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  1. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member


    1. I only sned to U.s. and Maybe Canada.
    2. Follow all Pokegym rules.
    3. No Ripping
    4. etc...



    1x Rayquaza Ex
    1x Kyogre Ex
    1x Groudon Ex
    2x Celebi Ex
    1x Pre-Release Misty's Seadra
    1x Pre-Release Dark Gyarados
    1x ________'s Pikachu
    1x Meowth (GB)
    2x Mewtwo (14)(Movie Promo)
    1x Igglybuff (36)
    2x Togepi (30)
    1x Hitmontop (37)
    1x Poke'mon Tower (4)
    1x Cleffa (31)
    60x Mew (8)
    2x Entei (34)
    1x Moltres (21)
    1x Articuno (22)
    1x Zapdos (23)
    1x Electabuzz (2)
    1x Pikachu (4)
    1x Dragonite (5)
    1x Arcanine (6)

    Base Set Holos

    2x Charizard
    1x Gyarados
    2x Clefairy
    2x Machamp
    2x Nidoking
    2x Poliwrath
    1x Zapdos
    1x Ninetales
    1x Mewtwo
    1x Ancient Mew
    1x Pickachu(35)(Metal Type)
    3x Typhlosion (34)

    All Rares and Commons

    Jungle Holos

    1x Jolteon
    3x Scyther
    1x Vileplume
    1x Flareon


    3x Muk
    2x Zapdos
    1x Laparas

    Team Rocket

    2x Dark Charizard
    1x Dark Machamp
    1x Dark Gyarados
    1x Here Comes Team Rocket

    Dragon Frontiers

    1x Nidorino
    1x Seel
    1x Typhlosion
    1x Feraligatr

    1x Kingdra Ex
    1x Absol
    1x Girafarig
    1x Grumpig


    1x Registeel Ex

    Crystal Guardians

    1x Jirachi Ex
    2x Aggron Ex


    1x Chansey Ex
    1x Articuno Ex
    1x Clefable Ex


    1x Snorlax
    1x Tauros
    1x Prof. Oak's Research
    1x Charmeleon
    1x Haunter
    1x Lickitung
    1x Goldeen
    1x Butterfree
    1x Venonat
    1x Drowsee

    Games (Harder to get then my Pokemon cards.)


    Game & Watch Gallery 3
    Rampage World Tour
    Disney's Tarzan
    The Rugrats Movie
    Tetris DX
    Survival Kids
    Kirbys Dream Land2
    Looney Tunes Carrot Crazy
    Tech Deck SkateBoarding
    Pacman (Namco)
    Lego Racers
    Mat Hoffman's BMX
    Tazmanian Devil Munching Madness
    Space Invaders
    Star Wars -Episode 1- Racer
    The Grinch
    SunSoft Taz-Mania
    Bomberman GB
    Gex3 (Deep Pocket Gecko)
    Gex (Enter the Gecko)
    Pokemon Pinball x1

    Nintendo 64

    StarFox 64 x2
    Toy Story 2
    GoldenEye 007
    Yoshi's Story
    Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack


    NFL Gameday 98

    Playstation 2

    The Legend of Spyro (A New Beginning)
    Uzumaki Chronicles
    Disney's Treasure Planet
    Wolverine's Revenge
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends
    Dragonball z Budoki 2
    Tony Hawk's America WasteLand
    Tony Hawk's Underground
    Tony Hawk's Project 8
    Jak 2 (Hard To Trade)
    NBA Live 2004
    Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires
    Final Fantsy X-2
    Metal Arms (Glitch in the System)

    Nintendo Ds

    Sonic Rush
    Poke'mon Rangers
    Mario Hoops 3 on 3
    New Super Mario Bros.


    Transformers the Game (With Decoder)
    Ridge Racers
    Ratchet and Clank Size Matters


    Charizard Ex
    Wailord Ex
    Lugia Ex


    or just make a logical offer.
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  2. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the Jirachi ex and the Aggy ex.
  3. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    HI, Cipher Admin

    I liked these

    1x Darkrai X SD
    1x Mew SW
    1x Lugia SW

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