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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by tee79, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. pikadino

    pikadino New Member

    ill lyk tomorrow because i am actually doing a deal for my needs right now that if i get 2 rayquaza c and 2 garchomp c ill give you blaziken fb lv x
  2. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    ok just let me know
  3. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    up to the top i go again
  4. EddieTanimoto

    EddieTanimoto New Member

    CML for dark dragonite if its from EX Team rocket returnns
  5. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    it's from the 1st team rocket
  6. EddieTanimoto

    EddieTanimoto New Member

    oh, so its not the card that is black?
  7. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    no sorry..............................
  8. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    some one help me please
  9. japple52

    japple52 New Member


    I'm inetrested in your Blaziken FB Lv. X. Please CML. I have a Luxray GL. I'm not sure if that's listed or not in my trade thread.

  10. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    i'll trade it for your
    Claydol (GE)
    Milotic (SV) shiny
    luxray gl
  11. ultimate_master

    ultimate_master New Member

    hey! cml for

    gallade 4 x
    heatran x (set)
    garchomp c x
    absol g x
    mewtwo x (set)
    gliscor x
    porygon-z x
    raichu x
    regigigas x
    electivire fb x
    charizard g x
    blaziken fb x
    ray c x

  12. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    nothing i need right now sorry
  13. EddieTanimoto

    EddieTanimoto New Member

    Luxray GL

    X2 Call energy
  14. G landers

    G landers New Member

    cml for 2-1 luxray gl lvx pls and i sent you a pm
  15. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    If only you still had flygon lv.x and you would trade 4 other lv.xs lol
  16. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Do you have any Lv. X's that aren't listed?
  17. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    i need luxray gl and x i don't have luxray gl x
    i would have traded flygon x for luxray gl x 1-1
    no i don't sorry
  18. actingpokemon123

    actingpokemon123 New Member

    i've got the you have any sealed packs, booster box's etc? lmk
  19. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    no i don't sorry..................
  20. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    CML for dark green poke ball sleeves and/ or gallade 4 lv. X
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