (You know who you are!)
    Clay and Dana for beating me! lol!
    DESERT SHAMAN! This killed me.
    Evilcacturn666 for not betting his deck! lol (sorry bout' that)
    Finding the Rayquaza ruling in the book. AFTER the match.

    hope you all enjoyed this,

    P.S. I edited my Signature. Patriarch! lol!
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  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Actually, two of us got in with 3-2 records: Myself, and Roy's son, of the same name. However, look what I did since they gave me a chance for retribution against bad hands! *holds up spiffy lil medal*

    Well, it was a great time! I sure do hope that Richard gets a Stadium Challenge, since he's done, what? five? six? Well, no matter what, he's done a LOT for Texas, and there's nobody better to put it in the hands of, IMO :thumb:

    Glad you're around now, Jimmy! Shoulda run Thundercatz, though... Mmm.....80's fads!

    ~Johnny K.
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  3. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    man that sucks that everyone knew that rule and wouldn't stick up for you. Anyways, congrats on your finish.
  4. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    How many little kids have I played that don't understand the multi/rainbow Rayquaza EX rule? Too many. :nonono:

    Sorry about that, good thing you won, if it'd been me I would have been all over the kid.

    Congrats on a 3-2 finish, and tenth place. :p Wish when I went 3-2 I'd gotten tenth.

  5. ShinAkuma

    ShinAkuma New Member

    to bad the people playing the non archtypes had a rough day like u and me . well nice meeting ya see ya at the next tournament.
  6. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I woulda been right there had I known, I even went to Birch as soon as I had heard to tell him where to findf the ruling, a little to little/to late, but I didnt know what had transpired.... I had already faced Bryan from OK who did the same to me fiorst round, I knew it was legal, so I never bothered the judge with it... Unfortunately the Judge cant know everything, there are just way to many rules.... at least the problem was corrected before it could cost you more severely....

    Minor Deck tweaks, IMO, add a second Aero, and Fan Club/Lannete over Dual Ball, even though they are supporters, they are more reliable cards...

    Glad to have you as part of team texas now...
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  7. old man

    old man New Member

    Sorry about that, that you were ruled against. I think ir was mis-understandings of some sort.
    In my first game I did the multi on Ray & my opponent questioned it, so I called the judge to explain.
    It then happened again in a later match.
    The TO came to me about the ruling on it because he couldn't find it. I told him to where to look & he found it then.
    Remember you can always "Upgrade" your request on the ruling to the Head Judge. I'm not sure but I think it was Sam, who I had called over for my two times on this.

    If I remember right, Austin was one of the group from Houston & it was his mom? I had played it on in the first round & she said they really don't use the multi on Ray there so they were all unfamiliar with it.
    Once again sorry about that.
    I'm not real sure who you are unless you were the one that came over when I showed Richard where the ruling was.
  8. old man

    old man New Member

    While I wasn't a judge at this tournament, just a poor player, I feel bad that this happened to you and it wasn't corrected in time. I am the HJ at the Okla City City Championship this Saturday and if you want to attend it, I will ensure you that you get free entry into the tournament. It's not much but it is something I can do for you.
    Just let me know if you're coming & let me know who you are when you get there, and just ask for the HJ.
  9. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    BANGINBOX 3-2??? Dude what happened, and what drove you to the dark side (fossil decks), I hope it wasn't anything you played in Chicago.

    Well - I hope to see you again - maybe even at the Texas Stadium Challenge!

  10. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ Active Member

    Yea i wasnt real sure on the multi but after the match i remebered about the rainbow energy worked the same way.......and Banging that was ans AWSOME game we had....youre right i was a little worried till after it was over lol....Kudos on such a good deck....keep up the good deck building....cant wait to see what your next killer deck idea is
  11. Clefable73

    Clefable73 New Member

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  12. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    I echo "old man"....


    I echo what "old man" has said. I will offer you and your son "FREE" Entry Fees to the "Oklahoma City ~ City Championships". When I am wrong I will say that I am wrong. :thumb: I am sorry that the ruling went against you. But, I am also glad that you won the match. We looked under "Multi Energy" as you asked. But at the time did not think to look under the attack. :confused:

    I am sorry that you felt that everyone was against you, being from Chicago. But, now I beleive that you KNOW that we welcome you and your family to "TEAM TEXAS" with open arms. Your imaginative deck creations will only pump new life into Pokemon-e TCG in our area. :clap:


    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:

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