My 2nd cities win

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by ChubbyChilupa135, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Peyton Colorado 12-1-07

    this is my first cities reaport so just let me no if i did something wrong thanx. Mario

    first round Agron ex

    it was an easy win because he was weak to my machamp i got out 2nd turn with the dre i knocked out an arron and he sent up another aaron rare candied on the bench and attached an energy to agron.
    my turn i set up a machop i had the candy champ. he attched another and split bombed. I evolved in to machamp with rare candy. i dynamic punched and got heads wich basicly det me up 4 game. on his turn he attcked and hit knocking out my champ but luckily i had another. i dynamic punched 4 game.


    second round Empolion

    he set up pretty good with the third turn queen but i had the lucario and cessation crystal and was sniping his pokemon till he played windstorm and got rid of my cessation crystal. he evolved and did 70 no snipe. i pulled into a machop (i'm a luck sack) i played stevens 4 4 cards and got the candy champ i evolved into champ then intgo lucario x i hit empolion once 4 80 he attached to queen and passed. i
    attched dre to champ and knocked out empolion. he sent out queen and revenged knock out. I sent up macamo and revenged 4 70. he did revenge again 4 60 i attached dre and knocked out queen thewn he scooped.


    thirs round Magmortar salamance

    she got a quick magmortar but my lucario was quicker with 2 aura spheres her magby was gone . magmortar was a great power hitter and ran threw lucario. i had the champ to save me. knocked out magmortar prize #2 my prize was dre lol luck sack again. she had an energy on salamance and scrambled for 100 discarding scramble. i attached the dre and got a heads with dynamic punch . she attached scranble and hit my machamp but i was lucky to have rilou on bench and lucario in hand 4 he game.


    round 4 Flygon.

    She started off ok with the vibrava but of coase lucario saved me again she eveolved into flygon but not enouph energy she passed i celiosed 4 lucario x and eveolved and did a free 80. she passed i did it again 4 knock out game.


    top 4 Blissy/walrein/lucario.

    we both had a lucario start but he made his misake and celiosed 4 the lucariio x second turn. i played another energy and attached cessation crystl. free 40. he attchesd and did a free 40 and 20 to machop.
    i evolved into lucr\ario x and hit 4 80 game.


    game 2 was a luck sack game i started with rilou and had 2nd turn lucario to his chancy he brougt it to a coin flip with scrunch and missed the showed the game


    top 2 mirror match Mario

    game 1 i had first turn lucario against mochop that game went back and fourth with machamps till i got a rilou and lucario celios 4 lucario x. machamp had no chance it was a 1 prize game next prize wins.he dynamic punched and missed i was a lucky person that day. i sent out lucario and evolved to x and did 80. he didnt get any basics and scooped.


    game 2 we both got machamp but mine was n the bench.he got a heads with dynamic punch for knock oiut on rilou i sent up machamp without dre full powered dynamic punchd and got heads the game went back and fourth till the end again a 1 prize game. he could of got lucario x 4 game but thoight i had cessation crystal but i didnt so he got a machop and then i lv x to do 80 to knock him out. 2-0

    city champ again pretty much the same thing last week to

    dywane for a great tourny
    my bro for making top 4
    the branders for the deck and awsome job they did
    bringing mario back in my division
    good matchups
    ryan and josh 4 being awsome
    and falcon middle school
    going undefeated
    Pablo for having a great game

    josh not making top 4 '
    ryan not making top 4
    not pulling any gardies

    thanx for reading

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    gj kevin. youz da beast

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