Niles, IL R/S challenge report

Discussion in 'Archive' started by yoshi1001, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    Yes, I went to the Niles R/S challenge. Here is my report.

    After going around looking for the place (why no sign?), I finally find pastimes. I didn't plan on playing in the GB portion, but I borrowed some Pokemon from somebody (thank you!).

    Sealed: I got a Mewtwo EX, but not enough psychic Pokemon to use it. Here is my deck:

    Pokemon: 18
    2x Treecko (poison breath)
    1x Grovyle (Swift)
    1x Grovyle (Slash)
    1x Sceptile (Energy Trans)
    1x Koffing
    1x Weezing
    2x Zigzagoon (Fury Swipes)
    1x Linoone (Seek out)
    3x Aron (gnaw)
    1x Lairon (Magnitude)
    1x Lairon (Metal Claw)
    1x Goldeen
    1x Carvanha
    1x Nosepass

    Trainers: 5
    2x Switch
    1x Energy Search
    1x Lady Outing
    1x Energy Restore

    Energy: 17
    1x Metal Energy
    16x Grass Energy

    Round 1: TCG

    Using the Sceptile line, I knock out several of his Pokemon. Then Larion finishes him off.

    Round 2: GBA

    I use Starmie and Cradidly to knock out his Pokemon.

    Round 3: GBA

    I thought I was gonna lose this one, but I get lucky earthquake in on my opponent's Blaziken for the KO.

    Round 4: TCG

    My opponent gets a quick Mewtwo EX and proceeds to pummel me.

    Round 5: GBA

    My opponent decimates me with his Latios

    Round 6: GBA

    I lose yet again.

    Final result 8 points, good for 8th place in my division. I leave with 10 packs and some interviews for PIRN.
  2. ILubAzureHeights

    ILubAzureHeights New Member

    yoshi! hey nice to see uve posted a mini-log ;)

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