Magnegatr Tech?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Tylertyphlosion, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    I do not run Magnegatr, but I have been fooling around with different deck ideas and Magnegatr intrigued me.

    The biggest problem I see with Magnegatr is the fact that you lose all of those energies to the Lost Zone. There seems to be NO way to get them back, but I feel 1 card has been over-looked.
    This card is Hippowdon Lv. X.

    Sand Reset could be used Mid-Game when you are in desperate need of bulking your energy count back up.

    It seems like a very situational tech, but if you are blasting your opponent into oblivion with 1HKO's then you are bound to run out of energy, so why not run a 1-1-1 line of Hippowdon X?

  2. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Lost Zone isn't in play so the energy doesn't get shuffled back in. At least that's is what I believe is the ruling. I'll check to make sure
  3. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    I will post in the rulings forum to clarify.
  4. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    If the hippowdon trick does work I will be extremely surprised... I think that is a pretty awesome way to do things. Does it affect the discard also?
  5. Ace-

    Ace- New Member


    Sand Reset (Hippowdon Lv.X - Rising Rivals)

    Q. Can you explain how Hippowdon Lv.X's "Sand Reset" Poke-POWER works?
    A. As stated on the card, each player removes all cards in play, excluding Pokemon and Supporter cards. This means that all energy, Tools, Stadiums, etc. are shuffled back into yours and your opponent's deck. Prizes, the Discard Pile, and any cards in the Lost Zone don't count as being in play, so they are not shuffled back in. (PL:Rising Rivals FAQ; May 21, 2009 PUI Rules Team)

    so hippowdon isnt a good tech.

    i think magnegatr doesnt really need a tech against energy problem because it runs more energies than an usual deck (i guess 16-18energies in magnegatr)
  6. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Ah, I was unable to find it in the Compendium, I must have missed it.


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