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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by shadowlion, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    I have been playing a Empoleon-Omastar deck after just throwing it together...but to my amazement the deck is extremely good. I have seen a few ideas for it on here, well here is my version with explaination.

    EMPSTAR or whatever in the world you want to call it

    POKEMON: 30
    4-4-3-1 Empoleon (majestic dawn Prinplup and Empoleon)
    4-4-4 Omastar
    3-3 Claydol (yes not a 2-2 will explain later)


    4 Team Galactic's Wager
    4 Dusk Ball
    3 Bebe's Research or Celio's (which ever you prefer or have)
    2 Night Maintenance

    ENERGY: 17

    2 Multi Energy (in case Claydol has to fight for his life)
    15 Water
    (this might be the shortest list I have ever seen on here LOL)

    Piplup: I use the DP #93 over the new MD #71 but really take your pick its a toss up
    Prinplup: I use MD #44 his attacks cost more but no ifs bout it and Wash Over is good
    Empoleon: I use MD #17 Dual Splash and Surf Together are great and way better than the DP one
    Empoleon LV X: Supreme Command works in this deck
    {Helix Fossil...I run a 4-4-4 line they are a combo in this deck and you need to get them going and have
    {Omanyte.......them when you need them.
    Baltoy: DUH
    Team Galactic's Wager: I hate playing Rock/Paper/Scissors but its the Combo
    Dusk Ball: Simple good pokemon search
    Bebe's Research: Get it when you need it
    Night Maintenance: Get it when you need it AGAIN lol
    Multi Energy: Energy DUH only in case need Claydol to fight (no harm no foul)
    Water: DUH its a Water DECK

    I will say this is alot different from the first few versions of the deck I had, mainly cause I was playing it as a Pokemon deck with a cool trick...from playing in matches and having fun with the combo and different ways to play the deck. I noticed its not just a Pokemon deck with a cool trick its a COMBO deck. The reason for a 3-3 Claydol line is YOU HAVE TO HAVE CLAYDOL and fast to win fast with this deck (it can win the long game to but fast is so much better LOL) you need the card cycling of Claydol to get all you need when you need it fast, even starting with a lone Baltoy can be good play your hand wager and if you lose use Psychic Balance to recover. The Omastar line is high for what everyone is on here is playing but he is good more than just his PokePower. If you start with a Helix Fossil you can easily have a turn 2 attacking Omastar and early game that is great 40 damage to basics and switching them really messes up your opponents energy drops and game plan and of course late game its all about the Omastar/Wager combo (even better double Omastar then Wager lol with Empoleon active.) The Empoleon line is a basic line except maybe 4 Prinplup (because I took Rare Candy out of the deck.) with a 4-4-3-1 line played with Dusk Balls and Bebe's its not hard to get him going turns 3-4-5. The Level X Empoleon works in this deck with the increased HP and Supreme Command is good if your opponent loses the Wager Battle though the 4th Empoleon would work in this slot as well.

    Cards I took out and why.

    Rare Candy- mainly cause Omastar evolves fast and of course Claydol just as a Stage 1 as well...Empoleon takes 3 turns (but takes 3 energy anyway so they go hand and hand). Main reason its not here though is a few people I know are making a similar deck and just hate the thought of playing against them and me Rare Candy Empoleon only for them to Omastar it right back at least just a regular evolve line I can replay it again (of course with it my Stage 1 lines are smaller)

    Warp Point: hmmm never used it much when had it but when did it worked but really it was a dead card alot....if had room would play 1 or 2.

    Quickball: with just the 3 pokemon its good but didnt want to run a Ball Engine with alot of people playing Kabutops in my area, if he is not played in your area then maybe play them instead of Bebe's.

    Cards Considering.

    DRE: just to speed up the energy not sure needed probably wont add but just an idea

    Matchups I have played:

    G&G: ok here is the big one everyone wants to know how it does against lol well I am 4-0 so far against that deck at league (and all were players skilled with G&G). 3 Wins were long games and One was pretty quick with turn 2 Omastar messing him up.

    Kabutops/Fossil Deck: I have played against this 5 times and I am 4-1 thus far. Games I won were pretty one sided my way the one I lost I got smashed (couldnt draw basics much) but hey it happens we all have excuses.

