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  1. DL24

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    Hey, I doing a preliminary defense paper on weather or not Michael Jordan changed/ revolutionized the NBA for my thesis class. I know this is super random, but I'm at a rock right now.:confused: I'm almost set on why he did. I just need some ideas/ reasons on why/how he did not. I would very much appriciate it!:redface:
  2. homeofmew

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    Michael Jordan is a name that most everyone know in the United States. He even has his own shoe brand thing (Air Jordan). He was in a movie ( Space Jam)

    Jordan won numerous awards and set many records during his career. The following are some of his achievements:
    • 14 time All-Star
    • Olympic Gold Medalist—1984, 1992
    • Five time MVP—1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998
    • 7 time The Sporting News MVP
    • Rookie of the Year—1984
    • Defensive Player of the Year—1988
    • 11 times All-NBA—10 times first team, 1 time second team
    • 9 time All-Defensive First Team
    • Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year"—1991
    • Named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996
    • Most scoring titles—10
    • Most NBA Finals MVP awards—6
    • Highest career scoring average—30.12
    • Highest career scoring average playoffs—33.45
    • Most consecutive games scoring in double figures—866
    • Highest single series scoring average NBA Finals—41.0 (1993)
    Source: Wikipedia ~ You probably can't use Wikipedia as a source for school;
    however I am sure you can find the same information other places.
  3. bullados

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    Counter question: What did he do to change the game? Make the guard matter? Magic already did that. Lead a team as a guard? Magic again. Noncenter? Bird and Magic. "flying"? Look up Dr. J.

    Amazing player, possibly the best player of all time. Not sure if he revolutionized the game, as the Center position is, once again, the most dominant position in the game (Shaq, Duncan, Wallace), and it was for the two years he was out (Dream). The only time that the Center was NOT the most dominant position in the game was during the middle to late 80s and the early to middle 90s, also known as the Magic, Bird, and Jordan eras. Otherwise, the game has always been dominated by big men.
  4. DL24

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    That helps, thanks

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