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  1. GallardoX

    GallardoX New Member

    Im posting this deck list that I made of what most people call the Empocario or Lumpoleon deck. The name "Luceon Sniper"(Lu-See-On) was made up by me. How I came up with the name is obvious, LUC from Lucario and the EON from Empoleon, and the Sniper part is obvious seeing as this decks main purpose is to deal damage OR "Snipe" the opponents Benched Pokemon.

    I don't take credit for the strategy or specific cards in this deck. I made this list because I am just starting the Pokemon TCG again after a very long break and I decided that I would try to obtain all the cards I need for this deck, so this is essentially a check list for myself, but I thought that it might be helpful to other people trying to build this deck as well.

    Please Note that I am not looking for any suggestions for this deck, I have done my own research
    based on what would be best for this deck and what I personally wanted in it. Obviously if there are certain cards you want to change you can simply do it yourself, but hopefully this will serve as a template atleast. I posted this to help people keep track of the deck they want to build in a neat and organized fashion.

    Also note that the cards listed under the "Variant" Section are extra's and exceed the 60 card requirement. They are there because I wanted to obtain them for certain situations.

    I hope this helps! Enjoy! :biggrin:



    - x1 Empoleon Lv.X* (DP) □
    - x3 Empoleon* (DP) □ □ □
    - x4 Prinplup♦ (DP) □ □ □ □
    - x4 Piplup● (DP) □ □ □ □
    - x3 Rioulu♦ (DP) □ □ □
    - x3 Lucario* (DP) □ □ □
    - x1 Lucario Lv.X* (MT) □


    - x4 Rare Candy♦ (HP) □ □ □ □
    - x4 Celio's Network♦ (CG) □ □ □ □
    - x3 PlusPower♦ (SW) □ □ □
    - x3 Greatball♦ (PK) □ □ □
    - x3 Tv Reporter♦ (DF) □ □ □
    - x2 Quick Ball♦ (MT) □ □
    - x2 Battle Frontier♦ (PK) □ □
    - x2 Steven's Advice♦ (PK) □ □
    - x1 Prof. Cozmo's Discovery♦ (HP) □
    - x1 Switch● (SW) □
    - x1 Scott♦ (PK) □
    - x1 Castaway♦ (CG) □


    - x6 Water Energy● □ □ □ □ □ □
    - x4 Fighting Energy● □ □ □ □
    - x2 Double Rainbow Energy* (CG) □ □
    - x2 Scramble Energy♦ (DF) □ □


    - x_ Cessation Crystal♦ (CG) □ □ □ □
    - x_ Multi Energy* (MT) □ □


    * - Rare
    ♦ - Uncommon
    ● - Common

    DP - Diamond & Pearl.
    MT - Mysterious Treasures.
    SW - Secret Wonders.
    CG - Ex Crystal Guardians.
    PK - Ex Power Keepers.
    HP - Ex Holon Phantoms.
    DF- Ex Dragon Frontiers.
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  2. Nice Legend

    Add one Rilu or not and why tv reporter? You might want to use the new draw cards. with empoleon X power you might want Team Galatic Mars?
  3. GallardoX

    GallardoX New Member

    Hmmm after looking at the Team Galactic Mars card, i'm not sure how it works well with Empoleon Lv X's power. Could you explain to me please?
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