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  1. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    Hey, as I've been testing Magnelock (Magnezone/Spiritomb) I've been wondering about the other side of Magnezone--Magnezone Prime.

    Magnelock definatly has potential, but Magnezone Prime decks seem to be decent as well. Magnezone/Regirock is clearly popular, but I've been thinking of Magnezone/Pachirisu. It one-shots Gyarados easily, only needs 3 nrg to one shot SPs, or 2 and an Ebelt for stuff other than Dialga, usually. 3 also one-shots stage twos such as Machamp.

    but Switchzone can get out of the active spot, while locking with tomb, and two shotting easily. That means Machamp isn't much of a threat at all.

    My question is, what's Magnezone's best deck?
  2. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Depends on how you like to play and what your meta game is. The problem with Zone/Pachi, You don't have a reliable way of getting energy in your hand to play with Pachi every turn. I know there is Seeker/Super Scoop Up, but those won't do much if you don't have any energy to Lost burn. As I see it, just plain Magnezone should rely on the magnezone lvX's attack. Right now I have a pretty consistent magnezone deck working. I use 2 Gyro Ball magnezone, 1 Prime, and 1 lvX. Zone lvX does the most damage at the least cost. Especially when you play a lot of energy like I do (15+). Lost burn works best as a late game sweeping attack, because as you said, it only take 3 energy to 0HKO pretty much everything in the format and that's where call energy become worth the deck space late game. As far as the best Zone deck there is, I'd probably go with SwitchZone (Magnelock) Whatever you call it, or MagneRock, although I haven't liked my testing with it.
  3. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    Yea, and if I do get the pachi, it can be sprayed. Not too reliable. Magnerock has been proved to be a decent deck, and I know I can do OK with it. Regirock could be sprayed, but chances are you'll be able to sweep without it, especially if you can get ebelt.

    Promocroak's gonna drive me nuts lol. How many Sunyshore would be reccomended?

    I use your line currently. I don't like to use Zone X's attack too much, I only run 2 Metal. Zone Prime is used often, for emergency situations.
  4. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    2 Sunyshore should last you with constant draw. And yeah, like I said, it depends on your play style. depending on the matchup I'll either run it like a SwitchZone or Tank it with Zone lvX, Blissy PL and Special metals, doing 80 plus Paralysis can win you the game some times.
  5. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    Blissey Prime could also work after a cyber shock. I've been thinking of just running a list with 6 Lightning 4 Special Metal, and 3 DCE using Magnezone X to streak paralysis, then getting the KO with Switchzone, switching with a wall, and being protected from damage for the most part.
  6. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Right now, Magnerock is the play.

    After the rotation, I think Magnezone/Pachirisu has massive potential, especially with a potential secondary attacker in Zekrom. With Seeker, Super Scoop Up, etc. it's fairly easy to scoop up Pachirisu to reuse its power... the problem is that Magnezone Lv.X will be out of the format, so ideally an alternate method of energy switching would have to be found. It's really an idea with potential, though.

    Built-in drawpower plus continual damage output for low cost? Yes, please!
  7. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    Consistent Magnerock lists can even be BDIF lol. I noticed that the deck would be a lot better if not for slow set up.

    Pachizone would be great once SP is gone. A no-powerlock format makes it easily great. It loses no cards GS on as well.
  8. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    ^ It gets around its slow setup due to its ridiculous staying power. It is incredibly difficult to continue knocking out Magnezone PRIME's unless your name is Machamp or Donphan PRIME. And I even had little issues making a comeback against a Donphan PRIME once I had control of the field. (I was down 3 prizes. I still came back and won) The deck has ridiculous surprise factor because people are unsure exactly what it does sometimes and don't know whether to focus the Regirocks (which helps but still doesn't keep you from dying fast to the active), or the Magnezones (Which can be swarmed)

    I think my biggest issue with the deck is recovery prior to a KO'd Zone, which can be remedied if you're setting up a second while the other is active.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh Steelers New Member

    Magnezone Prime w/ Regirock has a ton of potential and even I played it for States as a secret deck. Playing 2 Regirock and also playing it with Machamp which I did helped a lot against SP match ups. Just like the man said above, it is difficult to keep on consistently setting up Magnezone Primes for some odd reason. If you can do that, then it's clearly a T1 deck.
  10. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    I've played plenty of Magnezone decks and Magnezone Regirock was one of those decks I tested. And I had no problem setting up multiple Zones Each game. Depends on the build though. I tried making mine more consistent than the original.
  11. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    ^Same here, I easily swarm zones. Sometimes, by T2, I can get out a Magnezone Prime active and a Magnezone SF on the bench.
  12. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    ^ I prefer having two Primes for draw engine. It also makes for having a second one ready to go in case the first one gets KO'd.
  13. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    I use two primes as well. A lot of times I don't get the second one set up right away.

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