Orlando Challenge - From a Judge's Point of View

Discussion in 'Archive' started by GymLeaderPhil, Aug 23, 2003.

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  1. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    40+ in attendance at the Orlando, Florida Ruby and Sapphire Challenge.

    I know there was at least seven in the 10-Under Main Event and twenty two in the 11-14 age group. I'd have to estimate around at least twelve players for the 15+ age division. We also decided to run an unsantioned Modified (Ex-On) Side Event for those wishing not to play in the Main Biathlon tournament, nine players decided to play that format instead. If you count the side event, fifty people showed up in all.

    From a judge's standpoint, the GBA Tournament was a breeze. One had to simply ask the players if they were in the certain pokemon center, had talked to the lady and said single player battle, and then if they were sitting in the battlezone seat itself ready to start playing. All a judge needs to do is start the timer and warn players that hit the eight minute mark. That had to be the quietest moment in Pokemon Organized Play history, the lack of verbal communication between players was very creepy compaired to the tcg rounds before it. :lol:

    And yes, for the sake or security, we ran the two TCG Rounds together. I dont know exactly why Pokemon USA split up the sealed rounds, but that is a stupid move and really confuses younger players. It also opens up an opportunity to start metagaming in between rounds and or accidentally misplacing/trading cards. As well, players who were only interested in the TCG portion could drop following those two rounds and sign up for a Booster Draft or casual play. Many did the latter.

    I think we held at least two EX: Ruby and Sapphire booster drafts, but near the end Knights of Columbus kicked us out due to some conflicting errors on our contract and the employee who was watching the event. He did not know that Heidi was purchasing extra time on the venue as she told the head guy on the phone. But that didnt phase us much, since the main event was over and our last modified tournaments was almost over.

    Players and parents were very behaved. A few confusion over the new rules, like some confusing 2 VS 2 rules with the normal rules... which really should have been worded differently in the rulebook as a SEPERATE format. As a result, many had the misconception that they could only have four benched Pokemon. Another badly worded text in the rulebook was the Burned special condition, which did not indicate if it was removed if sent to the bench, as all other special conditions do. No big procedural errors, had a few walk off before they had their match slipped signed early on and one report of swearing.

    Heidi was everywhere, mostly during registration and after each tournament ended. When she wasn't sorting prizes or registering players, she was aiding the head judges with their events in addition to organizing the side events. Ron head judged the 15+ age group in the main event and helped with the first Modified tournament of the day. Doug head judged the 10 and Under players as well as checking Gameboy Teams and judging the last modified tournament with Ron. Renee sold a bunch of product, snacks, and pizza up at the registration desk. Randy illegally used older tournament software to run the events :p Myself, I head judged the largest group, the 11-14. Other than that, I gave out a bunch of reverse holographic energies, booster packs, and jumbos in various contests and stunts during registration. This really helps to keep people busy and not bugging the staff with the dreaded question "When are we starting?!?1". Also, I MC'd the event, having the very sexy deep voice :thumb:

    Regardless of the Sandstorm Prerelease event price, we will probably be seating more players due to the efforts of the staff and our awesome community that spreads the word to their Pokemon Leagues. The only reason we had such a low attendance for this event was really a lack of interest in the format as well as local leagues. With local leagues, we can usually contact them and bring a few in. In this instance we still mailed Florida BattleZone locations with event information. But many those are not in operation due to the lack of product support.

    If anything could be said, its that we brought a bunch of new players in. In fact, Heidi told me that her distributor has upped all the prices on their Pokemon boxes due to the strong demand. Stong Demand = More Players! :)

