New Hampshire State Championship 3/1/2008

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    New Hampshire State Championship 2008


    Location: Londonderry, NH
    Store: The Game Castle
    Store Owner: Joe & Karen Kwiatkowski
    Date: 3/1/2008
    Premiere Tournament Organizer: Tom Shea

    Head Judge: Steve Arena
    Judges: Bob and Ben Krupa
    Deck Check Helper: Dave Cox
    Registration and Computer Entry: Judy Shea & Patty Lefavour
    Raffle Prize Helper: Rebecca A

    Weather for the Day: Snowstorm Friday night into most of the day on Saturday. Londonderry, NH got about 8-10 inches. Roads were in fair condition for traveling!! Thanks to everyone who weathered the storm to attend today! So glad everyone made it to and from safely!

    HUGE Thanks goes out to all of the league leaders for getting the email loop going to confirm with everyone on Friday that this event would still take place despite the storm that arrived later that night.


    Masters: 32 playing 5 rounds cutting to T8
    Seniors: 18 playing 4 rounds cutting to T4 (note: At start of event, only 16 players were registered thus the 4 rounds, 2 players arrived late, otherwise would have been 5 rounds with 18 in attendance)
    Juniors: 18 playing 5 rounds cutting to T4
    Total: 68 players


    Final Standings after 5 rounds of Swiss
    1. Thomas A
    2. Tucker M
    3. James M
    4. Danny S
    5. Jonathan K
    6. Warren A
    7. Kinley O
    8. Noah L

    T4 (round 6)
    1 vs 4: Thomas vs Danny Thomas wins
    2 vs 3: Tucker vs James Tucker wins

    T4 (round 7)
    1 vs 2 Thomas vs Tucker Thomas wins
    3 vs 4 James vs Danny Danny wins

    Final Standings After Top Cut
    1.Thomas A
    2. Tucker M
    3. Danny S
    4. James M


    Final Standings after 4 rounds of Swiss
    1. Dylan L
    2. Nick K
    3. Nathaniel L
    4. Chris K
    5. Eric A
    6. Jordain H-B
    7. Peter M
    8. Colton O

    T4 (round 5)
    1 vs 4: Dylan vs Chris Dylan wins
    2 vs 3: Nick vs Nathaniel Nick wins

    T4 (round 6)
    1 vs 2 Dylan vs Nick Dylan wins
    3 vs 4 Chris vs Nathaniel Chris wins

    Final Standings after Top Cut
    1. Dylan L
    2. Nick K
    3. Chris K
    4. Nathaniel L


    Final Standings after 5 rounds of Swiss
    1. Adam Y
    2. Tyler J
    3. Andrew C
    4. Gino R
    5. Matt A
    6. Jeremy J
    7. Gary L
    8. Con L

    T8 (round 6)
    1 vs 8: Adam vs Con Con wins
    2 vs 7: Tyler vs Gary Tyler wins
    3 vs 6: Andrew vs Jeremy Andrew wins
    4 vs 5: Gino vs Matt Matt wins

    T4 (round 7)
    Con vs Matt Con wins
    Andrew vs Tyler Tyler wins

    T4 (round 8)
    Con vs Tyler Con wins
    Matt vs Andrew Matt wins

    Final Standings after Top Cut
    1. Con L
    2. Tyler J
    3. Matt A
    4. Andrew C

    To POP for such generous Prize structure, travel allowance for Nationals, Origins Pass, Lots of booster packs!, Beautiful Trophies, Very Cool Hats and Awesome Tote Bags!
    To so many people for arriving on time despite the weather!
    To Joe and Karen for having the store set up and ready for us when we got there.
    To Tom & Judy for bringing extra tables from your store. THANKS!
    To John L for bringing 2 tables from home for the parents.
    To a fabulous bunch of players!!
    To players and parents having Fun and playing hard and fair!
    To the store owners for selling pizza, muffins and those adorable Pokemon pops!
    To Judges and Staff for keeping the event running on-time and smoothly.
    To players for cleaning up after themselves. (throwing away trash etc.)

    Needs Improvement:
    Handwriting on registration slips. It may be mis-read and entered incorrectly. Please use more care in writing numbers especially.
    Handwriting on decklists. Use the online resources that can be typed (just delete what is there and type in your own information)
    Place your own damage counters/dice on your own Pokemon.

    Raffle Prizes:
    Thanks to Rebecca A for helping Patty with the raffle prizes.
    Thanks to the Arena's, Mary E, and Patty L for such great raffle prizes. Fun Stuff!

    I probably missed something, so feel free to post if I did! Would love to hear how everyone else felt about the event. Please be sure to post feedback for the event at

    I will NOT post decks, so do not ask.

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    03/02/2008, 01:41 PM

    NH States & RI States


    Hello everyone

    Judy and I wanted to thank everyone who attended both NH and RI states this past weekend. It is especially gratifying to see players support events in bad weather.

    Good luck next week at MA and NY

    Tom Shea
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