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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Kyfogre22, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Me and my friends sat down and came up with something that you could call a different format, but its more of a playing style. Its a game where groups of people (4-6) play in one game of pure chaos.

    The game works like this:
    What is Chaos unlimited?
    Chaos unlimited is a format that me and a few other people made up. It is not an official format and is for fun. The idea is a match where four to six people play in a free-for-all match.

    Basic Rule Changes in Chaos Unlimited
    • All players do not draw on their first turn, or the first wave.
    • Offensive trainers can only affect one player. (Ex. With Imposter Oak’s Revenge is activated, you select a target. That player discards their hand and draws four cards.)
    • When using an attack that calculates bench totals (ex. Rocket's Meowth), you select one player’s playing field to apply instead of applying all fields.
    • When a player draws all of their prizes, they are the winner. However, the game still continues, and this player remains in the game. The player who has drawn all of their prizes tries to eliminate all other players so he/she is the sole winner instead of sharing it with more than one person.

    Card Bannings and ruling changes
    • Slowking
    • Pichu (Poke-power zapper)
    • Fossil Aerodactyl

    So far, the rules for all cards have remained the same, but these cards are not legal in play.

    How to play
    Note: this format is easiest played when you already know how to play P:TCG.
    This game is for four or more players.
    Start the game as usual by drawing 7 cards. If this is the first wave (A wave is a period that all players play), no one draws a card. IF this is not the first wave, draw a card as usual.
    Attacking an opponent is simple. If the card does not:

    Attack ALL pokemon – this attacks all pokemon
    Attack all Defending pokemon – this attacks all defending pokemon
    Attack all of your opponent’s benched pokemon – attacks all of your opponent’s pokemon

    You select a pokemon of any one of your opponent’s pokemon.

    Winning is the same as a normal game; draw all of your prizes. But, unlike a normal game, you remain playing after you win. After you draw all of your prizes, your job is to prevent everyone else from drawing their prizes, because if they draw their prizes as well they also win. When your prizes are drawn, attack as usual except when you knock out a pokemon, draw a card. The game ends when A) 50% of the players draw their prizes or B) All players except the one who has drawn all of his/her prizes have no basic pokemon remaining.
    If there is no winner at this point, all players shuffle their hands into their respective decks and draw four cards. They play a normal game with one prize only, except once one player draws their prize, the game is over.

    Of course, there are still many bugs in the system as it is a format that we just made up, but anyone interested in trying it can contact me in AIM. We are planning on playing a session or two as playtesting of sorts. My aim is Kyfogre22 if your interested. Improvements and comments are welcome. Thanks.
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  2. Skantid

    Skantid New Member

    Sneasel isn't a valid example. According to my cards (which are in Spanish, so it could be just a translation error):
    (D)(D) Beat Up 20x
    Flip a coin for each pokémon
    you have in play (including this one). This attack does 20 times the number of heads.
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Did I not try to tell you that over AIM? A better example would have been Team Rocket's Meowth.
    That's actually a very exact translation, Skantid -- other than missing the word "damage" in the second sentence and capitalizing Pokemon, that is the exact wording of English-language versions of the card.
  4. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    true, your correct. ill edit my post. Just a little bit of confusion
  5. Skantid

    Skantid New Member

    My errors were because Spanish cards say "Pokémon" with a capital P, and they don't use the word "daño"(damage) anywhere. I only made a literal translation... Anyway, my English isn't as bad as I thought...
    I've played a similar format, called Unlimited War, the only differences are the lack of prizes on Unlimited War (you simply lose when you haven't any pokémon or when you're out of cards) and that Wiggly is the only banned card.
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