Now need Jirachi!

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Fawkes0126, Oct 25, 2003.

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  1. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    I really want Deoxys on Pokemon Sapphire. Are there any ways to get him, including glitches? Please help!

    UPDATE: Now know how to get Deoxys, need to find Jirachi! Assistance, please!
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  2. Marril

    Marril New Member

  3. Mr. Grass

    Mr. Grass New Member

    Once you've beaten the Elite Four a lot of things get unlocked for you to do. First, go to the battle tower and beat 7 trainers in a row. You'll get some nifty reward. After that, go to the breeding center west of Muaville. You'll need to trade with a friend so you have both Groudon and Kyogre. Give both of them to the breeding center to raise, it doesn't matter what order. Once they're both in, go back to the battle tower, but take with you a team of pokemon whose nicknames start with the letters "D" "N" and "A" (one of each, doesn't matter what order they're in). Beat 7 trainers and quit or just lose the eighth battle. Once you're out of the tower go back to the breeding center and talk to the guy outside. He'll say his line about them not getting along or whatever. Then go to Mossdeep and enter the Space Center. Go upstairs and talk to the guy at the computer, and finally he'll say something about wanting to be young to be an astronaut. After he's done, go back out and Surf around Mossdeep so you're up behind the gym. Keep surfing around there and you can catch Tentacool. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.
  4. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Nice Mr. Grass, Nice.
  5. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    Whoa, thanks. Now Jirachi!
  6. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    Oh My God!!! That's Funny!!! Hahaha! And, I Dont Think There Is A Legal Way To Get Them Yet! But, If There Comes Out A Version Where You Have To Get All The Old Through R&s, There Must Be A Legal Way To Get Celebi, Mew, Deoxys, And Jirachi! Cuz Deoxys And Jirachi R At The End And The Ones At The End Were The Only Ones You Couldnt Get!
  7. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Do you mean Deoxys not Tentacool. And you said to lose the 8th battle in the battle tower. Isn't there only 7 battles per battle tower entrance.
  8. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    no, he means tentacool :)
  9. Mitsirugi

    Mitsirugi New Member

    is this how you catch deoxy and jirachi or tencicool becuase all that work isnt worth tentacool
  10. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    its a joke.
  11. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    Celebi will be available to catch in Pokémon Colosseum legally, I've read.
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