New Zealand National Champs

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Master_Prof_Juggie, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. Master_Prof_Juggie

    Master_Prof_Juggie New Member


    The New Zealand National Champs, complete with a trip for the OVERALL winner ONLY (at this stage) will take place over 1st & 2nd May 2004.

    ALL players are welcome, but only a New Zealand resident will be awarded the trip.

    Format is Unlimited, with Ancient Mew & Birthday Pikachu the only banned cards, apart from fakes of course.

    Approx 18 Age modified Swiss rounds leading into top 16 playoffs, regardless of age group.

    Semi's & Final will be best of 3 match.

    More information on my website ...

    I would also like to say a big congrats to John Copeland of Wellington, New Zealand in being the #1 POP ranked Unlimited format player in the World at the time of posting this message. :thumb:
  2. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Congrats on securing the event and prize


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