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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Isaac_Ultra, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Isaac_Ultra

    Isaac_Ultra New Member

    whoooo I got my deck up dateed with a cambo stratagy

    well empolen strikes with Aqua Jet (70 damge) filp a coin if heads 20 to one bench
    and Lucario makes 40 damege and 20 to one bnech free!!
    and last butnotleats Lucario lvX work is Stance which that lucario can't be hurt for just one turn

    Deck consists

    Riolu x4
    Lucario x3
    Lucario LvX x1
    Piplup x4

    Night Maintenance x1
    Prof Cozmo'sDiscovery x1or Team Galactics Mars x1
    Scott x1 or Roseannes Research x1
    Celio's Network x4 or Bebes Search x4
    Great Ball x3
    Rare Candy x4
    switch x1
    TV reporter x3 or Professor Oaks Visit x3
    PlusPower x3
    Windstorm x2
    Quick Ball x2
    Steven's Advice x2
    Team Galactic's Wager x1

    :water: x7
    multi x1
  2. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    no quick ball. Take out windstorm for 2 Warp Point. Add in a Empoleon Lv.X. Add one Prinplup.
  3. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Yeah, you want 3 Prinplup. They are very good at spreading damage.

    Then add a Lv X Empoleon and drop a Rare Candy.
  4. jconti2818

    jconti2818 Member

    If you play in an area where Absol or Blissey is common, I would recommend adding a Sableye Tech. Also, my son posted a similar deck and he and I are still debating the value of an Absol Ex to help bench snipe a little and for the 3 damage counter move when you place it from the hand to the bench, Is Absol Ex worth it or is it too much of a liability since it will make you lose 2 prize cards when it gets KO'ed?
  5. Isaac_Ultra

    Isaac_Ultra New Member

    pokemaniac93:I tryed that once but it sunk at the Pacific Ocean (metaphorically)
    Sandslash7:yea gd idea but why would I drop a rare candy there gd ( thats why I have 2 priplup in my deck)
    jconti2818:what area??and absol is not in my deck.(to add or remove I have to discuss with my lawyer,if I have one)
  6. jconti2818

    jconti2818 Member

    Dear Isaac,


    1. My area of the country is good old crowded northern New Jersey.

    2. Let me clarify the Absol/Absol Ex posting. I was talking about facing an opponent who was using SW Absol with the Baleful Wind attack which can potentially discard two of your trainers per turn, Sableye can use Disable to shut down this attack. Sableye's Excavate PokePower can also come in handy.

    3. Absol Ex is a Power Keepers card which can potentially help bench snipe. When placed from the hand to the bench its PokeBody allows you to move around three of the opponent's damage counters and each time it attacks it does 10 points damage to any of the benched Pokemon with any damage counters.

    Hope that makes my post clearer; my question to the other forum members still stands--do folks think that Absol Ex enhances a Lucario/Empoleon combination deck?
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2008
  7. piplup guy

    piplup guy New Member

    -2 rare candy
    +1 prinplup
    +1 empleon lv.x

  8. Isaac_Ultra

    Isaac_Ultra New Member

    jconti2818:eek:hhhh actually my area is a copycat when a gd deck is there they copy it but mine is only. my friend Alessandro aka Alval made this deck for me and the others have a infenape/dellecaty or Blissy deck which is a gd machup.(I am trying to make DP card only in this deck)

    piplup guy:Thank but no thank to add an absol ex maybe but an empoleon LVX dude I tried it onec man (read prev post pls 10q)
  9. Isaac_Ultra

    Isaac_Ultra New Member

    anyone els
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