Mario's Battle Road Experience at Comic Craze

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by millionkp, Oct 14, 2007.

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    This is a brief review of my Battle Road recently with Mario:

    Round 1: My cousin (Empoleon and Lucario)

    My hand was perfect. I had machop on the bench and Riolu as active. I quickly attached an energy to Machop and ended my turn. everything went well, until his Empoleons started swarming. My hand was desimated with TGW so i lost. 0-1

    Round 2 (don't remember the name) random Techs

    anyway, he has a ponyta, a chimchar, and a drifloon in play. I quickly play Lucario and level up the next turn. After i use "Stance," i go on a "Close Combat" rampage. I take 5 prizes with it. He manages to K.O. my Lucario Lv.X, but i have a Power Keeper Machamp on my bench with an energy. I quickly boost and K.O. his chimchar. That's game. 1-1

    Round 3 Cameron (Blisscatty)

    I get a decent hand. i have a Riolu and a Machop. I quickly evolve Machop after it was K.O'd(with a fighting energy on it). He K.O's my Riolu and i pound him with Machoke and a DRE. I draw 2 prizes and don't get any basics. I ended up being "Happy Chanced." 1-2

    Round 4-Eric (Ambipom and Dusknoir)

    he starts with an Aipom and i have a Riolu. He goes first and does 10. I rare candy to Lucario, attach a DRE, attach, 2 Pluspower, and Aura Sphere for game. 2-2

    Round 5-Don't know the name (Shiftry EX and Absol EX)

    I ahve 2 Riolu and 2 Machop. He plays a seedot as active. I end up leaving it with 10 HP left after rare candying the Riolu and he plays Absol Ex and moves the damage counters on to me. I level up and use Close Combat. I take 4 Prizes. I corner him with Absol EX and win. 3-2

    I didn't have a high enough Winning percentage, so i got 4th and Andy, Blake, Ankur, and Cameron advance. I get 4th for the second time.

    I think Andy won the Battle Road. Congrats, Andy!!!

    1 Victory Medal from trading
    3 Blissey(so i'm one Blissey away from running Blissful Eggs)
    Pulling a Jolteon * and a Blissey
    new People
    new deck ideas

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