    Hope to see all of our participants back in September.
  2. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Furret is casually rearranging the chairs and looking under
    the tables for trash and treasure as Espeon walks by.
    Furret pulls a Ruby and Sapphire foil pack from underneath the
    table, opens it up and looks inside for cards.
    The foil pack is empty, of course, but Furret decides it is pretty anyway.
    Espeon "I recently filed triplicate forms requesting the DCI to accept
    my application to be a Pokemon Trainer."
    Furret ???
    Espeon "After all, I am 3.14... times smarter than Doug, and he can
    play in a Pokemon Event, so why can't I?"
    Furret "Hmmm..."
    Espeon "I didn't receive any reply to this matter."
    Furret ????
    Espeon "I want to be able to challenge the best trainers in Florida...."
    Furret "Perhaps, you should talk to Pokemon USA..."
    Espeon ignoring Furret ".....furthermore, it is my intention...."
    Furret sees another foil under a table and goes to fetch it.
    Espeon still rambling on "...at the least, ....."
    Furret shakes it upside down looking for some of those new cards inside
    Nothing falls out....
    Furret thinking the foil pack is pretty puts it in its backpack anyway...
    Furret wanders underneath the table looking for more trash and treasure...
    Espeon starts describing the advantages a Psychic Pokemon would have
    playing the Pokemon TCG.
    Furret wanders back with several more treasures in tow.
    Espeon "....and, I could read my opponents mind to know what cards they had..."
    Furret "Wouldn't that be cheating?"
    Espeon rambles on
    Furret drags out a rather large Rule Book and looks in the penalty guideline under
    mind reading...
    Espeon "I think I shall ask Heidi if I can play in this next event, the Sandstorm Prerelease."
    Furret seeing nothing on the subject of mind reading, tosses the Rule Book aside and shrugs...
    Espeon "This event was very well run, and went quite smoothly thanks to the staff's
    cooperation and hard work."
    Espeon "The players adapted well to the new formats and displayed superior Pokemon
    skills and good sportsmanship."
    Furret "All in all, a job well done."
    Espeon "So, I want to be a great Pokemon Trainer myself...."
    Furret "This sounds rather familiar..."
    Espeon rambles on
    Furret "I think I saw this in a Movie somewhere..."
  3. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    Great to hear that you had such a nice turnout, and most of all your players had so much fun playing. Sounds like the area is going strong for Pokemon
  4. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Thanks Blaine. I'm hoping this is a big hint for the higher ups to consider Florida for larger primere events, we have the staff and players ready for a few. Here are some exact numbers from Heidi...

    10 and under had seven, 11-14 had twenty two, 15 and up had nine. We also had a side event that had 9 people that did not participate in the main event. The average for these events were 14 high event was 21. We did good. I can't wait to see what sandstorm will do. If you need more info let me know please.

    So we pulled in 47 players in the morning.
  5. Dark Sneasel

    Dark Sneasel New Member

    The tournament And Tourn out was great, i placed second in my age group. thanks again phill, heiddi, doug and all the other staff for tourny.
  6. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    I would personally like to thank everyone for their support
    of the Ruby and Sapphire Event. With the help and
    support of Gym Leaders throughout Florida, this event
    became a big success. We had representatives from South,
    Central, and North Florida. Major players and Gym Leaders
    alike came from all over Florida to show their support of Pokemon.
    For those of you who did not have a Game Boy, but attended
    this event anyway, a special thank you. I am pleased with
    everyone's attitude and abilities to adapt to new Formats
    and ideas.

    A Very Big Thank You, :):):)
    MP Douglas Zuver

    PS Hope to see and visit with you again :thumb:
    at the Sandstorm Prelease on September 13.
  7. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Furret reads Doug's Post
    Furret "Doug forgot East and West Florida!!!"
    Espeon snorts and continues reading a book.
    Furret "What will we do?"
    Furret wanders off the get an eraser.
    Espeon puts down "A Tale of Two Weedles"
    Espeon wanders over to a Shelf
    Espeon pulls down a Florida Map
    Espeon spreads it on the table and
    puts dice all over it to indicate
    various Gyms.
    Espeon goes back to reading the book.
    Furret returns with a very big eraser.
    Furret strart scrubbing on Doug's Post.
    Espeon "Ahheemm.."
    Furret glances around and walks over to
    the map.
    Furret "Hmm...."
    Furret "Kind of long and thin..."
    Furret "Things look different from way up high."
    Espeon pausing in the middle of an exciting chaper,
    says "I think they call that a birds eye viewpoint."
    Furret "Maybe, I could learn Fly..."
    Espeon "DMTM refered to it as
    "Thinking outside of the box."
    Furret "If Pikachu could learn to Fly, so can I..."
    Espeon "Try a plane..."
    Furret wanders off to look for Balloon Berries.

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