Luxchomp for SoCal States

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by David Hura, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. David Hura

    David Hura New Member

    Looking to do a final edit on my Luxchomp build in preparation for states. I put in a Honchkrow line in anticipation of Lostgar and it should help with Vilegar, Gyarados, and Mewtwo as well. I dropped my previous Dialga G Lv. X line because I wanted to use Call Energy over Warp as it can make horrible starts decent ones, and I can be rather unlucky :( Any suggestions are welcome.

    Pokemon: 22

    2 Luxray GL Lv. X
    2 Luxray GL
    2 Garchomp C Lv X
    2 Garchomp C
    2 Uxie
    1 Uxie LV.X
    1 Dragonite FB
    1 Azelf
    1 Crobat G
    1 Bronzong G
    1 Unown Q
    1 Ambipom G
    1 Promocroak G
    1 Smeargle
    1 Lucario GL
    1 Murkrow
    1 Honchkrow

    Trainers & Supporters: 27

    4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
    3 Pokemon Collector
    2 Bebes Search
    2 Aaron’s Collection
    2 Looker's Investigation

    4 TGI Poketurn
    3 TGI Power Spray
    3 TGI Energy Gain
    3 TGI SP Radar
    1 Expert Belt

    Energy: 11

    4 Double Colorless Energy
    3 Call Energy
    2 Lightning Energy
    1 Psychic Energy
    1 Dark Energy
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  2. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    -1 Aaron's
    -1-1 Honchkrow SV
    +1 Weavile G
    +1 Collector
    +1 VS Seeker
  3. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    -1 Radar
    +1 VS Seeker
    -1 Garchomp X
    +1 Garchomp C
  4. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    I'd play 3/1 Chomp in a low LostGar meta. At least at States, they will be everywhere. They can easily T1 Hurl into Darkness your Garchomp C LV.X. When you've got both Ambipom and Dragonite I don't see why playing 3/1 Chomp line.
  5. PokeDad

    PokeDad Forum Moderator

    Your thread title points out a sadness for northern California's Pokemon players; California State Championship really is the SoCal State tourney. Never in the north, never in the middle, always in the south. I get that the player base is larger in the south, but all four of the top four California players played in the NorCal Regional, so we have quality, if not quantity; and it would be nice to see the State championship played in the north 1 out of every three, or four, or heck, even five years. Just sayin'. Back on topic, good luck with your deck.
  6. David Hura

    David Hura New Member

    I was thinking about adding the VS Seeker in, but I think I'd rather take out a Power Spray or even Looker's over a Radar. Thoughts?

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    Yeah, that really isn't fair at all :frown:
  7. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    Go for Looker's then.
  8. David Hura

    David Hura New Member

    Sounds good, thanks.
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