Magikarp Donk (Gyarados -.-)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by magikarp ex, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    4 Magikarp
    3 Gyarados
    2 Uxie
    1 Mesprit
    1 Azelf
    3 Sableye
    1 Smeargle
    1 Regice
    1 Unown Q

    4 Poke Drawer +
    2 Warp Point
    4 Super Scoop Up
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 Junk Arm
    1 VS Seeker
    1 Pokemon Rescue
    1 Luxury Ball

    4 Pokemon Collector
    2 Seeker
    2 Judge
    2 Bebe's Search
    1 Looker's Investigation
    1 Volkner's Philosophy
    1 Twins

    3 Expert Belt

    4 Broken Time Space

    3 Rescue Energy
    3 Warp Energy

    Strat: Discard 3 Karp, Play Gyarados and belt. Attack. 5 more times after that. Repeat.
    If Karp is LZed, scoop. Even if you can still win.
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  2. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    I'd drop a Warp Point for another Super Scoop Up- you already have Warp Energy and I feel using SSUs are more important. I'd also add a Combee.
  3. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    Good point about Warp Point, but Combee isn't really needed with Rescue, I found. Plus, I suspect there will be very few Vilegar around.
  4. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    I would say drop a bts only for the fact that it will just clog your hand and draws later on. I think that you could put in maybe a uxie x, its just a really handy card to have all around(also if you have one XD) just personal perference with my gyarados.
  5. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    With so many spiritombs and Vileplooms running amock you alsmost have to have a Dialga G Lv X in there so you can play your trainers. -1 BTS and -1 Sableye add 1 Dialga LvX and Dialga G.

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  6. Blue Wave

    Blue Wave New Member

    Black Belt is better than Twins, and you already run Poké Drawer+ anyway.
    Combee is very much needed against trainer lock,

    2 Judge and 1 Looker? That´s quite a lot of hand disruption for a Gyarados. Possibly take out one of those and a Belt to get in two Junk Arm? 4 Junk Arm are basically essential for the deck´s strategy since they let you reuse any trainer.
    3 Expert Belt will rarely be needed, especially since you are playing Poké Drawer+.

    You may be able to go without one Communication or Bebe to take out for Combee, my personal choice is one of both and this far it hasn´t failed (if you play Dialga G LV.X you´ll want two Bebe though).
    Consider playing 3 Seeker. Yes, it may benefit your opponent, but playing it right means you have healed your Gyarados without giving your opponent too much benefit - and it does let you reuse Uxies, Azelfs and most importantly Mesprits.

    Volkner is a good card, but Sage´s Training is honestly good in Gyarados. Try out both and see which one suits you the best.

    Oh, and consider a 2-2 line of Smeargle and Sableye. 99% of all decks run 3-4 Collector and a few Bebes to go along with it, and not too many decks play huge disruption lines.
  7. Akenniflex

    Akenniflex New Member

    Cyclone energy can help you kill vileplumes and other stuff.
  8. Radical144

    Radical144 New Member

    -2 Sableye
    -1 Warp point
    -2 judge
    -1 bebe
    -1 lookers
    -1 volkners
    -1 belt
    -1 warp energy

    +1 rescue energy
    +3 Smeargle
    +2 Crobat G
    +1 lux ball
    +2 junk arm
    +1 poke turn

    its not magicarp donk if your not playing four smeargle. 4 junk arm is non-negoatiable. skunktank G makes your vilegar game much better than DGX, I'd try to take something else out for it, not a BTS though.
  9. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    No more Smeargles. Hardly anyone is going to be running Vilegar.

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