Noisy Bells (ExploZong DP-On)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by PokePockets, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Just a deck idea that one of my friends came up with, i have decided to adjust it to make it DP-On, and i came up with the following list.

    4 Whismur GE
    2 Loudred GE
    4 Exploud GE
    3 Bronzor MD
    3 Bronzong MD
    1 Mareep SW
    1 Ampharos SW
    2 Baltoy GE
    2 Claydol GE


    4 Call Energy
    10 :psychic:
    3 :lightning


    4 Rare Candy GE
    3 Warp Point MD
    3 Professor Oak's Visit SW
    4 Bebe's Search SW
    3 Roseanne's Research SW
    2 Team Galactic's Wager MT
    2 Night Maintenence SW


    Set Up your Exploud and start using Ambient Noise to hopefully start spreading damage and creating a Trainer Lock (however hitting the defending for big and confusion is too bad of an alternative) Use Bronzong for Late Game/Clean-Up, even Mid-Game it helps just spread damage and put more damage counters on Pokemon with Powers. Ampharos is a small tech put into the deck that you can set up to be really annoying as well, putting even more damage on your opponent's pokemon when they use Supporters. Overall, just spread, that's really what the deck is about. Claydol of course is used to make the deck more consistent and for draw.

    LMK what you think

    Credit goes to Master of Puppets for the idea (at least where I got the idea from)
  2. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    i would take out the exploud
  3. GGRules!

    GGRules! New Member

    ^.......................................... ya uhh ..................................

    Looks good man,
    What about using one of that tool that devolves somethin
  4. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Wow, thought i might let you know that it is pretty much the main basis of the deck

    Guess i never really thought about that, then again, i really haven't thought about putting LA cards in here yet
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