Phazon's Southern Oregon BR Report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Phazon Elite, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    If you wanna hear tales of great victory, please kindly gtfo. ^^ You'll find no such tales within this humble slab of intertwined string-like material. Also note that I suck at writing these, as I have the memory of someone who has bad memory.

    Ok, so, I decided to play Blisscatty/Pickup TRUK. Sadly, the only thing my TRUK Picked-up was me, which it immediately dumped into a pit of self-humiliation and indeed pies, thus making all of you unable to believe that I'm a full-grown college adult, with a maturity level described by the derivative of the function f(LOL) = 3zomg^(a hat), which is of course f'(LOL) = stfuandread.

    The Corvallis BR:

    R1 v. Guy from Eugene w/Duskqueen

    Well, I ran WP at this tourney, so I wasn't really all that scared of anything except the Queens. So, anyway, he started with Poochyena to my Skitty (I think). Stuff happened, and he got set up fairly quickly; Mightyena ex, Nido :psychic: and some other stuff, but not much else (no Dusknoir ever). He eventually got a Nido :metal: out, but I had played a TGW and Cessation tech by then, so he just used her attack once, then had it die to one of my Blisseys. I had been keeping slightly ahead of him all game due to a superior start, so he really couldn't do much; every time he killed a Blissey, I had another one all ready to KO what the other Blissey left behind. Nice guy, though.


    R2 vs. Josh w/Gatrqueen
    Well, he's a cool guy and a good player, so this had potential to be close. This became true, as he got two Nidoqueens out T1!! With them, he got Totodiles and Crocanaws, with which he got Energies, with which I cried. So, he got around two or three prizes on a Delcatty and a Blissey of mine or something, when I finally got control: Cessation Crystal, WP, Wager, KO and Water energy attachment with Happy Chance. basically, I killed his only attacker, and he couldn't Drag Off my Blissey thanks to the WP. He finally killed that one, but I did the whole thing again as soon as that Blissey hit the discard. He just couldn't recover from that, especially since he didn't run Windstorms (he can usually OHKO anything holding a Cessie, so he doesn't really need them, anyway).



    R3 vs. Trevor with Blisscatty.
    He kills my Skitty T2 with a Blissey, which I then 2HKO with a Blissey of my own. Sadly, that's pretty much all he ever got: he drew all the crap he wanted, and he never got any Energy except the two he used to kill Skitty. Oh, well, he beat me last time. XD


    R4 vs. Lindsay w/Blisscario.
    Well, since I didn't run FF........I knew I'd lose. I didn't, however, know that I'd lose due to a T2 Blissey killing my Skitty. I cried, I ate candy, I felt better.


    R5 vs. CMex w/Veggie Tortilla (Torterra + Grass Torterrra helpers)
    Well, CMex has been working on this for a while with good success, so I was kinda worried. I was even more worried when he had a Grotle (the middle-stage Turtle thing; nobody cares what its called. XD) active with three energies on it. However, I was less worried when I got a lucky Energy Draw and TVR to net a Boost and enough Pluspowers to OHKO the thing. That pretty much wrecked his setup, and that same Blissey steamrolled through everything he sent up. He everntually killed it with a Torterra X, but Upstream finished him off. Sorry it had to be like that, man.


    I knew I was in the T4, as we had one 5-0 and three 4-1's. My first top cut in over a year, YIPPIE!

    So, TC went like this:
    Me w/Blisscatty vs. Lindsay w/Blisscario -_-
    Trevor w/Blisscatty vs. June w/Cason.dec/Mario

    T4. vs. Lindsay
    Game 1: She had control due to Cessation Crystal and an early wager victory for her side. I just couldn't recover from that when combined with Lucario hitting me for 70.
    Game 2: I opt to go first, and am treated to a lovely hand of Skitty, Pluspower, Charm, Boost, Psychic, Delcatty, and Delcatty against her Riolu. WONDERFUL. I draw crap, attach and land a game-saving Tail Whip heads. She plays some random non-Mentor, attaches and passes. I draw, evolve to Catty, Boost-Charm-PP FTW. Chuckles abound.
    Game 3: She opts to go first with her Riolu against my Skitty. She attaches, flips heads, gg.

    So, yeehaw and all that. I'm actually happy, as I exceeded my expectations by getting T4. I then put chairs and tables away under INHUMAN conditions (seriously, Riteaid sucks for having stairs. jk), then I travel with ilikegengar to put more tables and chairs away, for I was bored. XD.

    Then I crashed at CMex's dorm, listened to good, bad and stupid songs on iTunes, and passed out.

    Sunday: we wake up, we eat, we travel, we ask for directions thrice, we get there. blahblah...

