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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by flyboy_87, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. flyboy_87

    flyboy_87 New Member

    In the past, I have given up on playing in tournaments competitively. However, with the release of so many new cards and the rise of many new archtypes, I have chosen to go into competitive play once more.

    I haven played Pokemon for more than 10 years, starting from the Japanese Base Set. I used to play and win a lot last time. I was one of the best players in the Wizards era up till early Nintendo (2003-2005). After that, I became a Professor and stopped playing in tournaments.

    I'm still a Professor right now, but I chose to go back to the competitive scene. However, I could not play as well as I used to. It seems that "fire" inside me has burned out.

    Now, I pose this question to all fellow members; What should I do to regain the competitive skills I once had?

    Thank you for reading. Please move this topic if any staff finds it inappropriate.
  2. AlanJLegend

    AlanJLegend New Member


    Sorry if that doesn't sound helpful, but it is pretty much the only way you are going to get better. Play, play and play some more, and hopefully before too long you can become what you were a few years ago.

    Welcome back, and have fun :)
  3. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    You need to examine just what the game has become in your area. By getting a chance to take a look at the game up close and personal, it's going to give you a chance to get back some of that fire you once had. Maybe judging for a little while can bring it back too?
  4. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    Maybe you should be more humble and just focus on getting back into the game.
  5. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    Quoted for thinking exactly what I was thinking.

    ... That said, just reading these forums will help you figure out what the good cards are, and beyond that, it's a matter of practice, as others have said.
  6. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    Well in my personal life when my fire died. I started to play just for fun and not care how i did in a tournament. I did fairly well that season after i "retired". I T4ed a city, T8 the North Cal Regional, and had a blast in doing so.

    Since that regional I started playing again seriousally and I was also having fun. So my advice, have fun!

  7. flyboy_87

    flyboy_87 New Member

    Thank you for the replies.

    Not boasting or whatever; I'm actually quite a humble person. I don't look down on people or anything (I give lots of free deck essentials to kids and other people who need it). But oh well, maybe I DID boasted a little on my first post earlier, since I read it again. =P

    Getting back into the game isn't as easy as I thought. My past experiences do not really apply in the current format. It's like... starting over again.

    However, being able to play competitively once more has reinstilled my interests in the game. I never thought I'd go back to researching cards for future decks. When I did not play, I just collected the cards.

    I have yet to find an ideal deck I'm comfortable with. It's like finding the true self within me. So far, I tried Infernape/Typhlosion, Leafeon/Maggy, Glaceon lock, Leafeon/Sceptile and now I'm attempting to run a Leafeon/Blissey deck.

    I have yet to try Plox, DWD, Empoleon and others.

    But, I shall find the deck that best suits my playing style. It's like finding a true Pokemon partner, really. (yeah, me and my kiddy dreams)

    I thank you all once more for taking the time to post here.
  8. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    Find a player you can work it out with. Track the gym. Need help...ask...
  9. Jedi_Amara

    Jedi_Amara New Member

    Just play as much as you can. I think it's more about the spirit of the thing - it doesn't matter if you haven't found the best deck for you yet. Some decks work for you, some don't. Build your own! Don't worry about archetypes - and welcome back.
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