mag./empoleon for states

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Garchomper, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member


    this is probably the deck i'm going to play at the upcoming states. it's not very fast, though.
    any suggestions?

    here it is:

    17 pokemon:

    3 piplup
    3 prinplup
    3 empoleon
    1 empoleon x
    3 magmar sw
    3 magmortar sw
    1 magmortar x

    22 trainers:

    4 prof. elm's training method
    2 prof. cozmo's discovery
    2 scott
    3 bill's maintenance
    1 prof. oak's visit
    3 night pokemon center
    2 premier ball
    1 amuelet coin
    2 energy search
    1 memory berry
    1 holon mentor

    18 energies:

    9 water
    9 fire

    strategy: mag. x anti gardy/gallade sniper, memory berry on x's lets them use any attack from their previous forms. empoleon is a good hitter with nice hp. premier ball for x's.


  2. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    drop memory berry b/c bulit on unless want piplup rinplup and magmars attacks and gets discarded.
    drop energties
    put celios/ bebes
    take npc
    and nrg search
    so something like this
    -4 energies
    - 1 memory berry
    - 4 petm
    - 3 npc to risky
    -2 energy search
    -1 holon mentor
    - 1 premier ball
    +3 Scrambles both pokemon work well with
    +4 Starter to activate scramble maybe stantler from sw or lapras from ge
    +2 rossennes research
    +4 celios/bebes Research better than just getting evolutions and now can get lvxs
    +1 piplup
    + 1magmar
    + 1 night manitience/tsd

    gl at states proably more changes that you can figur e out from this forum
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