My Nats Report...Ugh

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by poke_master2008, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member


    Okay so i end up going up to Nats with Heidi C. and family (Cept Eric cuz he flew up).

    I get to her house sunday at like 5pm and we end up leaving at like 11pm so somewhere around there..We drive all the way from FL to Sandusky cuz we are going to Cedar Point. So we get there monday st sometime in the afternoon or such. So Tuesday we go to cedar point (I HATE....absolutely HATE roller coasters) but Orion ends up trying to pull me onto a ride and when i go to walk away i step on his sandle and he dislocates his knee (Hence why he was in the Wheel Chair for those who didnt know). So they leave then wednesday we leave for Columbus and get there around 3pm and i go get my badge and all that good stuff.

    Thursday comes and i play in the modified little tourny running Mothim (MD)/Wormadam w/ x4 Cess Crystal and x3 Crystal Beach (Mothim is a beast if you set up quick enough) and go 4-3 i think (i forget)

    Friday comes and i run Eeveeultions w/ 1-1 Trode to help with poleon matchups and i go like 4-2 drop (i told myself if i got to 2 losses i would drop cuz i was bored) but decided to run Eeveeultions w/ 1-1 Raichu (MD) tech (better than trode cuz it doesnt kill itself but can still OHKO Poleon and has free retreat) for Nats

    Round 1: Some guy playing fossils

    Over in 3 turns thanks to leafeon/Leafeon Lv.X (Weakness owns lol)

    Round 2: Someone playing G&G

    I start with Jirachi EX and attach call and get eevee and baltoy...he starts with Cress (GE)
    T2 i roseannes for Unown Q and Psychic (he used warp and i sent up eevee)...attach Q to eevee attach psy to jirachi EX, Lake boundary, plus power GG

    Lunch Break and its just hard to believe i'm undefeated so far

    Round 3: Someone playing Empoleon i think

    I dont remember what happens but i start with Holon's Castform but also a call and in the end i <3 Lake Boundary and Jolteon

    Round 4: Someone playing something

    I dont remember what happened but i end up winning

    I'm like freaking out kinda cuz i'm 4-0 and on my way to top cuts....

    Round 5: Michael M. playing empoleon/bronzong

    I Misplayed horriblely almost all game (also this is my first game i dont start with call energy) and i had the chance to KO his bronzong with jolteon (has a casty attached to it) but i roseannes for an eevee and attach a water to it instead of my jolteon (UGH i was MAD at myself) but it comes down to my last turn...1-1 on prizes and if i top-deck a Jolteon/Bebe's Search/ or Celio's Network then i win cuz i have a eevee active with a water energy and DRE in my hand going against an empo with Lake Boundary in play but i top deck Leaf X FTL..

    So i'm disappointed but i still have a chance...

    Round 6: Billy K. playing Blissey/Clefable

    Ugh i F'en hate tiem limits after this match...Blissey is the worst matchup cuz of the High HP and fighting weakness (there are no fighting eeveeultion to help)..He gets out quick Cess which hurts cuz Claydol is my only source of draw but in the end time is called when he has 1 prize left and i have 3 but if we were to play it out i would have won...ugh

    So i start 4-0 now i'm 4-2 and getting REALLY ticked cuz i'm 4-0 when i start with call and 0-2 when i dont....

    Round 7: Jimmy B. using BanBliss

    He gets T1 (i go first and start with Unown Q and no call) Cess and Crystal Beach and the only energy i see all game is Scramble....WTF!!!

    So by this time i just dont care cuz i need to win the rest of my matchs to MAYBE make top cut and i just want to drop but league friends persuade me to do one more round....

    Round 8: Some guy playing G&G w/ Palkia X

    I mulligan 3 times...every time was a god hand...Every hand was Claydol/Call/One Eeveeultion/DRE but no basic and when i do get basic i just dont care....My opening hand is...4 Energy (no call), Claydol, Flareon, Holon Castform...So i TRY to play it out but i just can't cuz of all the BS hands i get

    So the last match doesnt even finish i just concede, sign slip, drop, wish Bobby M. good luck and go back to the hotel room (but after i calm down i go back and find out Eric and Orion both make top cuts)


    Massaging Bobby's shoulders inbetween rounds which completely flips him out LOL
    Seeing Ryan and Kyle S. again
    Your grandpa looking cute - This is for Ryan
    Your Grandpa looking cute in short shorts - Also for Ryan
    Going 4-0 before getting hands that suck more than anything
    Buying TONS of Bleach stuff for my room...Oh yeah
    Hurting Orion (even tho its a bad thing also) which somehow gives him the luck to win Nats


    Going 0-4 after starting 4-0
    Having to drop from Nats cuz i'm too ticked off
    Spending a lot of money
    Not making Top Cuts
    Hurting Orion (but he won nats so its okay i guess???)

    Just want to thank Heidi again for taking me as i had a blast.
  2. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Hey Shawn. Sorry you got bad luck after your impressive 4-0 sweep. I'm glad to hear you all had a good time... I really wish i could have been there. Hope to see you this weekend.
  3. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Yeah i shoudl be there this weekend...but gosh 0-4 after starting 4-0...i was so ticked off cuz i got nothing but holon castform or jirachi EX or unown Q and garbage
  4. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    True that, dude! Nice deck, though! I like it, I wished I would have played Glaceon, that I built the night before! I just went with what I had MORE Experience with!
  5. twitchy lv x

    twitchy lv x New Member

    good job, tough shawny boy,i told you that your record was too early, but i guess ill see u at world since we live like close to it,lol,YES FL!!
  6. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Ugh i'm like sooo grinder bound...20 mins away....i knew i loved FL for a reason

    That and cuz of Bobby M. <3 LOL
  7. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    I didn't think you misplayed that much. :p

    BTW, playing down that Jirachi ex was a bad idea against my deck. lol
  8. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    I misplayed more than i showed....
  9. Apache

    Apache New Member

    I've never seen Orion out of a wheelchair before...good job. :)
  10. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Your very good at making it look like you weren't misplaying then. lol

    The big one I saw was forgetting that Bronzong reduced by 20 with Coating, and missing the KO by 10 dmg. In the end it was that Jirachi ex that you played down that let me win.
  11. UGH i wish you werent such a roller coaster baby, then i wouldda been able to walk for the best week of every year ='(

    GJ tho over all, 4-0 is pretty good in masters
  12. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    lol just keeping tradition (except nats this year)

    Yeah i know that was horrible but hey everyone makes mistakes oh well...

    Eh i should have dropped after then (looking at rankings for matches cuz then i would have been in the 30s in NA) but i tried for top cuts....oh well....i had fun...

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