Patriotic Cards!

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  1. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Lets make some!

    All cards must have some patriotic stuff about them.
  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    ;;??? does it have to envolve pokemon? can it be like trainer american flag. pokepower 50 stars ect or like fireworks pikachu? 1 thunder fireworks 20 damage ect?
  3. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Yeah. As long as it's patriotic!
  4. charchar

    charchar New Member


    lady liberty 90HP type metal
    (pokepower) the torch once during ur turn u may use this power.flip a coin if head the defending pokemon is now burned.
    (metal)new york city flip a coin if head the defending pokemon is now living in new york 20 dmage.
    (metal)(colorless)a gift from france :20 damage flip a coin if head the defending pokemon is now paralized.
    weakness fire
    resistence phychic
    retreat (colorless)(colorless)(colorless)
    not really patriotic right??........
    fireworks. trainer card
    flip 2 coins for each heads choose one of ur opponents pokemon in play and do 10 damage(you may choose the same pokemon twice.)
  5. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Fight for Revolution

    Supporter Rule

    During your turn when you attack, you may flip a coin, if heads, you can search your discard pile for as many basic pokemon that you are able to play on your bench as you like, then, put those basic pokemon on your bench

    Pokemon Tool

    Pokemon Tool Rule

    While this card is attached to a pokemon, any damage that it does to an opponent's benched pokemon is increased by 20. Discard this card from the pokemon it is attached to after it attacks

    Pokemon Tool

    Pokemon Tool Rule

    While this card is attached to a pokemon, any damage it does to the defending pokemon is increased by 20, discard this card from the pokemon it is attached to after it attacks.

    Bunker Hill

    Stadium Rule

    While this stadium is in play and damage is done to an active pokemon, do 10 damage to the players benched pokemon whose active pokemon it was.

    Revolutionary War, enjoy...
  6. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Manifest Destiny

    Both players draw a number of cards equal to the number of Pokemon that they have in play.

    Industrial Revolution

    All basic Energy cards attached to a player's Pokemon may provide [C][C] instead of its usual type.

    Civil Disobedience

    Draw 6 cards. Your turn now ends.

    William Prescott

    At the end of your turn, if the Defending Pokemon wasn't damaged during an attack during your turn, put 2 damage counters on that Pokemon.
    "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!

  7. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    The industrial Revolution happened in England. :lol:

    And here's one:

    Boston Massacre
    All attacks do 30 damage less than indicated on the card.
  8. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    George Washington HP 100 C

    Poke-Body:presidential Leadership
    Whenever 1 of your pokemon uses an attack, you may have that attack do half of it's damage (rounded up) to 1 of your opponent's benched pokemon instead of it's full damage to the defending pokemon

    Poke-Power:Battle Instinct
    Once during your turn (before you attack) You may use this power. Switch your active pokemon with George Washington. During your opponent's next turn, if George Washington is still in the active position due to this power, Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to George Washington. After this power is used, your turn ends, you cannot use this Poke-Power during your next. George Washington cannot use this Poke-Power if it is affected by a Special Condition. You cannot use more than 1 Battle Instinct Poke-Power per turn.

    You cannot use Ready during your next turn

    The next attack that is used by 1 of your pokemon gets the following text "This attack isn't affected by any Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies, or any other effects on the defending pokemon"

    CCC-Fire! 100
    This attack cannot be used if you did not use Ready and Aim before you used this attack.

  9. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Reader descretion advised.

    George Bush HP0 C
    Poke-Power Bad leader
    Once during your turn, George Bush is Knocked out. If your opponent has any nuclear weapons
    in the area, they may take as many prizes as you want ( If you don't, take 0 prizes.)

    No offense intended.
  10. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Obama IP 40 ::water::grass:
    Stage 2 Democratic Candidate evolves from US Senator
    US Senator evolved from Ivy League Education

    Candidate-BODY Financial Attraction
    Whenever Obama is you active candidate at the beginning of your turn you draw 3 cards to start instead of one. You show all 3 cards to your opponent and you may attract any money cards that you drew to Obama. (this does not count as your money attractment for this turn) Put the rest of the cards into your hand. Obama also get +20 IP for every money card attracted to him

    :grass: Oratation
    Flip a coin if heads draw a card, and if Obama has a Teleprompter Candidate Tool attracted draw one additional card for every Candidate you have in play. If tails all players active candidates are now asleep

