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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by MuRa, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. MuRa

    MuRa New Member

    A question of a ruling came up last tourney I was running and I just wanted to clarify...

    Do attacks that do damage in multiples count as single attacks? I ruled that the attack was added up and whatever effects would be taken off the top, but wasn't 100% sure. For example:

    Someone was using Azurill's max bubbles against Flygon (Air slash version) the person using Flygon asked if he should flip at the end of each of Azurill's head (Due to Sand Guard, Whenever Flygon would be damaged by your opponent's attack (after applying Weakness and Resistance), flip a coin. If heads, reduce that damage by 20.) or does he only get one flip at the end in which all the heads are added up?

    Would the same apply to an attack that does multiples to a pokemon like Kabuto with exoskeleton that automatically reduces damage by 20?

    Would it be the same for Dark Pokemon that do damage in multiples? Snealel EX's Beat Up with 2 Dark energies attached, would it do 40 per head, or 20 per head then add 20 to it at the end?
  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    For flygon, it really doesn't matter when the person flips for the power, as long as it's only once. Whether it is prior to or after the attack's damage is calculated matters little. The bottom line is that the multiple flips you'd garner with Azumarill's max bubbles essentially happen simultaneously (even though you roll them one at a time to determine the effect of the attack). The max bubbles is a single attack, as with sneasel's beat up: you'd add the darkness energy's damage only after the initial damage is calculated. This is particularly important since it is possible for beat up to do zero damage (all tails), in which case the darkness energy wouldn't add any damage.

    Here's your examples, and what the results would be:

    Azumarill flips 5 coins against a flygon with sandguard:
    Heads-Heads-Heads-tails-tails. Total damage of attack: 90 (30 per heads).
    Flygon flips for sand guard: Heads. Modified (and final) damage of attack: 70.

    Azumarill flips 5 coins against a kabuto with exoskeleton:
    Heads-heads-tails-tails-tails. Total damage of attack: 60 (30 per heads).
    Exoskeleton kicks in, reduces attack's damage by 20: Modified (and final) damage of attack: 40.

    Sneasel, with 2 darkness energies attached, flips 6 coins against a rocket's zapdos:
    Heads-Heads-Heads-Heads-tails-tails. Total damage of attack: 80 (20 per heads)
    Darkness energy adds 10 damage per darkness energy attached: Modified (and final) damage of attack: 100.

    This pattern repeats for other damage-modifying effects, such as the protective results of buffer piece, metal energy, defender, etc.
  3. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    In pokemon an attack delivers its damage all in one go. So only one flip from Flygon.

    All those flips are used to establish the quantity of damage and not how it is delivered.

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