Might as well... top 8 southern plains

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Dark Weedle, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    106 players in masters
    Im playing Gatr
    5 players form oklahoma come down for this one

    R1: vrs girl that went to the HS

    3 turn game all i saw was a magmar

    R2: Pokedad

    i Ko'd 2 or 3 pokemon im not sure he ever attacked me


    R3: Guy from Louisiana (GG)

    Very close game i think it came down to 1-1 at time but i won it dont really remember the details

    R4: Billy K (magmorter)

    This should be an auto win for me but i get a total crap start, i think he takes 6 prizes before i hit him for more than 10 but we still someone make to time, where i am still way behind.

    R5: Another magmorter, a texas player ive seen at a couple tournys

    This one goes the way it supposed to.

    R6: Dylan L. (GG)

    Another very close game. I stay ahead most of the game with some constrain/breaking tail actions to keep him from seting up. Time is called on his turn with me up 4-3. He has the easy KO, but if it goes back to me i can win with warp point/upstream. To get out of this he has to night maintenance a ralts/gallade back in, then get them both and rare candy to a fresh gallade. He claydols for 4 then oaks visits for 3 and gets it :((. So its back to me and i cant get the Ko this turn, i have to send up a fresh gatr and pass. If he doesnt get the KO this turn, i will be able to the next. He copycats my 9 card hand and pulls his warp point gg. I think we were the last game playing.

    R7 win or go home. Vrs random girl w/ electrode/vire

    Im worried about the t2 donk but easily outspeed her and win it.

    11 out of the top 16 are GG's :(((

    Top 16: Dana (bannete/lucario)

    With all the GG in the top 16 i manage to get one of only two decks i would have a favorable matchup against. Before the Match we both know this will be an uphill battle for him.

    G1: I get a crappy start and he take a 6-2 lead but i start to come back with scramble. He almost gives the game to me by premier balling his deck when his lucario X was in his discard pile. He still wins it though with a great warp point.

    G2: I get a much better start than he does and he quickly scoops

    G3: I get a good start again and his isnt so great, i win it easily

    Top 8 Adam G (GG)

    This time its an uphill battle for me.

    G1: He start pachi, gets t2 both gardy and claydoll, i dont have much and quickly scoop

    G2: Read above

    Bleh =/

    The other two oklahomans play each other in top 4, roy wins and winds up getting second.

    Largest Regional (106 masters, 301 total players)
    The highschool
    3 Oklahomans in top 8
    Roy taking second
    Taylor top 4

    Tourny in Houston and not dallas
    Horrible top 8 games
    Crappy packs
    11/16 decks in top 16 = GG
  2. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    a lot of guts playing gatr in a gg metagame. what was your strategy against it?
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  3. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    of course. but it doesnt matter if they get t2 everything. the two games i played in swiss (both opponents made top 16) were very close and came down to time.

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