    :water: Hope for a future filled with change 10+
    This attack does 10 damage + 20 additonal damage for every money card attracted to Obama but no used to play for this attacks cost

    Weakness: ::dark: (Cinton Type) +10
    Resistance (C) (Media Type) -30
    Retreat Cost:

    HilCinton IP 80 :dark::water:
    Stage 2 Democratic Candidate evolves from US Senator
    US Senator evolved from Former First Lady

    Candidate-POWER Raging Temper
    If your Opponents Candidate has money cards in play then you do, then you may knockout on of your Candidates in play. If you do so you may expense up to 3 of your opponents money cads in play and you opponents active candidate in now burned and confused. HilClinton cannot use this power if she is effected by any special condidtions.

    :dark::colorless Cheap Shot 20+
    You may expense a money card attracted to Hilcinton. If you do flip a coin, if heads this attack does an additional 20 damage and expense 1 money card attracted to the defending candidate

    :dark::dark::colorless Invetitability 80-
    This attack does 80 damage minus (-10) damage for every image marker on HilClinton

    Weakness: (D) (Cinton Type) +20
    Resistance :: (R) GOP Type) -20
    Retreat Cost (*)(*)(*)

    MC Caine IP 100 :fire:

    Stage 2 Republican Candidate evolves from US Seantor
    US Senator Evolved from Former Military Hero

    Candidate-BODY Ancient Memory
    MC Caine can use any attack, Candidtate-POWER or Candidate-BODY from any candidate card below it.

    :fire::colorless Moderate Outreach 40+
    This attack does 40 damage plus and additional (+10) damage for every (C) candidate in play

    :fire::fire::fire: Maverick Streak
    Flip a coin if heads, choose one of your opponents candidates in play and do 70 damage to it, if tails choose one of your candidates in play and do 70 damage it

    Weakness: :::water: (DEM Type) :grass: (Fundraising Type) +20
    Resistance :: :(R) (GOP Type) -20
    Retreat Cost (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
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  11. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Hillary quit the race. :lol:
  12. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    The President
    Discard your hand. Then, Discard the top 5 cards of your deck.
  13. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Happy 4th of July! :thumb:

    Trainer - Poke-tool
    All attack on the pokemon that Fireworks is attached to has this effect. 'This attack does 30 damage to one of your opponent's benched pokemon. Then put 1 damage counter on this pokemon unless it is :fire: type.' Discard this card at the end of your turn that the pokemon this card is attached to attacks.

    Red, White, and Blue
    Draw a card for each :fire:, :colorless, and :water: type pokemon on your side of the field.

    Boston Tea Party
    Discard as many cards from your hand as you like, then discard that many cards from the top of your opponent's deck.

    Star Spangled Banner
    Sing or play the Star Spangled Banned with any instrement availible. If your opponent breaks a tear during the song draw three cards.

    Hope none of you loose any fingers or anything important like that... :tongue::rolleyes:
  14. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    Well, knowing history, it would be something like that. :lol:

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Betsy Ross
    Draw 2 cards, and then search your deck for a Pokemon Tool, show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
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  15. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    (Warning:If you can't take a joke, don't read it.)


    If you or your opponent attaches any energy during his or her turn, discard it immediately. All [C] pokemon in play gain 200 HP and have no weakness. You may only attack the Pokemon in play with the lowest HP. [F] type Pokemon may enter your bench at any time even if your bench is full. Everytime you play a card from your hand, discard two from your hand. If one of your Pokemon is Knocked Out, you may pretend it is not happening. If you or your opponent's Active Pokemon attacks, discard all energy in your hand and deck. Talking during the match is no longer allowed, but firearms are.

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  16. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    You're making George Bush better!:lol::lol::lol:
  17. meisadude

    meisadude New Member

    nice stadium The Supes!
    Red Coat Warning

    Supporter Rule

    During your next two turns, reduce any damage done by :fire: pokemon by 50 (yours and your opponents).
  18. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member



    Your bench can now fit 30 Pokemon, in fact, it has to have 30. You may now quit the game, as you have lost your ability to read.


    Tax Cuts

    You can only play this card if you have taken more prizes than your opponent. Take another prize.
  19. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    JanPDS... :lol: :lol:

    Tax cuts... doesn't make sense... of course, it doesn't in the real world, either.
  20. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Haha. The rich get tax cuts, when they don't need it. See?

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