Most Broken Card Ever: Goop Gas Attack should be banned from Unlimited

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by PokéMart, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. PokéMart

    PokéMart New Member

    I'm writing this because I feel there is a serious issue regarding the state of the unlimited constructed metagame--this issue must be addressed immediately...if it isn't, I'm afraid, and I think you'll all agree wit me, that the overall health of unlimited is in serious jeopardy.

    As you know, many of today's greatest Pokémon TCG Arch-Type decks utilize various combinations of Pokémon Powers in their strategies. Some of these decks include:

    - Flycatty
    - R-gon
    - Infernate
    - MetaNite
    - Absolutions
    - Meltdown
    - Flariados
    - Eeveelutions
    - And so on

    Now, you can see that many of these core decks are rotating out of modified and into unlimited. The same has already happened with great decks like LBS and Blaziken (both of which rely heavily on powers).

    I think that, at this time, more than ever before, the unlimited format is going to be a Power-heavy one.

    And that's why I believe Goop Gas Attack is too broken to be allowed in (at the very least) any future premier events.
    Now, I know what you're saying..."but Jim, POP doesn't run any premier unlimited events!"
    Well, you're right...the don't run any YET. But as the format grows and becomes more popular, I think that's going to change. I mean, think about--the game is going to lose all of its best decks ever! That can't be good for Pokémon as a whole!

    But back to Goop Gas Attack and why it is by far the most broken card ever printed in any TCG.

    Goop Gas Attack
    All pokémon powers stop working until the end of your opponent's next turn.

    It's not even a supporter!

    Ok, so this is how unlimited games are going to go.
    You sit down, let's say you're playing an unlimited version of LBS, hoping to do 200 damage every turn with the fierce and mighty Lugia ex. Your opponent starts with Budew. You start with castform and go first. You draw, can't play mentor, so you pass. He draws, drop wailmer on the bench, and budews for Goop Gas Attack. You go through your set up, and he keeps attaching energies to wailmer and budewing for his Goop Gas Attacks (until he has all four) and his defenders, potions, etc. You decide you're going to be the aggressor, so you bring up Lugia ex and maul his budew for 200 damage, discarding your water/castform. Low and behold, your opponent slaps down a the mighty Wailord ex, plays goop gas attack, and KOs your Lugia. Now, you have no way to power up another Lugia, and you lose, because he shuts off your powers for the next four turns (in which time he probably draws four prizes and takes almost zero damage).

    This is just one example of how broken Goop Gas Attack is; the combination of Good Gas Attack/Defender/Wailord ex is an obvious one, but the thesis of this statement still holds true for others.

    So, this is an official petition to POP to PLEASE BAN GOOP GAS ATTACK.
    I'm sure you will agree with me, but even if you don't, I'd like to know why.
    Thanks for reading, and let's keep our fingers crossed that this very unfortunate situation is resolved quickly.

    Oh....and great job to Dave, Mike, Angela, and everyone else at POP who made Worlds '07 one of the best ever!
  2. Nemes

    Nemes Member

    Goop Gas Attack is no big deal at all, and almost all the decks you named are not good at all in the UNL...

    An average unlimited game with good unlimited decks doesn't go after 4th turn. Why? Thanks to cards like Professor Oak, Computer Search, Rare Candy etc. which let you play everything on the first few turns. If you want the most broken card ever to be banned, let's ban Professor Oak.

    Not to mention that who goes second with the new rules is GOOGLEPLEXNORMOUSLY favored.

    What I want to say is, Unlimited is total CRAP. Like T1 is in MTG. I think one of the biggest errors card creators made was not caring about it.

    A much more funny and interesting "standard" format could be RS-On instead. Never thought about it?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2007
  3. Dom

    Dom New Member

    None of those decks even work in unlimited though. Unlimited has like 2 viable decks as it is.
  4. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

  5. PokéMart

    PokéMart New Member

    Of course they aren't good--that's why I'm saying Goop Gas Attack should be banned. How on earth could they be good with such a powerful non supporter trainer in the field?

    So, perhaps if more unlimited decks were playable (i.e. the ones with great pokemon powers), that would offset all those very good (but not broken) trainers.

    I don't even think that's a real number.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    please don't spam my thread. This is a serious discussion about whether or not Goop Gas Attack should be banned from unlimited (it obviously should).
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  6. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    I guess I'll agree. Its a replacement of Cess. Crystal that can't be removed by any methods.

