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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by BeckordJ, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    i do have less than you, but would you be willing to trade on pack of sleeves as well?
    also, i can not trade the cresselia, as it has been traded, sorry
  2. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member


    What could you add to replace the 2/106 Cresselia RH
    and what do you have to trade for the sleeves ?

    Jeff B
  3. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    i dont need the sleeves, but instead of the cresselia, a sandslash MT reverse??
    also, if at all possible could you throw in 2 scrambles?? that would be great
  4. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    I can trade you the following

    4x reverse holo holon FF
    15x reverse holo fire energy PK
    4x celios network non holo
    4x reverse holo holon wp

    for your

    12/130 Rhyperior RH,
    sandslash RH
    16/130 Staraptor,
    9/132 Gastrodon,
    15/123 Raichu RH,
    22/130 Clefable RH,
    4/123 Azelf RH,
    34/123 Slaking RH,
    3/123 Ambipom,
    14/123 Mesprite,
    18/123 Uxie,
    28/123 Manectric,
    13/132 Ludicolo RH,
    26/132 Electrode RH,
    35/132 Pidgeot,
    24/132 Dugtrio,
    22/106 Latias.

    i would have to say pass on the scramble Energy.
  5. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    ok, ur in north america right???
    pm me ur addy and ill send monday, and i do care aabout condition
  6. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    Ajax PM Sent
  7. Kemony

    Kemony New Member

    If you could CML for the above cards. I will also sort through my common/uncommon reverse holos for your wants and lyk what else I have.

  8. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    the Rh tv reporter (DR) has been traded.Look forward to seeing your list.Didnt see alot on your trade thread that i needed.Except your level x`s which I have most all of the new ones.

  9. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    list has been updated.
  10. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i have
    pikachu #9 (Pop6)
    Staravia #10 (pop6)
    rh 32/106 Wigglytuff ge
    22/106 Latias ge
    rh 12/101 Typhlosion (delta)
    rh 5/130 Infernape
    i liked
    rh torterra
    2 pop 6 lucarios
    rh slowking ge

    could u make a offer please
  11. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    How about this

    rh torterra
    2 pop 6 lucarios
    rh slowking ge

    for your
    pikachu #9 (Pop6)
    Staravia #10 (pop6)
    22/106 Latias ge
    rh 5/130 Infernape

    Let me know if this sounds good to you

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Updated Also added in a pop 5 set including *espeon and *unbreon for trade
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
  12. Randy8124

    Randy8124 New Member

    My :
    Surskit MT R/h
    Shinx MT R/h
    Prinplup DP R/h

    for your:
    Rattata SW R/h
    Voltorb SW R/h
    POV SW R/h
  13. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    hey, i am just letting you know that i have sent my cards!
  14. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    I can do that Pm me with details



    Will let you know when they arrive.
  15. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

  16. bubba_235

    bubba_235 New Member

    Click HERE for my list. I want these from you:

    Shining Magikarp
    Shining Kabutops
    Shining Mewtwo
    Shining Noctowl
    Shining Raichu(PENDING)
    Shining Steelix(PENDING)
    Shining Tyranitar
    Shining Registeel (LM)
    Shining Charmander (FG)

    Also tell me if you have ANYTHING else off of my WANTS list. Thanks!:)
  17. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member


    This is what i have off your list

    * Mew(47)

    Base Set:
    *H Chansey

    Base Set 2:
    *H Pidgeot
    *H Wigglytuff

    *H Vaporeon
    *H Flareon

    *H Articuno
    *H Dragonite
    *H Lapras

    Team Rocket
    *H Dark Raichu(83/82)

    Gym Heroes:
    *H Erica's Dragonair
    *H Lt. Surge's Magneton
    *H Rocket's Hitmonchan
    *H Rocket's Scyther

    Gym Challenge:
    *H Blaine's Arcanine
    *H Koga's Ditto
    *H Misty's Golduck 1st edition only
    *H Sabrina's Alakazam
    ^ Sabrina's Hypno
    ^ Koga's Kakuna

    Neo Genesis:
    *H Ampharos
    *H Azumarill
    *H Heracross
    *H Skarmory
    *H Slowking
    *H Typhlosion
    * Donphan
    ^ Crocanaw(either)
    ^ Flaffy
    ^ Miltank
    ^ Phanpy
    ^ Piloswine
    ^ Quagsire
    ^ Quilava(46)
    ^ Xatu
    o Chikorita(54)
    o Cyndiquil(56)
    o Ledyba
    o Natu
    o Sentret
    o Shuckle
    o Sudowoodo
    o Sunkern

    Neo Discovery:

    *H Hitmontop(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Scizor(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Tyranitar(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Umbreon(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Ursaring(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Yanma(MUST BE HOLO!) 1!st Edition only
    ^ Corsola

    Neo Revelation:

    *H Blissey 1st Edition only
    *H Celebi(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Crobat
    *H Ho-Oh(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Houndoom
    *H Misdreavus
    *H Raikou(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Suicune(MUST BE HOLO!)
    *H Shining Gyrados
    *H Shining Magikarp

    Neo Destiny:

    o Larvitar
    o Pineco
    ***H Shining Steelix


    *H Ho-Oh(149/144)
    *H Kabutops(150/144)

    *H Charmander(98/97)
    *H Charmeleon(99/97)

    Team Magma vs. Team Aqua:
    *H Absol(96/95)
    *H Jirachi(97/95)

    Team Rocket Returns:
    *H Mudkip*(107/109)
    *H Torchic*(108/109)
    *H Treecko*(109/109)
    *H Charmeleon(110/109)


    *H Rocket's Raikou EX(108/107)

    Unseen Forces:

    *H Rocket's Persian EX(116/115)

    Delta Species:

    *H Azumarill(114/113)

    Legend Maker:

    *H Registeel*(92/92)
    *H Pikachu(93/92)

    Holon Phantoms:

    *H Mew(111/110)

    Diamond and Pearl:

    *H Infernape Lv. X(NON-TIN)
    *H Torterra Lv. X(NON-TIN)

    Secret Wonders:

    *H Honchkrow Lv. X

    What do you have that you would trade?LMK
  18. bubba_235

    bubba_235 New Member

    Well...what would you want from me on my list?
  19. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member


    These are the only ones i would be interested in.I will not trade the shinings or ex`s for these though do you have any ex`s or Lvl x`s that is not of this list for trade?
    Diamond and Pearl:
    *H Dusknoir
    *H Electivire
    *H Infernape
    *H Luxray
    *H Magnezone
    *RH Magezone
    *H Manaphy
    *RH Rhyperior
    *H Roserade
    *H Skuntank
    *H Staraptor
    *RH Carnivine
    ^RH Luxio

    Mysterious Treasures:
    *H Bronzong
    *H Garchomp
    *H Lumineon
    *H Magmortar
    *H Tyranitar
    *H Uxie
    * Abomasnow
    * Exeggutor
    *RH Honchkrow
    * (2)Multi Energy

    Secret Wonders:
    *H Ampharos
    ^RH Roseanne's Research
    o Duskull

    Great Encounters:
    *H Darkrai(3)
    *H Pachirisu
    *H Rotom
    *H Sceptile
    *RH Togekiss
    *RH Palkia
    ^ (2)Rare Candy

    You are more than welcome to make an offer.
  20. Should I bring all my cards to Oklahoma this weekend? Or just the adult beverages?
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