    I decided to run both FF AND WP this time, and I took out a skitty to reduce the chances of starting with it. That honestly made no difference whatsoever. lol

    R1 vs. Dusknoir/Walrein/other stuff
    This is the same guy from R1 on Saturday. Still the same nice guy, still the same horrid starting hand. He gets approximately nothing out, even after I mulligan four times, while I get Blissey and Catty adn EVERYTHING I need T2. Sorry man, been in your shoes way too many times. lol


    R2 vs. Old_School_Player w/Blisscatty-tech.
    I get T1'd by a random fighting basic w/PP against my Tails-flipping Skitty start. we compared hands afterwards: he would have probably lost had he gone first, as he couldn't have OHKO'd me, which would have allowed me to Mentor--->Celio---->PWN. NOT gg, sir. XD


    R3 vs. Other Eugene guy w/magmortar/machamp/rampardos
    I get T2-3 Blissey w/FF AND WP AND Cessation to his infinite Magby-Skull-Fossil-Machop swarmage. Sorry, man. He was also a cool guy, so I'm beginning to think that Eugene has many cool guys. lol


    R4 vs. Rich w/Draggy ex d
    Well, when he finally gets a Dragonite ex out after he lost a wager and stuff. I already had a WP+Water Blissey out there, so he had to 4HKO me while I 2HKO'd him. He couldn't really recover from that, but being the cool PokeDad he is, was still totally friendly and conversational after the match. ^^


    R4 vs. Dillon w/BlissCatty
    SUCH a close game. neither one of us really ever had a huge advantage. It was basically a massive slugfest of adorable, stall-tacular fluffy creatures. It eventually came down to us having one prize each, him with a mighty Blissey, me with a grace-begging Chansey. At this point, there was no way I could win unless I could Scrunch for around three or four turns until I could build up enough Energy in the discard to Warp Point and kill his benched Chansey with Upstream. Of course, he Warped my Chansey away, forcing me to promote an energyless Blissey whom he smacked for 90 immediately afterwards. No warp point topdeck, so I lost. Naturally, after the game, I discovered that my one Warp Point was in my prizes. >_<


    So, 7-3 for the weeken. Better than I'm used to. lol

    Cmex for the dorm crashage.
    Mr. Raichu for the totally straight man-hugs.
    Clint for winning everything ever!!!
    My husky nerd voice.
    THE Don for going WAY out of his way to jump-start my car.
    Me for getting 3rd in a DS tourney which I was totally not prepared for
    Erika for being the sexiest in-game Pokemon Gym Leader ever. <3

    Mr. Raichu for not having jumper cables (HAVING A NEW CAR IS NO EXCUSE!!!11111</3 jk)
    Mr. Raichu for allowing his Wife and Daughter to play fighting Pokemanz, thus ruining Team Or-ee-gon's Oregon domination record.
    Me for forgetting to TURN MY FREAKING LIGHTS OFF when we got to the venue, thus slaying my battery.
    Me for forgetting to return Josh's collateral.

    Yay. Read it again. You missed something.:thumb:


    EDIT: The following is a modification to the above. Yes, Trevor was apparently bored enough to finish my report. Don't ask.

    Because, after all, everyone's number 1 concern is who I traveled with to get food. lol
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    Thanks I <3 you too lol check out my br you did good marvin, your just awesome person lol.
  3. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Aww. I wub U 2. ^^


    Anyway, I made a very thoughtful post for you. lol We are equally skilled, sir. >_<
  4. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

    Great report Marvin, just like you humorous and sweet sweet??? did I just say that.
    Thanks for the fun. It was a pleasure seeing you this w-end :thumb:
  5. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Thanks for the props Phazon, and for remembering that my deck was actually called Vegie Tortilla. So glad I went with my little buddy's idea. It was an awesome weekend and thanks for loaning me the Linkin Park CD. Oh yeah best thing that happened was the fact that all 3 Team EEM members made the T3 in the DS tournament. :cool:
  6. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Awwwww.......That ^ was SOO TOTALLY a Hallmark moment!!.
    All of you Raichus are awesome in the most Pro-Marvin way. ^^
    By the way, I still have those two Basic Fighting energies if you need them back. I'm sure you do; they're impossible to replace. XD
    An awesome weekend indeed, sir. An awesome weekend, indeed....

    VegTort shouldn't be too badly hurt by the next set, either, so you're pretty much set if you wanna stick with that deck. :thumb:

    Yeah, EEM dominates DS. As will Or-ee-gon soon. Muhahahahaha.

    If anyone cared about that last sentence, they are now fearful of moi. As well they should be.
  7. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

    Yeah I'm losing sleep over those cards, better drive them up to me ASAP!!!!
    You never know I MIGHT get to play again sometime soon : )

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Remember Mr.Raichus family was also a part of Team Or-ee-gon as well so that being said.... the Team still won the events :wink:
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  8. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    gj on getting Top cut and LOl @ T1 OSP pwned
  9. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member


    ZOOMIIGOSH I LOVE YOU GUYS in the most totally straight way possible. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :thumb:

    Although, since you guys WERE members of Or-ee-gon, that menas we get an additional .25 victorious BRs, bringing our total to, uhh.........5.5/7 BRs. You still robbed us of 1.5 BRs!!! </3

    Yup. Now that I made my one TC for the season, I can finally sit like a man.

    Also, I have no doubt that you two will high-five over that if you ever meet in RL.

