Nimbuskids H TTar Prime,W Scizor

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by NimbusKid, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member



    x2 Crobat
    x1 Slowking
    x2 Espeon
    x2 Raichu
    x1 Ampharos
    x1 Donphan
    x1 Umbreon
    x1 Houndoom
    x1 Steelix
    x2 Typhlosion
    x2 Ursaring

    Level x

    x1 Floatzle level x


    Black & white rares-
    x1 Dramantian
    x1 Boufalant(Revenge)
    x1 Scrafty
    x1 Sawk(RH)
    x1 Throh(RH)
    x1 Lepierd

    x`1 feraligator(starter rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x2 Golduck(Triumphent)
    x1 Luvdisc
    x3 Mamoswine(starter rare)
    x1 Palkia
    x1 wailord(triumphent)
    x4 Gyarados(2 from starter, one is holo rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x1 Empleon
    x3 Poliwrath
    x1 Poliwrath
    x1 Suicune(tin promo)
    x1 suicune(tin promo with pokepower)
    x4 Floatzel SP(3 RH)
    x1 Glalie(burgerking promo)
    x3 Octillery
    x1 Azumarill(hg&ss)
    x3 lapras(promo)
    x1 lapras(hgss)
    x3 Lapras(fossil)(all foil)

    x2 Meganium(starter rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x1 Venusaur(supreme victors)
    x2 Bellossom(undaunted)
    x2 Tangrowth(c.o.l.)
    x1 Leafeon(majestic dawn)
    x1 butterfree(hgss)
    x1 cherrim(arceus)
    x1 Torterra(majestic dawn)
    x1 Torterra(platnuim)
    x1 carnivine(triumphent)
    x2 Venomoth(triumphent)
    x1 Yanmega sp
    x1 Heracross sp(foil)
    X1 Shuckle(hgss)
    x3 Vileplume(Undaunted,One is reverse foil)

    x1 Arceus(Fire)
    x1 Magmotar(hgss)
    x2 Magmotar(triumphent one is foil)
    x1 rapidash(triumphent)
    x1 Charizard(storm front)
    x5 Typholsion(starter rare,one is alt pic from c.o.l)
    x1 Blaziken(promo)
    x2 Infernape(platnium)
    x2 Magcargo(undaunted)
    x1 Arnine(hgss)
    x1 Camerupt SP

    x1 Crobat(unleashed)
    x2 Gallad sp
    x1 Weezing(c.o.l)
    x1 Banette(unleashed)
    x1 mr mime(c.o.l.)
    x2 Banette(triumpet)
    x1 Mismagius(undaunted)
    x1 Mismagius(unleased)
    x2 Mismagius( c.o.l.)
    x1 Grumpig(Triumphent)
    x1 Nidoqueen(Triumphent)
    x1 Exeggutor(hgss)
    x1 Hypno(hhss foil)
    x1 Drifblim(undaunted)
    x1 smoochem(hgss)

    x2 umbreon(undaunted starter rare)
    x1 umbreon(col)
    x2 Tyranitar(unleased)
    x1 Darkrai Sp
    x1 Honchkrow(supreme)
    x2 Honchkrow(undaunted)
    x1 Honchkrow(undaunted, blindside)

    x1 Forretress(undaunted)
    x1 Forretres(undauntd holo rare)
    x2 Scizor(undaunted foil rare)
    x2 Metagross(rare undaunted)
    x2 Metagross(promo)
    x1 mawile(supreme victors)
    x2 Skarmory(undaunted, one is alt pic from col)

    x2 Raichu(hgss)
    x1 Pikachu(promo, with recharge and thunderbolt)
    x1 rotom(undaunted)
    x2 Parischu(COL)
    x1 Wash Rotom

    x3 Nidoking(truimphent starter rare)
    x2 Solrock(truimphent)
    x1 suddowoodo(unleased)
    x1 Probopass(legends awake)
    x1 Gliscor(undaunted)

    x1 Altaria(platnium)
    x4 porygon(hgss promo)
    x4 prygon 2 (hgss promo)
    x1 Poryhon 2(triumphent)
    x1 Porygon-z(Triumphent)
    x1 Snorlax(rising rivals)(reverse foil)
    x1 Snorlax(col)
    x4 hoothoot(hgss promo)
    x4 Noctowl(hgss promo)
    x1 Ursaring(unleashed)
    x2 Granbull(col)
    x1 Fearow(unleashed)
    x1 Togekiss(undaunted)
    x1 Farfetch'd(hgss)
    x1 Clefable(col foil)
    x1 Igglybuff(crystal gaurdians)
    x1 wigglytuff(crystal gaurdians)
    x2 Ambipom(triumphent)
    x1 Slaking(platnium)
    x1 Flygon(rising rivals)
    x2 dodrio(undaunted)
    x3 snorlax(All RH)
    x1 Rayquaza SP

