Neutral Ground Pokemon Tournament

Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by dtrain, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Hey everyone. So Tony is holding a box tournament. The top 2 will split a box of Great Encounters. Be sure to bring your modified deck (HP-GE).

    Date: 2/16
    Time: 12pm
    Entry: $10
  2. Acril

    Acril New Member

    I'm surprised ya got no far, who wants to go?
  3. KingOfKings715

    KingOfKings715 New Member

    cause i wont be there, no point to go XD

    Honestly yea i havent even heard of it till now, very surprizing that its not a big thing.
  4. Acril

    Acril New Member

    I understand we got pop packs and what not just for showing up at the last tourney, but that was $3. $10 seems a bit steep to me, I know there will be some reluctance for people to go because of only top 2 getting prizes.

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this tourney didn't get off the ground come tomorrow, I don't know anyone that would pay $10 just for a chance to split a box unless they KNOW they can do really well due to past experience.
  5. Kingpin

    Kingpin New Member

    I was there. But only 6 people (Myself included) took part in the event, 2 fron each age group.

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