    Fire Decks (Mags and Ape and a combo of both): I played several version of fire.....winning pretty much all of them on Weakness of course (no match record my son playes fire so mainly fun games).

    Empoleon/Mismagius: This was my old deck I played it got boring so made the new deck....I am 3-0 against my old deck games pretty unexciting but I was bored of looking at the old deck so that is probably why.

    Evee: 1-0 it wasnt a very good deck so not sure but I am confident my deck with 40 from Omastar or the Sniping of Empoleon can take it out.

    Random Decks: been few Random decks against younger Foes....I havent lost to them and it was just different stuff in different decks...Green, Metal, and Garchomp type get the just.

    Blissey and DelKitty: 0-1 I lost had bad hand early Wager (they won) and I couldnt topdeck to save my life...need more research on these decks.

    Well there is MY DECK...Love It, Hate It, or Indifferent just try it see what you think. I know I run big lines of my Pokemon but its more of a combo deck or can win fast if you mess with opponents Pokemon and Hand...and face it CONSISTENCY wins games this deck when it lost was because just didnt have what I needed and now I increased my odds some. Well Look at it, Rate it, give Advice just do what you all are here to do. Thanks
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
  2. glaceon_master

    glaceon_master New Member

    change prinplup to DP
  3. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    No, seriously, Glaceon Master is right, Prinplup DP>Prinplup MD any day of the week, perhaps play 2 Prinplup DP 1 MD?
  4. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    Well no harm in doing a 2/2 split on the prinplups and seeing which one I prefer in games....thanks
  5. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Where are the Call energy? You could get a lone pokemon and then get OHKOed.
  6. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Uh... NO. A good deck uses at MOST 24 pokemon. And at MINIMUM 22 trainers. Lower the omastar to a 3-3-3 or, better, a 2-1-2. Take out 1 or 2 prinplup and add 4 candys. Scrambles and lake boundry are needed. Your matchups... I don't get how this beats a goog G&G... oh well....
  7. Yoshi-

    Yoshi- New Member

    Since when does a good deck use at most 24 pokemon :rolleyes:
    Just because you don't know anythink beside plox :nonono:


    rare candy ? more trainers ? more SUPPORTERs
    And 444 Omastar is heavily overkill
  8. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Huh? I never ran plox, or G&G, or whatever.... I've always run garch.... :confused: I realy don't understand what you are trying to say here.............
  9. Yoshi-

    Yoshi- New Member

    I've been using decks with ~28 pokemon pretty sucessfully the entire season.
    So pls don't speak as if it would be totally noobish to use more than 24 pkmn^^
  10. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    ^ Good job! :thumb: Are you going to us nats? I'd like to see your deck. ( This thing should probably stay on topic, so PM me about it.)
  11. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    Yoshi- Well I had 3 Rare Candy in the deck but have taken them out...I found they were being more dead cards than helpful (I was mainly playing baltoy and candy a claydol the same turn), Omastar evolves fast and yes I know there will be a time I need to play Helix Fossil and Omastar the same turn but chance have to take at moment, Empoleon is only thing that really the Candy helps on and I may add the Rare Candy back when I not in my area...however several people at my league have seen my deck like it and want to do something of their own with Omastar so the option not to play Candy is also a local Metagame decision.
    More Trainers and Supporters hmmm well I agree normally in most decks I play 20+ of them but I need Wager to be drawn so 4 is a must (it also works early in the game if get bad opening draw.) Bebe's and DuskBall help get whatever Pokemon I may need and Night Maintenance gets stuff from discard pile....The line I use has been giving me what I need when I need it with 3-3 Claydol and 4 Wager I have been good on card drawing, Roseanne's Research and option but it dont get the Fossil and dont want to play to many Trainers with Kubatops making a small showing in my area (again a metagame decision), thought maybe Fossil Excavator and shortening the Omastar line but as you know tweaking decks getting advice and playing is always an on going thing in the wonderful world of CCGs.

    Garch- well it does beat G&G all I can say is build it play it and test it for yourself. I am only 4-0 against it but to be fair those were good players that know the deck not just random scrubs who got the cards and tried it. I agree 30 pokemon is alot and normally do play more trainers/supporters but til I see a weakness in this version of the deck or hear a good idea its been working so not sure what to fix if not been broken....but always open for things that maybe I dont see. I can PM you if like.

    Thanks and keep comments comming
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