Looking to buy a few, but BIG cards

Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by KougaTalbain, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. KougaTalbain

    KougaTalbain New Member

    I used to be a member here years ago, but now I am back and I am new again.

    I am mainly a collector so I will pay, to get the cards I want nothing to special I just want one of every kind of pokemon and a variety of cards from different sets. Since I have not bought cards for a while I am behind of a few sets (I got a box of Diamond and Pearl today but).

    Well here is what I am looking for

    Any Evolution Lines/EX's/Delta/Promo cards (in general I am not sure which ones are out, any promo's since the neo sets) From these sets

    EX Legend Maker
    EX Holon Phantoms
    EX Crystal Gaurdians
    EX Dragon Fronters
    EX Power Keeper

    I mean I am fairly open to whatever I just do not have any cards from those sets so just make an offer, I like common, uncommon, and rare (I would also like any random new trainers from all of those sets). So Evolutions lines, if they are holo's even better if not its fine by me!

    Here are the cards I am looking to buy

    Charizard EX (Fire Red and Leaf Green)
    Charmeleon (EX Dragon)
    Shining Charizard (EX Dragon Frontiers)

    If you have the full Evolution lines all the better, Even good single cards and single holo's

    I will make a list of what have soon once I have the time to write them all down f not don't be afraid to ask I will look through my book and see what I have, and you can send me an instant messenger IM anytime, though if I do not answer I am at work or asleep lol, I mainly use YIM and AIM so...well hope to hear from any one!

    I can pay with paypal or anything else as well
  2. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    CML to see what you want. i have a lot of them.
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