New England Regionals (MA) Metagame

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Hamster, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. Hamster

    Hamster New Member

    I'm considering traveling to Massachusetts this year for regionals and I was wondering what the metagame is like up there. From the "What Won States" thread, it appears SP and Gyarados are popular. Is VileGar played in significant numbers or should I not expect to see it? Also, how many swiss rounds were there at the 2010 New England regionals?
  2. Scorpidad

    Scorpidad New Member

    At Mass States it was SP and Gyarados, then more of the same. VileGar and LostGar where in the minority. All the SP bases were covered, more LuxChomp, followed by DialgaChomp then a couple LockWhatever SP decks people decided to run.

    At States a lot of the decks were built to beat anything Gar, and those techs were never used. They will likely get removed for Regionals thus leaving the door open for Gengar.
  3. BlueShuckle

    BlueShuckle New Member

    Yeah, lots of Gdos and Luxchomp, just like at cities. There were 7 rounds at Mass states.
  4. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    I saw Jumpluff, Dusknior, and lots of Vilegar and Luxchomp. Be prepared.

    Where are the NE regionals anyway? I think they're in Natick or something...
  5. Hamster

    Hamster New Member

  6. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Vileplume is only high in New England Seniors. There isn't nearly as many in masters.
  7. Cirrus

    Cirrus New Member

    At CT it was a lot of Luxchonp and dialga Variants, Gyarados and some odd rogues (abomasnow what? lol and jumpluff shenanigans, i played against a Usaring deck and a Dustox/Beatifly deck), 3 people played Gengar variants so those nifty techs people put in were just wasted space lol.
  8. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Jumpluff shenanigans is awesome, expect to see it at Regionals!!
  9. ashinto

    ashinto Active Member

    Luxchomp is huge here. I mean, huge. I think in CT, it took all top 4 spots in masters (though I may be wrong, I definately know that it at least won) and was very popular in MA. Gyarados is popular here too, along with Diaglachomp. But as many others said, be prepared for wierd decks like jumpluff and abomasnow. Heck I saw a couple Tangrowth builds there too.
  10. Cirrus

    Cirrus New Member

    T4 in CT was Luxraym Gyarados, sablock and eitehr the other lux or one of teh other gyarados, don't remember, and the T8 I think was 2 luxray, 3 gyarados, abomasnow w/ kingdra, lostgar, and a sablelock so it definitely didn't take all 4 lol. Though it did win.

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