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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by number_one_pokemon, Mar 14, 2004.

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    number_one_pokemon New Member

    hey everyone i have this new deck idea and i put it together and i would like some help on it please i just played in the pre release of ta/tm i have a deck idea from the new cards so here it is


    1-ta-manectric(with poke power ) i want to get more of these
    2-ta-electrike(with self charge) i want to get one more
    1-ta-carvanha(poke body)
    2-ta-sharpedo(aqua smash)
    1-ta-sharpedo(the two type one ) i don't know which one is better
    3-lotad(poke body) put that in there just to be anoying
    3-growlithe(poke body) i put this in for the states effect


    1-mr. briney'y compassion (i might want to put more what do you think)
    3-moo-moo milk
    2-crystal shard (just for raquza)
    3-team aqua conspirator
    3-team aqua technical machine 01 (i put that in there for the states effect)
    1-team aqua belt ( i think i might want to put more in what do you think)
    1-team aqua ball
    2-dual ball (untill i get more team aqua ball's)
    3-team aqua schemer (for draw power)
    3-energy restore (to get back energy's)
    1-pro. oak's research (more draw power)
    3-pokemon nurse (healing power and to be anoying)


    so what do you think of this deck i can use all of the help i can get right now on this deck i know it need's some work so give me some help thank's
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