    WoTC(old pokemon)
    x3 brock
    x3 koga(one is japanesse)
    x2 Brock's Onix
    x2 magnemite(steel)(neo)
    x1 hotmonlee fossil
    x3 kabutops(foil)(one is japan)(fossil)
    x2 hitmontop(neo promo)
    x7 mew(base promo)
    x1 aerodactly(foissl)
    x1 cleffa(promo)
    x1 rockets hitmonchan
    x3 ninetails(base)(foil)
    x1 dark weezing
    x1 Clefairy(base)
    x1 Togepi(neo promo)
    x1 Chansey(base)
    x4 Lapras(all foil)(fossil)
    x2 Seadra(pre release promo)
    x2 misty's gyardos

    xX Water and fire league foil

    Wants(Bold Indicate HIGH WANTS)-

    x4 Shinny Suicune(COL)
    X2 Full Suicune & Entei Legend
    x2 Scizor Prime
    x1 Tyranitar Prime
    x1 Grouden & Kyroge Legend

    x2 Umbreon(C.O.L.)
    x8 Double Colorless Energy
    x6 Rainbow Energy

    Deal Sweetners(Just looking for the folowing below to finish my set of Trainers ect.)
    x4 Judge
    x2 Copycat
    x3 Seeker
    x4 pokegear 3.0
    x1 Pokemon COllector
    x3 Engineers Adjustments
    x3 Burned Tower
    x2 Flower Shop Lady
    x3 Team Rockets Trickery
    x3 Lost Remover
    x4 Research Record
    x4 Professor Juniper
    x2 Rare Candy(HGSS VERSION ONLY)
    Last edited: May 15, 2011
  2. pokepatfan

    pokepatfan New Member

    how about

    Your: shaymin lv.x

    my: machamp prime
    3x Cynthias feelings
    2x roseanne's research

    lmk thaNKS
  3. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    4 rainbow energy
    1 holo fire col energy
    1 warp energy
    2 cyclone energy
    1 lp felicitys drwing
    2 roseannes reseach

    espeon prime
    umbreon prime
    crobat prime
    steelix prime

    LMK or counter thanks
  4. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have deleted your rule that others out of the country must send first or same time. Gym rules state lowest refs send first.
  5. koolkidkaz

    koolkidkaz New Member

    Scyther Reprint

    Celebi P
  6. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    my 2x roseann research 1x rainbow energy 1x donphan prime

    your blaziken fb and blaziken fb lvl x

    lmk thanks
  7. pokfan

    pokfan New Member

    cml for steelix please
  8. gyarados35

    gyarados35 New Member

    would you do ursaring prime and some thing small for steelix prime
  9. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Hi if you could check my list for Infernape 4 X and raichu Prime?
  10. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member

    pokepatfan-sorry dude dont need the machamps anymore
    drifloonkill-no thanks
    koolkidkaz-is there any way youll get rid of that urasring prime ?
    chopemdown-no thanks
    pokfan and gyrados35- sorry guys i juuuust built a deck with can trade him now sorry!
    chiapet- intrested in trade lmk if you still want to
  11. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    How about My:

    2X Gyarados SF

    For Your:

    1X Raichu LV.x

    LMK thanks!!!
  12. pokepatfan

    pokepatfan New Member

    how about

    Your: shaymin lv.x

    my: donphan prime
    3x Cynthias feelings
    2x roseanne's research
  13. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    CML for your Houndoom Prime and 2x Crobat prime
  14. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member

    for some reason- do you have any scizor prime?
    pokepatfan- il have to pass man sorry need alittle more for that level x
    rubc-didnt see anything unless you wanted to let that blazkin level x go
    thanks guys!
  15. ohskowboy7

    ohskowboy7 New Member

    cml for infernape 4 x i have ursaring prime :)
  16. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    No I don't. :nonono:17:nonono:17:nonono:17
  17. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    my : 2x weavile
    2x roseannes

    ur: 2x tangrowth (col)

    lmk or counter
  18. AzZona

    AzZona New Member

    CML for Infernape 4 Lv X :)
  19. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    x1 Shaymin Level x(+40 hp power)
    x1 Blaziken fb
  20. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member

    sorry guys will have to pass didnt see anything i wanted
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