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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SuicidalPikachu, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    Pokemon: 22

    4 Pachirisu

    3 Magmar MT
    3 Magmortar SW
    1 Magmortar lvX

    2 Cyndaquil MT
    1 Quilava MT
    2 Typhlosion MT

    3 Baltoy GE
    3 Claydol GE

    Energy: 15
    3 Scramble
    11 Fire
    1 DRE


    4 Celio
    3 Roseanne's
    3 Copycat
    2 TGW
    3 Felicity's
    3 RC
    2 BF
    1 NM
    2 Warp Point

    Strat: Pachirisu start, getting you magmar, cyndaquil, and baltoy, get up claydol to get everything else, power up Mortar on your bench to smack stuff while you have another mortar up front damage spreading/eliminating big threats on the bench w/ the lvX. scrambles are amazing in this deck as they basically provide you with 60 damage.
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  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Putting Fire Energy into the discard is very important for Fire Starter. But, if you still don't want to play Delcatty, then at least play a couple Battle Frontier to help in the mirror match. You could probably remove a third of you Claydol line to make the room. Or you could get rid of the Windstorms.
  3. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    omg, i forgot Felicity's.. EDIT!! and ill put in BF too.
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