People should be thanking you.

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  1. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    How "Thank You" Should be Upping Your Game.

    Through the years, I had the privilege of being an active participant (and moderator) within the PokeGym community. During this experience, I have read 1,000s of posts, created (and hosted) many contests, and initiated some very profound discussion threads concerning improvements to the online Pokemon community.

    I believe that experience cannot yield wisdom without reflection.

    So, I often sit down and just think about my own actions, what I've observed/experienced, and how my perceptions have changed by having these experiences.

    I often keep these reflections to myself, but I think that one major theme applies to you (the one reading this at PokeGym) and I hope that we can improve our community by considering the following concept:


    1. Striving to earn "Thank You"s for saying something useful can help you truly think about what you're typing.
    2. "Thank You"s could help people understand which comments are helpful to others.

    Some people are misguided and post for all the wrong reasons. They, intentionally, create useless (or inappropriate) topics in an effort to gain respect and attention. What these types of people do not understand is that they would appeal to MUCH LARGER audiences if they spoke when they had something useful to say rather than just speaking (see BabyMario --- every post is brilliant and he has a LEGITIMATE reputation as a knowledgeable player as a result of his consistently insightful posts).

    Focusing on being CONSTRUCTIVE in your actions makes people grateful to you. The result is not cheap and tacky. Instead, being authentic in your approach will move people in ways that are meaningful and long-lasting.

    Tip: Strive to earn respect, not attention. Any fool can get attention; it takes integrity and moral fortitude to earn respect.

    Derailing Threads (and Trolling)

    There's only two types of people that intentionally troll threads. Neither type is really liked by many.
    When you derail a thread by attacking others, getting off topic, and/or acting plain stupid, no one thinks you're cool. No one. (nope not them either...). Most sensible people get annoyed, report your post, and hope that you get permabanned from the site BECAUSE you're getting in the way of the discussion.

    Are YOU a Troll?
    • Trolls start threads that do not intend to offer anything useful.
    • Trolls are ill-intended and only end up CONFUSING others who try to use this site to get usable ideas.
    • Trolls perpetuate hate. Their actions always promote dislike for something (whether it be a website, a reputation, or the quality of something).
    • Trolling is destructive and never results to anything good.
    • Trolls are delusional and actually think "net fame" is worth the risk of looking like a donkey to THE WORLD.
    • Trolls are very lonely people who are desperate for attention.

    You always, however, have an opportunity to examine your idea of what "cool" is and make adjustments to your behavior (i.e. develop a more positive online persona).

    Why Think Positive?

    Having good or interesting things to bring the table helps everyone eat better (see classic fable "Stone Soup").

    Direct Access to Top Players: Some AMAZING tournament players frequent PokeGym in search of ideas and getting an idea of the meta. We are blessed to have international champions, national champions, state champions, regional champions, and city champions who actually READ AND RESPOND to post here! Why aren't you using them ??? Very seldom have I read a legitimate post NOT get responses from good players.

    How far can you up your game if you were engaged in SERIOUS discussion about your deck ideas? Think about it.

    Some of these Top Players shared and developed their ideas HERE at PokeGym (whether they admit it or not).

    Small Community: The Pokemon community is very small. If you play long enough, you'll run into nearly everyone who actively posts here. So, do what you say and say what you mean (one thing'll lead to anothuhhh... *starts dancing* :lol: ). <== sorry, just showed my age there... :redface:

    Winners beget Winners. Have you noticed that people who win at this game, continue to win at this game? They have established a pattern of behavior - an understanding/feel of how to play. These people also get inducted into small networks of "pro players" for playtesting, teching, and improving their ideas. The better you get, the more people will want to gravitate towards you. In the end, the good guy finishes first :wink:.

    So, can you see how being constructive (rather than destructive) transforms you into one of the cool people?

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  2. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I stuck it. Any arguments?
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I sometimes thanks if i gets a good laugh out of a post
  4. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    I love R_A for topics like this. Best sticky in the forum IMO.
  5. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Excellent words; I wish I could add more but I can only emphasize that a lot of the people who enjoy playing the fool for laughs don't grasp what they are throwing away for themselves, and costing others. Pokegym is a resource; there are plenty of other message boards (plus our own Random Topic Center) for laughs.
  6. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Haha I was just thinking about how I only received one or two "thanks" for doing the what won battle roads thread when I saw this thread title =p
  7. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Actions speak louder then words. You reflect who you are as a person when you post in discussions. If you are truly face-to-face with the person, would you act the same way?

    Thanking a person is an action. The meaning you put behind it should reflect that you acknowledge the person's intentions of what they are saying and found it helpful to yourself and possibly others as well in some way. Or you are simply thanking them for example:

    Member "A": "I can not find that link to the rules on Suicune Level Ex card....."
    Member "B": Here it is (underlined link here)
    Member "A" Thanks Post from member "B".

    Just my input, great points R_A, worth the sticky for sure.
  8. desufnoc

    desufnoc New Member

    I probably have more thanks given than i do posts :p
  9. lumenii

    lumenii New Member

    Hi. So I am new, and I like this post. And I also wanted to do a thanks yesterday for a great post on Keldeo/Blastoise I read. The problem is, I can't figure out how to.

    I get that there is probably a FAQ that explains how to send a thank you to a post. But scanning over this page right now, there is no indication at all of how to send a thanks if I like the content, or really any indication that is even an option, except for the list of those who have already added a thank you.

    The key to having more folks send thanks might be as simple as making the process easier, sort of like the Quote and Report buttons. Maybe add a "Thank this Poster" button??


  10. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    ^When you are sigend in, you can thank posts by clicking the button on the bottom right of that post. You can only do a certain amount per day though (I think 5 but I'm not too sure)
  11. cabd

    cabd New Member

    You also need to have made X number of posts before the thanks button activates. This prevents farming accounts for thanks
  12. r1234oc

    r1234oc New Member

    thanks cabd (this is legitimate not a joke)

    i am new and i was wondering where the thanks button was, this cleared things up.

    i just wish they had a thanks button on threads that you created because i would like to thank some people on but i cant so i just have to post.
  13. cabd

    cabd New Member

    Sitting at 2.5 years of membership, and exactly 400 "thanks" I'll say that it's not really that hard to earn thanks. Just go out of your way every day to make a personal effort to help people, and the thanks will follow shortly.
  14. awoll714

    awoll714 New Member

    you right on many levels. nice thread thank you. :D
  15. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Best advice I can give is take a break from Pokegym from time to time. It can get problematic if you feel like you have to post something. You have to be patient with yourself and you might notice something different the next time you read a post or post something.
  16. lophocvuinhon

    lophocvuinhon New Member

    The meaning you put behind it should reflect that you acknowledge the person's intentions of what they are saying and found it helpful to yourself and possibly others as well in some way. Or you are simply thanking them for example
  17. JamesCarl

    JamesCarl New Member

    No one would be small if they say thank you and even they will get respect of it.
  18. nyyankeesfan1213

    nyyankeesfan1213 New Member

    I would just go on ebay and buy the cards
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