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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Rusty_Bucket, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Rusty_Bucket

    Rusty_Bucket New Member

    Okay so, since Blissey and Empoleon seem to be getting bigger in my area, here is a deck that I put together to stop them, not to mention it fares well against many others.


    3 Meganium d
    2 Bayleef d
    3 Chikorita d
    4 Feraligatr d
    2 Croconaw d
    4 Totodile d
    1 Nidoran f d
    1 Nidoqueen d
    4 Holon's Castform

    Total: 24


    4 Double Rainbow NRG
    4 Delta Rainbow NRG
    2 Scramble NRG
    2 Heal NRG

    Total: 12


    3 Holon Mentor
    4 Holon Adventurer
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Lake Boundary
    3 Windstorm
    3 TV Reporter
    1 Professor Rowan
    1 Night Maintenance
    3 Celio's Network

    Total: 24

    Grand Total: 60


    I know people say not to play a Castform start, but Lucario does not see very much play around our area, and Castform is not only excellent draw, but NRG too, which can be pulled out of the deck by either Meganium's power or Nidoqueen's. Meganium is a great hitter, with an attack that makes him take less damage the next turn. He's :fighting: and is resistant to :water:, good against fighting Blissey's and Empoleon's. Nidoqueen is a heavy hitter for later in the game. And Feraligatr d's :pbody: increases delta Pokémon's damage. The more Feraligatr's out, the more damage my Pokémon can do.

    I'm considering taking out Nidoqueen and 1 more card to up Meganium to 4-3-4. Any suggestions welcome, I wouldn't post here if I weren't looking for them, :smile:
  2. wolf52525

    wolf52525 Member

    um ya, don't play castform and nidoqueen, 4 mentor, 4 celios, drop Professor Rowan and maybe another scramble and some copycat. Thats a start.
  3. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    Croconaw MT is great.

    -2 Croconaw d
    -1 Holon's Castform
    +3 Croconaw MT
  4. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    Nidoqueen is like the lamest 1-0-1 tech line ever.

    -2 Croc d
    -1 Nidoran
    -1 Nidoqueen

    +2 Croc MT
    +1-0-1 something more original or 1-1 eggs d

    I cant give away my secret tech. :wink:
  5. Rusty_Bucket

    Rusty_Bucket New Member

    If the mods could lock this thread that would be great. Deck has been greatly changed and im not working on it anymore. Thanks.
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