    You: DUDE, remember when you beat Phazon T1??
    OSP: DUH, who doesn't??
    Both: HAHAHAHA!!! *skipping into sunset*
  10. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    lol we've met before. I'm sure when we meet again we'll have a great laugh. IDK if well will skip into the sunset though >.>
  11. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member


    Well, I just gave your avatar a high five, so it's all good. lol
  12. wolf52525

    wolf52525 Member

    I cant believe you left me out of this tourney report! And you dident mention lunch on sunday at all so I will write it for you

    Taco Bell!

    Josh Trevor and I all decide to go to tacobell, Trevor cries about not wanting fast food but w/e we dont care so we went to taco bell. When we get there there is no one in line but we go through the whole long line and look like noobs but still look awesome doing it. Josh and I order and then all 3 of us look at this weird game set up where if you land a coin on the bottom row of this thing you win food, there is already a coin in so Trevor tries it and almost wins but we find it to be impossible and wait for our food. It take like 10 min and they dident make me the right thing and so I question them about it and they give me a free taco. WOOOO free food. By the time we are done we have to go back for round 3 and Trevor dosent get to eat lunch, w/e he should eat fast food like the rest of us that stuck up fast food snob.


    well Josh aka deathlordgx best pally on the server and Trevor and I decide to go to McDs, Trevor protests saying he hates fast food and wants quiznos but we ignore him and go anyways like on Sat. Josh has the most disgusting car I have ever been in and when he popped the trunk i saw he had over 40 2 liter bottles of diet pepsi, which he claims was part of an experiment but he wouldent go into detail. I manage to make a small place to sit by moving *most* of the garbage to one side. When we get there we notice they have old school nintendo 64 games instead of a play structure and THEY ARE GIVING AWAY TOY CARS IN THEIR HAPPY MEALS!!!! I decide to buy one with my lunch for a dollar, it was a totally awesome green car with a roll cage thing on it, I played with it the rest of the day, it even moved my prizes to me when I knocked stuff out, my opponents were not amused. Josh got side tracked playing tony hawk and we talked about how even though they had mario 64 how most likely no one would ever get the first star. I get my food finally and see I won a free medium fries from monopoly! Free food 2 days in a row, woot! Trevor was upset it was taking so long and by the time we got our food it was time to head back for the 3rd round, so he dident get to eat, Sorry Trevor! When we got back we got out of the car and just as we did josh realized he locked his keys in the car, bummer, he had to deal with calling AAA and it threw him off for the rest of the day. As we went back inside Trevor stole my sunglasses, and wouldent give them back, I was just upset that he looked so much better in them than me so I made some lame jokes about his nose and grabbed them when he wasent looking Anyways this was hands down the best part of the weekend.

    Trevor for being awsome
    Trevor for putting up with missing lunch twice
    Trevor for looking so good in sunglasses
    Trevor for getting me a pikachu worlds hat
    Taco Bell for giving me a free taco
    McDs for letting me win a free medium fries

    Josh for locking his keys in the car
    Lindsey for beating me in my first top 4 of the season
    Trevor for looking so good in my sunglasses

    I tried to write this from your point of view the best I could
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  13. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    OHMIGOSH I am SOOO sowwy!! </3 I will edit my post in haste!

    BTW, you were the only person out of the three of us who didn't have something happen to his car. Granted, you didn't drive, but still.....

    Also, how in the heck can you remember EVERYTHING I did? Stalker, ew...
  14. wolf52525

    wolf52525 Member

    My car is sitting in the driveway with a dead battery, why do you think i dident drive? lolz
  15. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Ow, that sucks.

    You should have THE Don help you. XD
  16. Team_Rocket_Prodigy

    Team_Rocket_Prodigy New Member

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW COULD YOU NOT MENTION ME AND COMING OVER AFTER THE 1ST BR BUT YOU MENTION KAYON!!!! :mad:(POED):mad: jk sooo i'll just do the same as trevor and do it for you.

    ooooook so after the corvallis battle road (which i won) phazon, ilikegengar, cybermatetrick ex, osp, and me all went over to my house for a halo 2 montage! sadly i dont have a 360 :frown: any way we got to my house and were about to play when i realized i couldn't find my game everyone looked everywhere we looked and looke but never found it. so instead we got out r ds's and played on pbr we had alot of fun doing that. after that we had dinner. at dinner my mom (ilikegengar) gave us some milk and these weird banana flavored straws ... Thats pretty much all we did we were gonna work on decks but we never really got around to it. oh and we also listened to cool pikqchu techno music :nonono: after that marvin and kayhon went to kayhon's dorm to sleep and me and osp stayed at my place and slept.

    clint for clinting the corvallis br
    marvin for being marvin
    everyone having a good time

    losing halo 2:mad:
    not having a 360:mad:
    marvin for leaving me out of his report besides saying i won:wink:
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  17. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    It's because You weren't a team EEM member when he wrote his BR report. And did you shelter Marvin and save him a trip back to Salem? I don't think so!

    JK, I just love to mess with you Clint. :wink:
  18. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    @[email protected]

    wow, you guys were that bored? lol


    You should put me in your propz cuz you know how I do : )
  20. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Marvin does not allow riots in Marvin's thread. No more riots in Marvin's thread. Marvin says so.


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