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Discussion in 'Pokemon Rumble' started by djjoe227, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. djjoe227

    djjoe227 New Member

    I thought of this format a little while ago, let me know what you guys think.

    Pokemon Rumble, for this format, plays as normal, but with a few changes.

    1) Begin the game with 25 of EACH BASIC Energy on the side.

    2) Begin the game as normal. On each dice roll, rather than use a pokemon's attacks based on the roll, you store that energy on a choice pokemon. The turn order is as follows:

    1. Roll the Energy Dice.
    2. Choose a Pokemon in Play
    3. Attach Energy Cards to that Pokemon that correspond to the Die Roll
    4. If a Rainbow Energy is rolled, select an Energy Type of your choice and attach it.
    5. The "- - - -" rule is still in effect, and "-" rolls count as no energy as normal.
    6. You may choose an attack of the selected Pokemon. If you do, remove energy equal to attack's energy cost.
    7. Roll the direction die. Apply the attack, and follow through with any attack effects.

    These new rules enable a widespread range of cards to be played, This was the best I could come up with to allow cards with ridiculous attack costs to be played, such as Steelix Prime (Who otherwise can only do one attack) and most of the SL from Call of Legends. Rayquaza, for example, can be played to not only do it's attack, but if there are extra energy to discard, you discard the extra (since you're already discarding for the attack cost).
  2. LegendCallerL

    LegendCallerL Member

    I read this and immediately thought Dungeon Dice Monsters.

    Anyway, it is an interesting idea that I think I'll try at league.
  3. Giratinamaster

    Giratinamaster New Member

    At my league we say that you can have 2 cards either 2 basic energy or 1 basic and 1 heal item or 1 sepical energy

    and it work very well and if so funny too

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