    What other cards are banned in unlimited? Slowking and Sneasel?
  7. the60746

    the60746 New Member

    dude clearly you have not seen other unlimited combos. goop gas is the least of your worries. I actualy have a deck that got unlimited banned in my area because it won T1 every time: Blastoise Base set + Suicune ex with oaks bills scoop ups etc.
  8. PokéMart

    PokéMart New Member

    Reliant upon POWERS.
    T1 Goop Gas Shuts you off FTW, GG n00b.
  9. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    This made me LAWL.
  10. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    There's a pretty simple way to beat it. T1 Lass + Eeeeeeek used to be broken in Unlimited, and I'm sure it still is. Even though not being able to play Trainers going first might hinder this, it's still amazingly powerful.

    However, I think Unlimited will always be somewhat balanced. There are way too many options for a single card to ruin the format.
  11. Nemes

    Nemes Member

    (Congratulations for the bold part) You can't T1 Goop Gas if you're going first. Next turn, your opponent will probably have a charged Blastoise or a charged Vileplume ex (just 2 of the most used unlimited decks out there), and your Goop Gas (when you will have them in your hand, 'cause you seem like absolutely sure you can have them 100% of the time without destroying your own deck) will become totally useless!

    This discussion reminds me so much of when I talked with a guy who thought Vileplume ex had to be banned from Unlimited play.

    I can't really call "balanced" a format where games last til and not over third-fourth turn. It's not funny at all!!
  12. PokéMart

    PokéMart New Member

    I'm assuming you're going 2nd. Obviously, if (insert name here) gets a God hand in unlimited, you're going to lose. But once you get rolling with the Goop Gas, it's over.
    And of course you're going to get them, that's why you play Budew. Maybe without Budew it shouldn't be banned, but that's irrelevant.
  13. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Some people say that Jiggly EX is the rule in Unlimited... better than (Jungle or Fossil?) Wiggly with that "Do the Wave" attack, setup quickly, full bench, and BAM! Goodbye... and Goop Gas isn't a Menace :lol:

    Im agree that Oak ruins the Unlimited Game... Bill too :biggrin:

    Cheers!!! :smile:
  14. the60746

    the60746 New Member

    sorry but this is just dumb, if goop gas is owning you, build a deck not based on powers. never seen so much anger towards an unlimited card

    2 cents
  15. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    no card will be banned from unlimited
  16. the60746

    the60746 New Member

    this is true
  17. thegatekeeper

    thegatekeeper New Member

    Goop gas... wha?

    Unlimited = sneasel (no pokemon powers needed), slowking (ha ha ha goop gas), fossil MUK (goop gas whats-the-point), Rockets zapdos (no poke powers, promo mewtwo (en absorption no poke powers)...I could go on... and on...and on...

    Vileplume ex/dark?

    neo genesis pichu punishes poke powers even more so!!!

    jungle clefable?!

    Unlimited will never come back as big touneys (through POP). It just wouldnt make sense. How do new players even stand a chance with old cards no longer in the shops?

    The format would be mad in super serious play. Heres one crazy example....

    Neo genesis sneasel with basic dark energy and LOADS of er and ser and item finders and oaks!!!(and maybe one benched fossil muk for anti slowking)

    Just my thoughts.... :)
  18. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Yeah, like The60746 said, I see no reason to ban it. You can either play around it, or get a new deck to combat it. (MewTric would work Splendedly)

    I don't think that anyone(in Unlimited) should let a Budew spend 4 turns alive getting Goop Gasses and stuff. It should be KOed ASAP.

    I played a Blastoise/Suicune ex deck, and by T1-2 I'd have gotten a Suicune ex and at least 3-4 NRG looping for Ko'es a turn (with damage increasing every time) That's not enough time to get 4 Goop Gasses into your hand. Plus, you can always attach normally.
  19. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    T1 Vilex/Aerodactyle with IOR still beats everything.

    Worry about GGA once you have a counter for that.
  20. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member


    Well, SneaselKing rules unlimited along
    W/ some other decks like Plume ex or BlastCune or WigglyFat that can manage their way in an unlimited environment too.

    BUT it all depends on who goes 2nd.

    Goop Gas Attack is by no means broken at all.
    A good player can have 3-4 Slowkings and 1-2 Sneasel by turn 2.

    Erika's Jiggly does a T1 40 w/ the possibility of doin 80 w/ 4 pluspower.
    Wigglytuff does 60 T2, and usually 40+ turn 1. AND it plays 4 ER and 0-4 SER, AND it abuses Recycle Energy.
    SO yeah, Goop Gas Attack stanks in unlimited, and prolly will always stank.

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