lostgar for reigonals

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  1. Gaelen1227

    Gaelen1227 New Member

    4 TR gastly
    3 TR haunter
    2 gengar prime
    1 gengar LVL X
    2 zubat :setsUL:
    2 golbat :setsUL:
    2 crobat prime :setsUL:
    1 Mr. Mime COL
    1 mewtwo MD
    1 mewtwo LVL X promo
    1 slowking COL
    2 slowpoke :setsUN:
    1 oddish :setsUN:
    1 gloom :setsUN:
    1 vileplume :setsUN:
    2 spiritomb AR

    4 bebe,s searchs
    1 broken time-space
    1 flower shop lady
    2 lost worlds
    2 seekers
    4 twins

    rescue 4

    main strategy lost zone 6 pokemon lost world win
    top cut strategy use crobat prime to severe poison then snipe bench

    techs mewtwo X for SP matchups
    vileplume to slow down trainer heavy decks
    slowking to manipulate their hand
    mr. mime to see what they have and prevent wasting hurls

    any help would be apreciated
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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