Luxray Deck DP-LA

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Fire Master, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    Pokemons: 18
    1 Luxray DP
    3 Luxray LA
    2 Luxio DP
    4 Shinx LA
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy
    4 Rotom MD
    Trainers: 26
    4 Roseanne´s Research
    4 Bebe´s Search
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Buck´s Training
    4 Warp Point
    2 Felicity´s Drawing
    4 Energy Patch
    1 Night Maintenance
    Energies: 16
    16 :lightning Energies

    Strategy: T2/T3 Electrode, Ion Blast to KO itself and the opponent´s Pokemon, attach it to Shinx/ Luxio in your Bench, Rotom Active. Next turn attach an energy to Shinx/ Luxio, attack with Rotom and attach the energies to Shinx/ Luxio. If Rotom is KOed, Shinx/ Luxio Active, if not retreat Rotom an get Shinx/ Luxio Active, evolve to Luxray DP, get an opponent´s Basic Pokemon Active and KO it, move the energies to another Shinx/ Luxio. If the opponent has a LV.X Pokemon play Luxray LA, move an energy to another Shinx/ Luxio with Energy Switch (if there is one in hand) and attack, if not repeat with Luxray DP. Luxray DP: move the energies to another Shinx/ Luxio, evolve to Luxray LA and attack (try to save an energy with Energy Switch) , Luxray LA: Rotom Active, attach an energy to Luxray LA and attack with Rotom (attach the Energies to Luxray LA). Next turn attach an energy to Shinx/ Luxio, Luxray LA Active and attack. Attach an energy to Shinx/ Luxio, evolve to Luxray LA, the new Luxray active and attack. Continue swithing Luxray attach + Rotom and Luxray attack.

    Luxray LV.51 – Lightning – HP120
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Luxio

    Poke-Body: Rivalry
    If your opponent has any Pokemon LV.X in play, all of this Pokemon's attacks do an additional 50 damage to any Active Pokemon.

    [C][C] Plasma: 40 damage. Attach 1 Lightning Energy card from your discard pile to Luxray.
    [L][L][C] Shock Bolt: 100 damage. Discard all Lightning Energy attached to Luxray.

    Weakness: Fighting (+30)
    Resistance: Steel (-20)
    Retreat: 0


    Shinx LV.6 - Lightning - HP50
    Basic Pokemon

    [C] Charge: Search your deck for 1 Lightning Energy card and attach it to Shinx. Shuffle your deck afterward.
    [L][C] Double Kick: Flip 2 coins, this attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.

    Weakness: Fighting (+10)
    Resistance: Steel (-20)
    Retreat: 1


    Buck's Training – Supporter

    Draw 2 cards from your deck.
    When your Pokemon attacks, if this card is in play next to your Active Pokemon, each of your Active Pokemon's attacks does an additional 10 damage to any Active Pokemon.

    You can use a Supporter once during your turn. To use it, play it next to your Active Pokemon and discard it at the end of your turn.
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  2. StarWolf

    StarWolf New Member

    All i looked at was Luxray and your energys, but why not throw 2-3 Scramble energys in there too?
    Judging by the translation you wrote here, you can use his 2nd attack without throwing an energy away if it has a scramble.
  3. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Do you realize it's DP-LA?
  4. StarWolf

    StarWolf New Member

    Nope, i didn't.
    All i looked at was the translation of Luxray and the types of energys in his list.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  5. Ultimate Dusknoir

    Ultimate Dusknoir New Member

    Good job on the deck, It looks like it can win next format. Just one little improvement there, reduce the number of rotom to at least 3, it's just what happens if you only start out with Rotom?
  6. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    If I do, do you think that 1 extra Voltorb instead of Rotom is OK?
  7. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    I think Energy Patch is better than Energy Restore here, and I would add 4. That way you can potentially recharge a Luxray LA on your turn w/out using Rotom and therefore still be able to attack with it.

    I think if you ran the LA Shinx, you could just drop the Electrode altogether in addition to switching your ratio of Luxray to 3-1 in favor of the LA version, because if you open with Shinx and Charge, you're all set up for a second turn Rare Candy + Luxray LA + energy attachment, enabling a turn 2 Shock Bolt. Then you could go about your Rotom/Luxray switch-and-recharge strategy as usual. The prize trading of Electrode just doesn't seem worth it here when you can easily be doing 100 without a prize exchange on turn 2 with Luxray itself. If you did this, I would replace 6 of the empty Electrode chain slots with 2-2 Claydol for the usual reasons (consistency). The other two slots could go towards a number of things, from Warp Point to Cynthia's Plan to Chatot (MD), or they could go to 2 of those Patch I mentioned with the other 2 replacing the Restore.

    The main thing I'd recommend is focusing exclusively on Luxray LA as an attacker. It's a beast all on its own with that Shinx. This way you can also drop the Energy Switch for more useful stuff, and again there are a lot of options. I think Warp Point is one of the best since Luxray's free retreat allows for abuse of it, and the disruption can net you KOs obviously if timed right. You could also add PlusPowers to help you turn Shock Bolt into a OHKO on stuff with more than 100 HP. Buck's only helps against stuff with 110, and there are far more things that fall into the 120-140 category than 110.
  8. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    Well, you are right, the LA have a better attack (both Shinx and Luxray) and that could work, except if the opponent has a Kingdra deck. I will change the deck, anyway.
  9. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    Kingdra goes down in one hit to Luxray though. I see what you're saying-- you go, drop an energy, Charge, hope to get the turn 2 Luxray, but then they go and Rare Candy to Kingdra and OHKO the Shinx. Any deck gets crippled by that, but the fact that you can OHKO Kingdra later on gives you an advantage I would say, and most other decks aren't going to be able to do 60 turn 1 so for the most part you should be safe.

    Maybe you could run Felicity's along with Patch to allow you to possibly power up a Luxray early without Charge or Rotom, so that way you potentially could respond to a turn 2 Kingdra with a turn 2 OHKO of your own. It's more complicated and luck based like that but it would be an option.
  10. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    You´re right. I´ve already changed the deck, adding Felicity´s, Luxray LA, Shinx LA and Energy Patch.
  11. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    Like I said in an edit to my original response to this, I don't think Energy Switch is really needed anymore especially since you're always going to be losing the energy on Luxray. The DP one generally should not attack IMO. It's just there as potential disruption, and then only because it shares the same line. I think those 2 spots would be better off going to Warp Point or more SSUs or something.

    You know, I realized both of the decks you have up right now are very similar in their approach-- do massive damage requiring discards, free retreat to Rotom, recharge, bring original killer back into the central arena, rinse, lather, repeat. I think you've got this market pretty much cornered. I also have to say I overlooked Luxray from LA and it's nice to be alerted to its abilities, especially with that Shinx. So props for bringing it to the light...ning... ugh, why did I type that?
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