New Unlimited Deck - Jumping Jehosaphats!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Kyfogre22, Oct 21, 2003.

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  1. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    This is my fifth unlimited deck, but only the second that i have posted. here it is:

    Jumping Jehosaphats!
    Pokemon - 15
    4 Hoppip
    2 Skiploom AQ
    3 Jumpluff AQ
    2 Cleffa
    2 Qwilfish
    2 Scyther
    2 Scizor AQ

    Trainers - 29
    2 Gust of Wind
    2 Switch
    3 Focus Band
    3 Gold Berry
    2 Ecogym
    2 Super Energy Removal
    3 Prof. Oak
    3 Item Finder
    3 Computer Search
    2 Power Charge
    2 Rare Candy

    Energy - 16
    4 DCE
    4 Metal Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    4 Grass energy

    This deck works around Jumpluff, the √úberbaby. Not only can it do 0-60 for (G), half the time it doesn't get hurt. I can use rainbow energy to get fluff working as well as being able to attack. Scyther is a nice and cheap 30 or 60 damage, and can evolve into scizor if i run into a steel-type. Qwillfish is teched in there in case i run into a fire type, because both of its attacks are colourless, and Cleffa provides some efficent draw power. Focus band's keep my pokemon in play, even though most of them are quite durable.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2003
  2. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    Play some Rare Candy, seeing as Jumpluff only needs (G). Plus, Wailmer from SS probably beats Qwilfish...2 colorless for 20, with 80 HP. Anyway, this should make a good swarming deck...try to get some cards that search for Evolutions and just keep slamming then with the Jumpluff.
  3. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Captian Obvious, i don't see the point in putting rare candies in; evolutions come plenty fast. As for wailmer, all he has over qwilfish is the hp, but i'll look into him.
  4. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    Well, 2 turns is faster than 3 turns. Plus, you wouldn't have to risk leaing out a Hoppip mid-game. Oh, and with those Rainbows, you can make Wailmer do 30 and auto-sleep for just (w)(c)(c), which is nice...
  5. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Captain Oblivious, Wailmer takes two turns turns to inflict damage with its attack, but qwilfish can use his for a DcE on the first turn. Wailmer does pack a nice punch and a guaranteed sleep, but IMO the special condition wouldn't really make much help in this kind of deck; when i test it i might look into it though.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2003
  6. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    Heh, haven't seen anyone use that variation of my name before. ~_~

    Anyway, solid 20 is usually better than 10+. I don't know what Quilfish does though, but I doubt it's too great with a 10+ attack...tell me what it does, and I'll give my opinion after that.
  7. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    HEHEH SORRY ABOUT YOUR NAME, MY MISTAKE... lol. Now i feel stupid.

    Anyway, Qwilfish's first attack which is not a 10+ but just a 10 has a flip for poison, whereas his second attack is 20x and functions like continuous headbutt for (C)(C)
  8. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    Could be good, could be bad. Poison is one of my favorite status effects, so I kinda like this guy. Works to combat that Fire problem.

    Oh, and no problem about the name, a few people have done that. ^_^
  9. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Ok now that we cleared that problem up... any other suggestions?
  10. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Consider dropping a Grass Energy for a second Ecogym. Remember that many people will be running Stadium of their own, so if you only have one of your Stadium, it's going to be a lot harder for you to keep it in play. It would also probably help to find room for at least 2 Power Charge, so that if your Special Energy does get discarded, you at least have some chance of getting it back. Rare Candy, which has been suggested before, would probably help, too. Try dropping 2 Skiploom for them. A turn 2 Jumpluff is far better than a turn 3 Jumpluff. Remember that a Sneasel deck is ready for its first Beat Up on turn 2 unless it gets a horrible start.
  11. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    hmm... true. Heres my change:

    -1 Grass Energy
    +1 Ecogym
    -1 Skiploom
    -1 SER
    +2 Rare Candy

    Also, I am looking for anyone to playtest w/ me over AIM (apprentice doesn't go online for me :\), my AIM is kyfogre22.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2003
  12. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    made another change:

    -2 lass
    +2 Power Charge
  13. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    After getting flattened twice in a tourney due to a lack of jumpluffs and too many cleffa's, i Decided to make this change.

    -1 Cleffa
    +1 Jumpluff
  14. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    This deck sounds fun, I might try it. Jumpluff, the super baby!

    Although you are hurting yourself by having SER in with Eco Gym. Maybe try Sprout Tower to go against those Clefable Decks?
  15. ShadowCacnea

    ShadowCacnea New Member

    put in something like Wally's Training to help search for evos really fast.
  16. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    hmm... i like to stay away from supporters, especially in unlimited.
  17. ShadowCacnea

    ShadowCacnea New Member

    true, I guess. Forgot this was an unlimited deck.
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