New SSBB Tourney Round 2 pairings up

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Vengence Dragon, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    Ok pretty Simple Guide Lines

    1. 4 Stock
    2. No items
    3. double Elimination
    4.Time Limit 6 minutes
    5. best of 3 games
    6. After each round I will knock out the losers of each Match and shuffle up the pairings.
    7. There will be a loser's bracket so we can determine the places better.

    Top Tier Stages (reccomended)

    1. Final Destination
    2. BattleField
    3. Smashville

    Note: you can pick any other stage however both players must agree on it.

    I am looking for only 16 people (hopefully achievable) for the first tourney. Hopefully the players that are knocked out from the other smash tourney can join.

    FCs and records
    x = lost 1 xx = lost 2 knocked out
    1.Vengence Dragon 2148-7835-8918xx 0-2
    2. Awesome Latios (Matt) 3523 1725 6739 1-2
    3.Shadow Zangoose 4983-4640-7794 1-0 drop
    4. Juan Morales 0173-0980-1306 1-1 DROP)
    5. Espeonchris14 (kwis) 0130-1473-8043 2-1
    6. DarthPika (MP3) 1848-1420-6743 2-1
    7. mikeynumber1 (mike) 0989 1754 3592x 1-2
    8. Dragonspy900 2-1
    9. Super Tyranitar 2019-9423-6280 1-0 drop
    10.Chompy 3523-1698-4639 3-0
    11.Brawler1624 2-1
    12. Blitz101 043079916916 2-1
    13. Lazykid 1633-3968-1488x 0-2 DROP


    1.Chompy 3-0
    2.DragonSpy900 2-1
    3..EspeonChris14 2-1
    4Brawler1624 2-1
    5. DarthPika 2-1
    6. Blitz101 2-1

    These are your definate pairings, when more people enter I will make brackets for them. Although the tournament doesn't start till this Saturday, if both players agree you can get your matches done early.
    in red = loser in blue = winner

    Round 4




    deadline: September 5th
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2008
  2. AwesomeLatios

    AwesomeLatios New Member

    Ok, 3 stock, single elimination is fine, but you should add a time limit to it, like 6 minutes or so. Pit and R.O.B. do not deserve to be banned any more that several other people for various reaseon. But, no characters should be banned. As for stages, you should at least add Lylat cruise and SSBB Yoshi's Island to the default list, nothing special about them.

    JUAN MORALES New Member

    Yeah, banning characters is mildly stupid. Because they are unfair in your eyes?
    And you should at least wait for the other smash tourny to end before starting up yours.
  4. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    Pit isn't just in my eyes

    Pit is

    1. a light weight that can FLY
    2. he has a regular A spam
    3 a projectile spam
    4. he can fly so long that he can go under Final Destination and fly under it completely to come back on the other side
    5. he takes no skill to use, any noob can keep pressing A or stand on the other side of the stage and keep pressing B and when the opponent goes near him fly over to the other side. At least Metanight needs skill to use where if you press B at the wrong time you die.
    6. did I mention he can shoot arrows in mid air where no one can get him!

    If you don't see from this evidence that pit is unbalanced then you just like to use broken characters.

    and I am starting a new one because I want to play in one and they are taking forever to finish theirs. I might as well make a tourney for the people that are done. It doesn't interfere with the other one
  5. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    ill play in this.. and besides not alot of people play as pit..

    and it should be 7 mins 3 stock no items..

    *im used to that. XD*
  6. AwesomeLatios

    AwesomeLatios New Member

    Replies are in bold.
  7. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    I agree with AwesomeLatios, as pit does take skill to use.

    And trust me, AwesomeLatios is awesome with kirby, I just don't want to see a pot like his again.

    Sorry if I sound like a n00b, but how do you unlock smashville? I've never heard of it.
  8. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    I'll think about joining.

    The whole no items and limited stages thing kinda bugs me, AND if Pit is Banned, i will most likely not join.

    JMO, i'll post again if i decide to join
  9. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    what about smashville?
  10. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    smashville is the animal crossing stage.

    it isnt unlockable

    you should already have it.
  11. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    fine no banned characters but Awesome Latios put all of those qualities about Pit and tell me Pit isn't unbalanced versus every other character in the game.
  12. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Now I remember.:redface:

  13. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    So does anyone want to join.
  14. AwesomeLatios

    AwesomeLatios New Member

    Yeah I will. SSBB name is Matt, FC in sig.
  15. giligan

    giligan New Member

    Put me down!! i just gotta get my FC ill get it later
  16. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    I've beaten Pit with ROB without much of a problem. Pit isn't unbalanced, now someone like Sonic could almost be considered as such for being so fast.

    I'll be entering, I'll get my Friend Code up later, however.
  17. Shadow Zangoose

    Shadow Zangoose New Member

    I'm in. FC is 4983-4640-7794. I'd suggest upping the time limit to seven minutes, just for the record.

    JUAN MORALES New Member

    You watch too much Brawl Taunt videos sir.

    But yes, if you can't handle a spamming pit, then you arn't very good yourself.
    The most broken characters in the game are metaknight and Snake. Pit barely has any credit in a place where people play competive brawl.

    and awesome latios, I want to play your kirby with my kirby. :3
  19. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    so are you in or not Juan Morales

    and Super Tyranitar, do you know how hard it is to control sonic. a good sonic player could do really well, but getting to be a really good sonic player is very difficult.

    JUAN MORALES New Member

    Sure. Vengence Dragon. o_O

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